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hey it's me puppy and today we're at the Pacific Science Center in Seattle Washington this is gonna be so much fun come on look at this place oh now we're in the butterfly room have you ever seen a butterfly before yeah I love butterflies they're so beautiful and light will you act like a butterfly with me hey butterfly whoa check it out a butterfly just landed on me so anytime they land on you you don't want to touch them and they're actually just being really nice so you can be nice back to them see I love butterflies because they're so bright and in summer camouflage though look can you find oh this butterfly uses camouflage for its defense mechanism just in case if there's any predators then the Predators can't see it see all right now I'm with Lorraine and what are you going to show us so this here is a Madagascar hissing cockroach we can emporia what am I gonna do with it you can hold it if you'd like sure let's try it out oh I'm about to hold a Madagascar hissing cockroach hold your hand out really still there you go that's nice I like this cockroach hey how are you hey do you see it see I'm being nice to it and it's being nice to me hey how are you what did you do today did you enjoy your food yeah oh now we get to touch some animals but first we need to wash our hands so then our hands are nice and clean that's good let's go come on look at this Hey what do we have here well over there we have some fun emanates there really friendly and kind of squishy you're doing a really good job heading it with one or two fingers on the side we don't really want to poke it right in the middle that's it's bad oh cool oh look at this one so the last ones are really soft I wonder what this is gonna feel like whoa it looks like it's closing itself up a little bit lippy it it might think your food Oh funny oh look at this one what's this that over there is a sea star whoa kind of yeah bumpy and and in penis small spikes the last couple were really soft but this one is hard those little dots are made out of the same stuff that seashells are made out of so even as though a sea star doesn't have it its own seashell it's kind of like it has little bits of a seashell wow that's pretty cool well thank you so much my pleasure the back oh I found the Queen wow there's so many honeybees in here hey don't be scared of honeybees all they're trying to do is make some honey yeah have you ever had honey before it's so tasty okay what it is this is the spot where you can do the bee dance are you ready to learn the bee dance I'll teach you okay in the middle here you go and do a little wiggle then you go this way your wings yep because we want to make some honey middle wiggle wiggle wiggle and then go this way flap your wings and then since you're back in the middle you wiggle wiggle wiggle and go this way and then you keep doing it until you're really tired all right ready we're going on flap your wings wiggle wiggle wiggle flap your wings wiggle wiggle flap your wings wait oh oh I'm tired awesome good job ooh now we're in the living things exhibit look Hey look at what it is it's a crayfish do you see it right there hmm here's one right here hey how are you oh and up top there's some fish ate fish are you just swimming around yep they are oh look over here some giant grasshoppers ooh grasshoppers can jump really high I bet they live in the grass a lot of times that's why they're called grass hoppers a lot of times they live in the grass and they hop really high let's go see what else there is another part of the living things exhibit whoa yeah you see these oh interesting these are naked mole-rats they're like rats but they have no fur or or hair or scales or anything like that that's why they're called naked mole-rats oh and then axolotl check this out whoa see that that's an axolotl whoa so interesting kind of looks like a salamander mixed with a fish but the cool thing about axolotls are if they lose a limb like there are then from there they can regrow it back check out this little person or guy or girl or I don't even know but this is a turtle oh hey how are you turtle are you having a good day are you having fun yeah you sure do look like you're having fun see you later it's kind of dark in here but that's okay this is a green iguana can you see it oh it's just relaxing having a good time all right see you at [Applause] check that out that right there is a dinosaur they don't live on our planet anymore but they used to look at it it kind of looks like a Velociraptor will you act like a velociraptor with me whoa another dinosaur oh this dinosaur that's its name right there it's really big hey a 10 hey see it kind of looks like it's wearing a helmet just like when you and I ride bicycles we wear helmets cool oh you're some more dinosaurs oh look at that one that is a triceratops do you know why they call it a triceratops yep because it has three horns on its face and head let's count them one two three All Right see you later Triceratops another dinosaur this dinosaur right here was a herbivore these plants that means it eats plants and plants only it doesn't eat meat and look at what's on its head it kind of looks like a shark fin so silly whoa check this out whoa this is a massive footprint okay let's compare my foot – dinosaurs foot ready it's foot is way bigger than mine it's even way bigger than two of my feet Oh another Dino check it out this is a Stegosaurus whoa do you see those plates on its back that's for its defense mechanism Wow hey Stegosaurus so many cool dinosaurs in here this dinosaur is so scary it's the king and queen of the Dino land I'm gonna act like this dinosaur okay will you do the same ready yeah I love acting like a dinosaur now we're gonna do the high-rise fight all right before you go okay just make sure you're going at like a walking pace you're always going forwards and just keep pedaling the whole time okay hands are optional whoa hands are optional here we go did you see that you would think I would fall off because it's a really thin rail but I didn't because the weight is really heavy and it's really far away from me here I go oh look at this interesting this looks like a giant circle and this is actually called the waterwheel it's kind of just like how a hamster runs in their wheel I'm gonna do the same but it's gonna grab water from the bottom and throw it up over the top ready here I go that was awesome whoa what's that whoo this is the water power station water is gettin shot out on the front of this little water gun okay watch I'll make that spin okay oh what's that way up there do you see that yeah that's the Seattle Space Needle I think we should pick the water power gun and try and shoot way up there here we go it's such a nice day I wanted to give them a cool break of water but it's too high up there let's go see what else there is around here look at this area you can use these water squirters to squirt it inside this clear cube alright let's see what else there is whoa look at this all right I wonder if I put this right here yeah see the water is pushing this mirror around okay let's try this one both of these are going to encircle the red one and the yellow one I love playing with water look in there let's go welcome come on in it's a little treehouse right now hello look at this it's a bunch of spy roles ups downs left's and rights here we go this is so much fun oh the noise room whoa this room is a room that you can make as much noise as you want first thing I'm gonna do is yell now let's use the things around us to make some noise and if we're lucky maybe it will sound like music whoa some shiny balls [Laughter] yeah check it out listen okay let's go back here whoo let's go to the top right up here whoa this area has a lot of colorful dress yeah see right over here all right a taller one let's count how many there are this is a lot of stories of bricks 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 18 bricks coming down okay let's organize these bricks in there different colors okay okay and so we made a mess if we need to take the green bricks put them over here there's the green bricks and let's now take the blue bricks hey look here's some brown bricks let's put them right here here's a redbrick put it right there little bricks look at this one what colors that yeah this is brown stack it right there you know what color this is yeah it's the color yellow let's put these right over here okay so when those 18 bricks fell down they were comprised of these one two three four five colors and those colors are green brown blue red yellow good job let's see what other fun things they have at the Pacific Science Center let's go do you like numbers I do too what about big numbers yeah check this out this is a big number seventy six million three hundred eighty three thousand two hundred thirty-two whoa that's a big number but when I push this red button watch this number oh it just went up by one see it's at three four five every time you push this button it goes up by one so if you ever come to the Pacific Science Center you can see what number it's at because I am going to leave it at seventy six million three hundred eighty three thousand three hundred and twenty three wait no 324 hey I'm just doing this puzzle of the moon okay there's one let's see yeah that looks about right perfect we're almost done look yeah this is our moon we live on planet Earth and we have one moon and we call it moon Wow how clever of us this is a planet just like how we live on planet earth this is a planet in our solar system and this is Saturn oh and the biggest planet in our solar system is Jupiter whoa it is really big look at that come here this is a space capsule watch your step this capsule it's where astronauts sit in and go into outer space so then they can feel the effects of gravity and they can push all these cruel knobs ready yeah I just made all those things light up whoa this is fun whoa it's like I can see Planet Earth all the way from out here it's just a mirror come over here I'll show you some more fun that we can happen I call this the mirror dance this is government alright I'm gonna lift this up nice and slow and I'm gonna blow now that was awesome I love making bubbles taking a giant beaver and seeing how distance what here makes it really easy compared to a lift up this weight compared to down right here see watch huh Christine all right now let's move it now I'll do it with one hand I'll lift it up oh that's pretty interesting hey another one Hey oh this is interesting see I'm upside down but in real life I'm right-side up hello hey I see you alright let's continue on this place is so cool hey this this is a beach ball what's it doing here flying ball feel the power of air in motion huh interesting let's push this I wonder what happens when I plug this hole that's shooting up on the air whoa whoa did you see that all right now I wonder what happens when I move it yo I just hydrated my body with a lot of water because what I'm about to show you takes a lot of energy I'll show you my Lance Armstrong Hill Climb that was awesome well this is the end of this video but if you want to watch more of my videos all you have to do is search for my name will you spell my name with me bli PPI blippi good job special thanks to the Pacific Science Center for making this video happen hey grownups I think it would be a great idea if you liked my Facebook page live show information behind-the-scenes special discounts even free giveaways see you there

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