“Blankets” by Craig Thompson (2003) comic review – Top 10 Essential Graphic Novels 10 – #1

[Book cover of graphic novel “Blankets” by Craig Thompson (2003) – Number 1 in Top 10 comics countdown list]Number one on my list of Essential Graphic Novels is…Blanketsby Craig Thompson. Now, this is another autobiographical comic that’s actually quite similar toFun Homeby Alison Bechdel that I just mentioned.Blanketsis about Craig Thompson’s childhood growing up in a small town in Wisconsin, and growing up in a strongly religious household. The book jumps backwards and forwards in time between Craig’s early childhood and his late adolescence. Now, the book is titledBlanketsbecause beds are a recurring theme in the book. Craig shows how he used to sleep in the same bed as his brother when he was a young boy, and it’s also calledBlanketsbecause it shows what it’s like for a teenage boy to share a bed with a teenage girl for the first time. This is depicted beautifully through Craig Thompson’s artwork, which gives such a great sense of the cold winter landscape outside, as well as the warmth and comfort within his girlfriend’s house and bedroom. A big part of the reason that I love the book is Craig Thompson’s artwork, which is mostly brushed with a free-flowing style. There’s a real looseness to the way the book is drawn. Craig doesn’t worry too much about making sure the characters look exactly the same from panel to panel, he doesn’t worry too much about making sure that the scenes are in proper perspective. Instead, he sort of lets the mood and the feelings come through in the artwork. Which, is so important for a story like this.Blanketsis an epic book, that goes for almost 600 pages, and I totally appreciate the lengths that Craig Thompson went to, to provide us with such a rich reading experience. I say this both in terms of the quality of artwork, as well as his braveness in choosing to reveal such a personal story about himself and his family. Apparently there were quite some tensions between Craig and his parents after he released this book.Blanketsby Craig Thompson is my favourite comic of all time, and it’s also probably my favourite book of all time. So what I’m saying is, if you don’t read and enjoy this book, I can’t relate to you as a person, and I’m giving you a lifetime ban from my YouTube channel. Got it?[camera nods]Good. So check outBlanketsby Craig Thompson.[title music: “Dart” by Screamfeeder]

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