Blank Verse: The Prologue

A Good Poet’s made as well as borne. And this, this is the chaos that made Will
Shakespeare. This is part of your plan to get rid of my
department. Creative writing has always been held in this
space! Now listen Liz, the Faculty of Arts knows that your department’s curriculum is exactly the same as an English seminar. You’re redundant, you’re superfluous! Miss Mary, Mary! Tell the Arts Secretary that Robert’s class
will be moving. I have a ton of departments to sort things
out for, I will not mediate you two if you keep creating problems amongst yourselves. Perhaps I can be of some assistance sorting
things out on behalf of Professor Essex and the English Department. At last, something positive, thank you… ? Henry Look, I can’t tell you anything about casting,
ok? I’m just trying to make sure they don’t give
it a Hollywood ending. But they’re definitely gonna be casting your
biggest fan as Mephistopheles, right? Shut up, Tom! Come on, it’s hilarious. Oof… Burbage Heh heh heh heh heh, hey, Henselowe! How are
the roses coming along? Ah, all right, thanks. You got a class in here? Nope. (chatter amongst students) (Henry, Essex, and Elizabeth arguing) Hey! Wow. I’m glad you came. I was starting
to think you weren’t going to make it. Do I know you? I’m Ben. Ben Johnson? We talked during that
online writing meetup last month? It’s nice to meet you, I’m Will- Shakespeare! Yeah, I know. Man, this is gonna
be awesome. I’ve always heard that collage is the best time of your life. Might be too much of a good thing.

11 thoughts on “Blank Verse: The Prologue

  1. Why is that girl sneez–OH MY GOD, OTHELLO

    I cannot begin to express how incredibly happy this whole concept and project makes me. Hats off. Kudos. Thumbs up. Whatever you want to say: This is genius.

  2. "Born" does not have an e at the end; the verb "to mediate" does not take the accusative; a college is not a collage…and Ben Johnson was a man! Just sayin'…

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