Blake Shelton – God's Country (Lyrics)

36 thoughts on “Blake Shelton – God's Country (Lyrics)

  1. I listen to all different types of music especially rap/pop BUT NO ON BELIEVES ME WHEN I SAY I LISTEN TO COUNTRY MUSIC😭😭😭

  2. Like this song…except for the getting baptized in holy water & shine…if shine is sunshine irs ok..if its referring to moonshine ..that line has to go..

  3. though i believe singers should be judged on their sound rather than what they’re singing about. i respect him singing about such a controversial topic.

  4. I never really listen to country before but my work only plays a country station cause they think its friendly to the public so instead of hating on it I tried to enjoy it at work and this song was very enjoyable

  5. Not a country fan by any means but this tune and a select few others are fantastic. Great feel good tune!

  6. Beautiful country, love the friendly people, the beautiful nature from the natural parks like Yellow Stone Park, the amazing architecture from Chicago and New York, the crystal blue water and the white sand from the beaches!

  7. Grew a city boy listening to rap especially being Hispanic and from NY

    But damn…. Blake shleton can sure rock a tune.

  8. The best song in this era especially his songs so awesome👌I love this song God’s country ❤️🤙🏻

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