Black sabbath-War Pigs (lyrics)

41 thoughts on “Black sabbath-War Pigs (lyrics)

  1. satan is not laughing he burns first, he is the burns the hottest, his flame will never go out, same goes for ozzy, mick, peter, robert, and the list is a very long one including the movie stars, the state and federal governments, right down to those in local land grab. also those who claim to be the heads of the family, GOD noted your words and he is holding you to each and every letter. be worried about the great judgement a lot rides on the outcome. i sure hope you did not do as the others you were watching around you. don't do as the damned do, do as the righteous do, for it is the straight and narrow road….

  2. Every Judas priest concert I have been to opens with this song before priest comes on and eveyone sings along, this song will never fade into history

  3. This song is great the air raid sirens give you a feeling of something bad about to happen

  4. Just Love It! Reminds me when I was seventeen, same age as of my son now…pretty cool, I used to know this song by heart…still do, kind of…thumbs up!

  5. Great song! Just listened to sabbaths version to compare with faith no more. Hate to say it but faith no more's version is muy superior

  6. My mom always yells me when I'm jamming sabbath, she says KEVIN THAT'S TOO LOUD!!! I'm like damn mom I'm 40 years old, i can listen to it as loud as I want! I remember a time when the parents left the nest when the kids turned 18-20…

  7. Listen to they lyrics he's literally calling out the military industrial complex, over 40 years later and this song still holds so true

  8. This song is more poignant than ever; pull over to the side of the road when it comes on and crank it up AND LISTEN

  9. The song is badass, but I like the general message of it. "Why should they go out to fight? They only started the war, treating people just like pawns in chess" Sends chills down my spine. You can see it everywhere. Using the weak minded people as war pigs…

  10. Saw Judas Priest last night… both times I’ve gone they have this song on the speakers when they come out. Love it!

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