Black Lightning 3×02 Sneak Peek “The Book of Occupation: Chapter Two: Maryam’s Tasbih” (HD)

You know, we have a doorbell, right You don’t appear to be in distress Yeah, well, I just broke my microwave Wasting food during food rationing is pretty tragic. I’m going to exempt your family from rationing Mm-hmm. Don’t do that. We don’t deserve to be above everybody else. I Need you to accept that you do you have unique gifts that require unique responsibilities. So Unique perks are appropriate. Look my dad would never Why are you here the Surveillance system crashed that’s cuz I crashed it. It was creepy. Anyway you watching me all the time Okay, all right Forget surveillance Where’s miss Howe? She’s in the shower. You want to watch her to wean it? There is a video from your parents on this they wanted you to have it and so do I What this is not fair, but it’s necessary It’s what you know, we’re in the same side If you need anything Anything at all you Can reach me on that phone Anytime day or night Hey, honey, sweeties, we’re all right. Okay perfectly fine. We’re just here as a precaution. We’ll be home soon. Okay We miss you

29 thoughts on “Black Lightning 3×02 Sneak Peek “The Book of Occupation: Chapter Two: Maryam’s Tasbih” (HD)

  1. Odel's own twisted way of making Jefferson Pierce as an ASA operative to fight the Markovians. He wants to break Pierce psychologically and physically molding him into a soldier.

  2. It doesn't seem right. Something is not write about the situation she can feel it but she does know what it is. What is thunder & lightning going to do about it⚡😎

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  4. This is why I say Odell is creepy af! He's so manipulative with these mind games. He is def the opposition and possibly a main villain.

  5. You know ever since season 1 and 2 I have seen numerous comments about how this show should stay separate from the "Arrowverse". But ever since the announcement it's like I'm the only person saying anything. You people don't want a crossover but you ain't gonna say nothing to stop it. I am usually the only person saying anything trying to stop it when there should be numerous comments in these comments sections about it. Are y'all a bunch of "shiftless negroes" like Tobias says or are y'all gonna do something about it? We could have stopped it from happening if y'all asses spoke up. Once this show gets ruined and turned to a joke then don't be mad. Y'all got nobody to blame but yourselves and your shiftless ass silence on this.

    Edit: even you people who liked my comment when y'all should be doing more and leaving ya own comments.

  6. Numerous comments and even articles been out since season 1 saying how this show should stay separate but ever since the announcement that they were crossing over it's like y'all suddenly got silent leaving me to hold the bag and be the only nigga trying to stop it. Y'all must be shiftless like Tobias said. Once this show is turned into a joke by crossing over with the Arrowverse then y'all got nobody to blame but yourselves. So don't get mad when it happens.

  7. "We're on the same side. Just ignore the fact that I have your father locked up in a cage with a collar around his neck, and also that I'm doing the same thing to innocent children all over the city."

  8. This season is really interesting, there two sides at wat with each other and the Jeffersons and the rest of Freeland are in the middle

  9. At this point Agent Odell feels like a gender-flipped Amanda Waller. But somehow even colder, which is impressive.

  10. I like the new Jenifer. She's become heroic like her sister, and I hope that she becomes heroic like her dad too. She's come a long way from being that bratty bad girl of high school just like Thea Queen on Arrow.

  11. I miss Jen with her long hair!!! The bob she got is getting old and it is making her neck look long..

  12. This season has gotten off to awesome start way better that what the Arrowverse has given us Batwoman is garbage BL 👍🏾

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