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just about anybody who use cocaine in the 1980s was using LSD bars product Escobar is probably the most violent the most ferocious criminal that has ever lived he was cocaine with Ford was two cars the kind of money that Pablo Escobar made makes Al Capone look like he was selling carnations on a corner he'd look like these repeat she's followed he was most likely the first criminal billionaire he declared open warm Colombian civilization so either Pablo Escobar was gonna survive or the country of Colombia was going to survive but both of them are surviving on November 6th the world watched an utter disbelief as a group of heavily armed men commandeered the Colombian Ministry of Justice in broad daylight and butchered half of the country's Supreme Court justices in the ensuing firefight Joe Toft who spent seven years in Colombia as head of the DA's Bogota office because that disasters day the attack on that Palace of Justice really then not only shake Colombia but it shook the world and and I think that was unbelievable I mean it did really I think was the first true sign of where Colombia was to the extent that violence had taken over the country and it's a sense of shock to the world what made the attack almost beyond comprehension was that this was a political act taken by a criminal incredibly one lone drug dealer a man named Pablo Escobar in a desperate attempt to avoid extradition to the United States Escobar did not fear Colombian authorities but he did fear American justice and American prisons when he could not get the law change to keep him from being brought to trial in the u.s. he tried to kill the lawmakers one of the eyewitnesses to this massacre was a journalist from Pablo Escobar's hometown of Medellin a woman with the courage to criticize the drug lord in print her name is Elizabeth Mora she would meet with Escobar face-to-face an incredible six times asking him what no one else dared how he compiled his immense wealth how he felt about his crimes Escobar complied but Morris life was in constant jeopardy four years after he assuming of course he is Kermit but I am a journalist and since I was a young girl I want to be one of the best journalists so I have I have to choose between two years come and ask questions this was the report this means for American too much Incan City so because we call maleic we call method in mad are you but metrodome means machine when the Supreme Court who was under attack I thought about my country I thought about how this guy really was getting more power than anybody than everybody in the country the fallout of the attack was felt throughout the hemisphere as Tom cash former head of the DA's office in Miami explains we were stunned Colombian government was stunned there was disbelief there was an intimidation people get afraid all those judges were killed ostensibly it was to burn the records it was to destroy the extradition documents it was very unsettling and it was just the beginning Pablo Escobar had risen from his humble beginnings as a small-time thug to become the richest and most powerful cocaine lord in history Escobar's cocaine cartel had already made him fabulously rich and terribly feared but with this audacious act he stepped over a line that had never before been crossed a drug dealer who would dare declare war against a government with this act and other more awful ones to follow Escobar stepped onto the world stage a criminal legend such as had never been seen before not much is known about Pablo Escobar's early years what little we do know tends to be shrouded in myth and mystery the Colombian government didn't have any idea who Pablo Escobar was the United States government knew that Pablo Escobar was arrested in Michigan and at one particular time had stolen gravestones and shaved him off and resold in his new hardly the fable of the world-class cocaine trafficker it is believed Pablo Escobar began his criminal career as a young boy in the slums and back roads of the village of Rio Negro 17 miles outside midday year his mother was a teacher I think his father was a farmer and at a very young age he started running around with the wrong crowd he started stealing vehicles he started he got involved in a petty type crime little by little it seems like he discovered that he could get away with the things he was doing and he discovered the potential of getting involved in drugs cocky when I used to see pictures of of Escobar was that cocky brash type of attitude where I'm in charge nobody can knock me down most of Europe of his pictures if you were to see him even the first time he got arrested I call it the famous Jimmy Dean shot it's you know he's smiling he's you know well combed he looks good but it was an Arif I am in charge I am powerful I'm no one can can knock me down later on him and his cuss and got organized in doing small small loads I'm talking about five kilos of cocaine ten kilos of cocaine at age 26 Escobar was arrested for possession of 39 pounds of cocaine his first and only drug bust for another man it might have been the end but not for Pablo Escobar the arresting officer was mysteriously murdered and nine judges refused to hear the case after receiving death threats the official records disappeared and Escobar was never tried escobar decided that the best way to guarantee this would not happen again was to give himself a semblance of legitimacy for him that meant politics incredibly in 1982 he acted to the Colombian Congress as an alternate representative from Antioquia giving him immunity from arrest as he continued to build his cocaine smuggling business on the side I give the Justice Minister 24 hours to provide proof of his claim that I'm involved in drug trafficking or I will accuse him of slander he became larger than life I think that at one time Pablo thought about running for president of Colombia he actually had gone in the in the late 70s he was an alternate member of the Colombian Parliament very early he had learned that the absolute powers political power Escobar's flirtation with politics lasted only a short time he realized it was easier to get what he wanted working behind the scenes bribing and corrupting Colombian officials if you look at how much money it takes to buy a country it worked if you look at how much money it takes to influence a democracy in a national election and the largest democracy in Latin America it worked how much money will that take to do a lot by 1984 out of public life and firmly ensconced in the drug trade Escobar controlled roughly 80% of the cocaine in the country through his Medellin Cartel much of his product had the u.s. as its final destination country whose borders he'd cost it will and America was becoming increasingly vocal in its displeasure to the Colombians we certainly didn't know that that photograph of Pablo Escobar taken in front of White House that existed but we always knew that Escobar told people he had the capability of getting in and out of the United States with false passports those were the kinds of things that were infuriating to a large degree and to his followers of course it shows his invincibility this Miami based drug dealer who requested he not be identified did business with the midian cartel for years and is still actively involved in the cocaine trade he explains how Escobar was able to flood the u.s. with his product throughout the 1980s it could be brought in my plane to be here dropped they could have been brought in through the port and the crates basically any way you think that you could bring it in you know they would bring it in you know sometimes they put decoys since there was so much you know available they'd like let the government catch so much and while they were you know occupied doing that it would come in through other you know means at the same time so if you know they thought they caught let's say 1500 kilos there was 5000 coming in you know they were they weren't looking you know sometimes you have to give him some bait and then when they take the bait as with any big business the key to success was organization and like any major multinational CEO Escobar knew he needed to cut distribution deals in major US cities in the drug trade that meant marrying the mob at some point he had to have had a sit-down with the local organized crime people the word in the street again unfounded I mean up you know unverified but the word industry was that if every killer that was moved there was a five thousand dollar kickback that was made to one very war one organized crime family or another Escobar's minions in the u.s. quickly learned that if they follow the rules they would do well for those who tried to cheat him Escobar turned to the one thing that have always worked for him terror through extreme violence in the u.s. he did this on a level that had not been seen before Arthur Valero who worked undercover narcotics for the NYPD in the late 1970s and 80s saw firsthand how Escobar's harsh yet simple code of conduct worked the people who were successful in his organization followed very very basic rules simple what it was or simply was this is my cocaine and this is my money and I'm gonna allow you into the drug trade with me okay do not steal any of my money did not steal one gram of my cocaine okay just do what you supposed to do move it along sell it and bring the exact profits back to your handler if you do that you will live a very good life as long as you walk a straight line into any business or as long as you you just focus yourself on doing right there was no reason to fear on the other hand if you violate that basic basic tenant the violence that will be for you your wife your children your parents your parents pets well you know will will will ring across the country I mean everybody that dealt with Pablo Escobar who did the wrong thing was made to be an example to everyone else while Escobar's cartel distributed with impunity throughout the United States it was New York and particularly Miami his major ports of entry where the cocaine King reigned strongest giving those cities their well-deserved reputations for drug fuelled violence throughout the eighties well Pablo Escobar and his crew had a fan and in tension they had a game plan they had they had a business plan I would say before before they started moving powder into the country I'm sure that he had people come in test the waters develop safe houses to store cocaine developed a network of distribution here in the country got the price where he wanted it that test of test marketed the thing the business plan was fairly basic moved cocaine safely from point A to point B but the potential for profit was awesome a kilo of 90% pure cocaine was priced at about $9,000 when it left Colombia by the time it reached Miami the same kilo was worth $30,000 once cut to 30 percent purity its value had risen to $300,000 so from the streets of Medellin to the streets of Miami the value of that single kilo had risen 34 with the cartel moving some 95,000 kilos of coke per year to the US this meant a net profit of more than two point seven five billion dollars a year for Pablo Escobar enough to earn him a place on Forbes magazine's list of the wealthiest people in the world Escobar was very active in Miami and South Florida in general this is an international city this is a crossroads of the Caribbean and Latin America and Escobar profited greatly from that permutation and combination of circumstances that allowed him anonymity allowed him to use the Spanish language allowed him to have a huge number of people who were totally unnoticed for the most part until the machine guns started blazing at the Dadeland Mall until they had to go and rent tractor-trailer trucks to put the bodies in because there's no more room in the morgue I mean you saw every kind of violence you said there were motorcycle killers who were driving by and gunning people down with machine pistols and driving off on their motorcycles virtually impossible to catch there were bodies showing up in trunks there were open shootouts and shopping malls where they would just spray indiscriminately parking lots and storefronts and you know liquor stores and bottles bursting off shelves that's where all that the sort of images emerge from that period everybody talks about clear and present danger well it was certainly clear and it was very present but nobody wanted a paying attention to the danger but it would be four long years before the American government would declare or on Pablo Escobar in the meantime he continued to openly defy the world and reveled in his wealth and power taunting the Colombian authorities in this Pablo Escobar succeeded in emulating and surpassing his infamous idols Al Capone and Pancho Villa as his cocaine fed wealth approached three billion dollars he rose from merely being a wanted man to become public enemy number one both in his homeland and in the United States million used to be the most beautiful and peaceful city in Colombia and after mr. Escobar managing change now we have the highest race of assassination in the whole country and everything was because mr. Escobar began his business than death means morning power Escobar used violence and assess a nation to keep his cocaine moving and to terrorize his enemies terror was both a means and an end to him the result was a country that resembled an armed camp it was an incredible period everybody was afraid of where the next bomb was going to golf sometimes he would have two bombs in the same day and and it was working because the the the public the Colombian public were screaming for the government to put an end to this and the government was impotent in essence and Escobar had him where he wanted as he became more famous more of a target of the US government the threat of extradition grew America began to quietly step up its involvement in Colombia anti-drug operations were often now led by US agents and supplied with US military hardware terms the number of personnel that would be involved in this operation it's not a firm number yet the number is going to be somewhere between fifty and a hundred total I think you have to remember that Escobar was not always able to buy off American justice and American authorities and that was one of his biggest fears Escobar's largest fear was extradition he fought that with a vengeance the attack on the Palace of Justice definitely was a big plus for Escobar because of the extradition issue because of the records that were destroyed up there because of the the the fact that most of the justices that were there that were Pro extradition were killed with all this ruthlessness how then does one explain the adulation accorded this mass murderer by the poor and working-class of Colombia his best ally for the drug business was poverty because the poor kids of the communion or oriental the meta-gene they only have one way to get a better life and their way was drugs so they have to come to his business in order to get a better life he was like a god to them I mean this man this was a billionaire in a very poor country this was a person of unparalleled power the willingness to use his money to benefit the people who he needed these people were his lookouts they were his intelligence network they they they alerted him and the police tried to move on him so for many years he couldn't be touched thanks to the poor people that he gave money to so I mean he was a Robin Hood figure to them he was you know a local boy made good and and many of them who poor disaffected never seen anything before worship him like a god [Applause] Escobar build schools and hospitals for medals poor he even constructed a housing project and a soccer stadium all this in an effort to win the people over to his side to convince them to stand with him in his war against the government Xavier Pena a DEA agent stationed in Colombia during Escobar's reign it describes the cult of personality that grew up around the cartel King mr. Escobar was at that time very famous very notorious he was known for his ruthless killings and he was also a very charismatic leader where people had a lot of allegiance to him they respected him that he had a lot of followers people wanted to work for him Escobar relished and encouraged these feelings he wanted the common people of Colombia to see him as a great man a family man an empire builder who would one day in the future once his product was legalized become the head of a vast legitimate enterprise generating livelihoods for millions of Colombian peasants he believed himself almost to be legitimate and he saw herself as almost a legitimate businessman he viewed himself as a historical figure he reveled in his image and he thought of himself on larger terms and just a criminal man he thought of himself as a benefactor of his people Escobar and and his group frequently compared themselves to other famous families who had some illegal activity in their early days and then became presidents they were fond of talking about themselves in comparison to the Kennedys that Scotch was illegal during Prohibition and Joe Kennedy and the Kennedy family were somehow involved in this prohibition and then their son became president and that one day cocaine would be legal and all the things that we're doing will be of no concern there are those who say that behind every great fortune is a great crime and certainly in Escobar's case that was he refutable Escobar went to great lengths and expense to promote himself to the people this film has the look of a typical South American feature complete with overwrought musical score but incredibly it is an elaborate home movie escobar commissioned in 1982 [Applause] he wanted the people of Colombia to see him as he saw himself relaxed confident fun-loving and surrounded by adoring family and friends it provides an unprecedented view to the private life of a brutal killer whose need to be loved and admired was as strong as his need to be feared his party's is to having an Modena and his Fink Napoli's the stories we've heard are just outstanding the animals he had there the dinosaur statutes he had there the playgrounds the party houses it would be hard for Hollywood to to reproduce some of this stuff he had in his ranch and there was only one of probably hundreds of ranches that that he purchased out there he had planes he had helicopters he spent lavishly and the funny thing is the men didn't have any class so you were to walk into this places and you would see this pieces of art you would see gold faucets I mean he wasted money all over the place he also has been a tremendous amount of money security he's surrounded himself with bodyguards lieutenants killers he was constantly bribing people he he was giving money to the poor that live in the surroundings where he hung out in order to buy security because there were his lookouts well you know the the tragedy is that the system in Columbia allowed or the lack of the system in Columbia allowed Escobar to run a long time before everybody woke up and by the time they woke up they found out that Escobar was bigger than life now we have four powers in this country if they the president the Congress the Supreme Court I'm Paulo Scott Escobar's affected us all in the sense that he was able to fund his nose that is continually the fact was that Escobar was bigger than the Colombian government and I think the Colombians knew it and I think the US government knew it and I think Colombia got serious Escobar at the height of his criminal career I believe he felt like he was the master of the universe he felt that as long as he was able to prevent his extradition he was okay that he would be safe in Colombia but with 12 Supreme Court justices lying dead for all the world to see there could be no safety for Escobar any longer he had raised the ante too high and the government responded with what would become the greatest criminal manhunt in history Colombia basically declared war on Pablo Escobar and it happened in August of 1989 President barkow finally decided that he was going to declare an all-out war against Escobar and he was going to send the police in the military etc after a couple of months that follow this Escobar took a tremendous beating he his properties were seized is not all of them but a significant number a number of his associates were arrested and he was on the run it was a very seldom spent more than one or two days in any one place because of fear being apprehended thousands of policemen were put on the hunt so he reacted with more violence feeling cornered escobar began a five-month long reign of terror in response to the government's declaration of war beginning with the murder of luis carlos galán a leading presidential candidate with a strong anti-drug agenda presidential candidate Galan was a hero in Colombia and he was probably one of the most respected people and I was very excited about the possibility the very real possibility because he was the leading candidate of him becoming president and I felt that you know it would give Colombia and the Colombian people a chance to really make an impact against drug trafficking under his leadership and obviously Pablo Escobar I felt the same way panic was coming through the streets when I mean panic as the waitress came up trembling and shaking Saint we're closing everything everybody has to go home there's mass chaos on the street they've just killed God line escobar may have been wanted before but the killing of this popular statesman especially well-liked by Colombian law enforcement made the police redouble their efforts and raise the price on his head in response escobar offered a bounty on the life of every policeman in colombia he was even so bold as to put his threats in writing sign and baring his thumbprint in ink as proof of their authenticity it got to the point where he was threatening the cops of police officers who were going after him by name news of these brazen death threats all his legions of teenage assassins you were talking about your local thugs 14 15 16 year old kids who would go up I heard a one story where they would call off behind the police officer just put their gun their pistol behind they're here from shoot once and that was as the police officer would go down the Kent would then go to a house and collect his money this particular kid got $500 for killing a uniformed police officer Pablo Escobar challenged the legitimacy of the Colombian government he crossed that line he basically said I am bigger and more legitimate than you are to the government and started killing them up to the level of presidential candidates but slaughtering cops judges and politicians was only the beginning no institution would be safe and Escobar's next target was Columbia's largest newspaper owned by the Cano dynasty which had made the fatal error of repeatedly attacking the drug lord in print the Connell family was very outspoken against Escobar and drug traffickers in Colombia and obviously Escobar did not like this so he had eliminated he killed people for very targeted political reasons for instance he did not kill journalists in the United States he didn't read an in English and he didn't feel like the stories that were written about him in the United States mattered so he would only kill the journalists in Colombia who were writing about things that could affect him personally but as the police net tightened Escobar's attacks became more desperate and more indiscriminate in November 1989 he committed the most horrific act of his career by ordering the destruction of an Avianca Airlines commercial flight killing all 107 people aboard the Avianca jet blowing up was one of the worst disasters Colombia ever experienced this just showed no respect towards the government of Colombia and no respect towards the people of Colombia who would do such a such a dastardly thing like this clearly Escobar would the investigation showed the plane had been blown out of the sky with plastic explosives planted prior to takeoff by one of Escobar's top assassins Danny muñoz Mascara who was later jailed in New York City for his crime of course Escobar and the Avianca flight will go down in history I don't know of another criminal who was properly accused of blowing up a commercial airliner I think that that in and of itself is all you need to say about violence police suspected the Avianca bombing may have been aimed at a potential witness against Escobar whom he believed was onboard true or not 107 innocent lives were taken that day by the drug lord in my last interview I asked him of course about the Avianca scratch so he didn't give me a good answer he only told me then he had committed a lot of mistakes and then he was wrong then it was a lot of things he never he would repeat in his life he who had the power perhaps Escobar realized that intentionally murdering so many Colombian civilians especially women and children could only lose him whatever popular support he still in June this may explain why his next strike was solely targeted at the government and the police there's an incredible bomb that was placed at the headquarters of das which is the equivalent of the FBI in Colombia targeting the head of das general Massa this particular bomb the das building is 11 stories high and a bus had been filled with some thousand pounds of dynamite and driven in front of the building and detonated this was about power ultimately who controlled that country Pablo Escobar refused to abide by the rule of law he refused to recognize that the you know the government of Colombia was bigger and stronger than he was but the government was slowly gaining the upper hand as the war stretched Escobar's resources to the limit although he was still able to direct operations from his nopales ranch many of his other properties and assets continued to be seized in government raids both in Colombia and the US we shall act mr. Escobar up one side and down the other we took every piece of property he had we arrested every person he had ever been associated with in the US and we were seizing money at the at the rate of a hundred and fifty million u.s. per year cocaine was being seized 50 metric tons per year we got his ten million dollar apartment complexes we got his vacation $1,000,000 location obviously next to the Bee Gees and Miami Beach we got those properties and you know so we touched him where he lives it was definitely impacting on his ability to carry out his drug business as well as carry out these terrorist campaign still he continued to lash out but he became more concerned when government reprisals began to hit too close to home he wasn't afraid to the ID he wasn't afraid of the government no but he was afraid of his family of the son he was afraid of the suffering of his family he was afraid of the software inu of his wife he was afraid of the future of his children escobar through terrorism was able to get the government to give him what he needed for him to surrender to the government to give him the guarantee that he would not be extradited to the United States in 1990 Escobar made a deal he would surrender and serve a greatly reduced term in a cushy prison built specially for him while the government would once and for all kill the extradition treaty with the u.s. despite American skepticism Colombia proclaimed victory it would prove a hollow one I'm Escobar did dictate to the government and I think we don't have to look any further than inveigle oh we're altima the prison is built amid great fanfare great political fanfare well that was a wonderful PR thing they forgot to tell you that there were only fences on three sides of the compound they forgot to tell you about the water beds they forgot to tell you about a communications array that looked like this a Strategic Air Command he surrendered he surrendered into a facility that was really built by him controlled by him he built in essence a country club with all the amenities allegedly built in his property under his specifications it contained hiding places throughout the buildings where he could hide money weapons he built a soccer field which was visited by professional soccer players in Colombia that went in and played soccer with Escobar he had a great suite for a sell very well furnished sitting room a kitchen a big bedroom with desk and working area in the bedroom he had a Jacuzzi in his bathroom he had a connection to the next room which was occupied by his brother Roberto he built a huge playhouse for his daughter she could come in and play he could go in and out of the prison whenever he wanted to and he would actually go into Medellin to attend parties and to visit with prostitutes to see his friends his friends came in and he was conducting business from the prison at first business was booming while Escobar was supposedly out of commission behind bars he was continuing to smuggle an estimated 2 to 3 tons of top-quality cocaine into the u.s. every week the whole thing was a big laughs envy gato was a big joke we knew it was fact because we were listening to the wiretap of conversations made from that prison where drug trafficking was being directed and controlled all in the name of Alcatraz for drug traffickers it was a cozy arrangement that might have continued indefinitely if Escobar could just keep a low profile but for him that was impossible there's two families the the Galliano family and the Moga family which was associated with the cartel and and we're major traffickers were stealing money from them when he called them into the prison which this is how the whole s was the mice started there was some money some people say 10 million others the people say 20 million so he had him brought to the prison and he made a decision to kill stories say s what killed one guy himself got Yano and he hadn't gotten killed by some of us you know his dogs were aggressive and according to very good sources they proceeded to this member some of the bodies so they would never be found this was very serious so the message that was sent out to the rest of the traffickers that were working for Galliano and moncada was man if he killed his two buddies his two best friends his two friends are supporting him with millions of dollars if he killed them what's it going to do to us and thus he had a lot of methane traffickers band together and started fighting Escobar this embarrassed the government to such an extent that the government was compelled to finally move them to another place but instead of going over and taking control of the prison and taking control of Escobar they sent two officials of the government to tell him that they were going to move him somewhere else so Escobar took the officials as hostages and walked out of the prison about a year after entering his false prison Escobar was free but he was on the run things had changed his rivals had grown stronger his lands and luxury homes had been seized and a group calling itself most Pepe's made up of disgruntled former employees was stalking him and his friends and family this time he was truly a fugitive so the los pepes went into a dirty war against Pablo since there were insiders that knew a lot about the organization they knew who was in the venue where the lieutenant's were and they started a campaign through which they started killing the key people in Escobar's organization he talked to me about the human rights about how the purpose didn't respect the human rights of his children and his family I told mr. Escobar are you talking to me about human rights he told me of course I'm talking to you about human rights I'm talking to you about how the back base they want to kill my children and nobody is doing anything to stop them except me the noose was tightening the government reward on escobar shut up to a staggering seven million dollars and every pair of eyes on the madeand streets was a potential Informer the once great godfather of cocaine was reduced to communicating only by cellular phone as he aimlessly circled the city and nondescript yellow taxis hiding from his enemies anonymity is also safety escobar Falak anonymity to the degree that he could he did not have our own army with him because an army would have attracted attention and consequently the safest way for him to try and survive was with one other person there are thousands of caps out there so he was getting around in a taxi he had changed his appearance by growing a full beard so towards the end poverty bar found himself almost alone with just very few people remaining for me from his organization so he finally started seeing himself as being vulnerable Escobar was vulnerable and he feared greatly for his family's safety he started using his telephone in radios to talk to his family more particular his son he would always talk to his son which that cost that cost them to like said be on the air more which costs the Colombian government to effectively intercept his communications alone and on the run Escobar was falling apart bloated from junk food exhausted four months of jumping from one safehouse to another he was paranoid and on the verge of collapse he lost he just lost and he started making mistakes he started calling them for the palace he started threatening people he started all from one place in consequence that the police was able to narrow down and find where he was at and he was talking on the phone when the police finally actually saw looking through the window with the phone on the hand and that's how he was found he apparently still believed that he was not detected because several minutes went by well the cops you know surrounded the place and were ready to strike and he must have thought that they were looking for somebody else somewhere else so he stayed there and finally when the cops broke in he jumped out of when done to the roof of the the next building adjacent building and he got caught in a crossfire and he according to the policeman that I spoke to out there he never really realized that he was being shot from the sides he thought he was being shot out from the window which he jumped and he was shooting back at the wind the woman people were shooting at him from the sides when the guy died I mean I felt bad as a human being that he lost his life and of course to his family but the truth of the matter is is that you had a figure that sooner or later he would come to an end like that because of the kind of business city that they did Pablo Escobar the first billionaire criminal in history the man who turned cocaine cultivation into a major multinational industry was dead barefoot and alone on a suburban rooftop at age 43 although the police and army rejoiced hundreds of Marines poor Escobar's minions gathered outside living with disbelief in shock Escobar's grieving mother arrived at the death Satan to identify the body and the police braced for possible reprisals as the day of the funeral drew near but there for the powers to be in the country were celebrating his death the poor people were crying because he was assassinated so you have at least 20,000 people who went to the cemetery and how about that people were crying there were no actors nobody was paying them to do this no no really they failed then somebody very important in their lives had died emotions ran high that day at the cemetery in Midian thousands of police were on high alert to avert a possible lion and they looked on and disbelief as people threw themselves crying screaming and chanting at Escobar's coffin but after a seven-year-long hunt Joe Toft shed no tears I had a mind that I I could never really comprehend and I I mean I tried to figure him out my obsession with Cisco bar was one that affected him in a way that when I went to Colombia was married when I came back I was divorced so I don't blame Escobar for that I blame myself for that because it was a sacrifice that that I made and I paid for hello everyone is celebrating the death of Pablo Pablo Escobar the number one trafficker in the world the number one criminal in the world I mean there's joy throughout probably most law enforcement agencies that know anything about drug trafficking I mean if you if you want comparisons for who Pablo Escobar was you really have to think of people like john d rockefeller and Henry Ford and move that type of paradigm into the world of crime because there is no criminal that compares to this guy he blew up an aircraft with 107 people on board he blew up a police station with 59 people being killed he blew up a newspaper he killed his people killed he had killed more than a thousand police officers judges prosecutors in journalists and there is no parallel for who this person was Pablo Escobar's violent legacy may have indeed been the work of an amoral monster driven by greed and power but those who loved him stood by him no matter what yo quiero que recuerden lo que hizo que no animal okay decent I want people to remember the good things he did because he didn't do anything wrong he helped the poor he built stadiums and a town and a church people a homeless shelter for the poor dying in the street no one talks about the good things only the bad pray for the Peace of his soul could be in so staying oh ok if it ends hey you know the people say to me how does it feel to be the wife of Pablo Escobar the wife of a legend I do not see him as a legend or man I saw him only as a man but the thing that really made him a legend I'm not not only the amount of cocaine that that he sent out that it distributed but his viciousness his his use of terror and violence to to control a country to intimidate a country to basically do whatever he wanted to do in common parlance Kivar leave the country in chaos powerless Kivar leave the country with this incredible weight of violence public school I did a lot of terrible things for Columbia in some way he helped yes a lot of people both on the other hand Columbia is not the same Columbia

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    Why why why ???????

  7. Seramics i agree with everything u said 100% USA citizens need to wake up 911 was staged just to create a so called enemy.just like they did to start ww1 and ww2 so the few wealthy families of the world can get even more wealthier.

  8. My uncle Pablo told me he has millions if not billions stashed & buried in a disclosed location & i think this documentary helpd me expose it!.

  9. 48:57 he blew up an aircraft he blewup police station he blew up newspaper he killed more than 1000 people . and these all saying by an American whos country almost killed half of the population in the world. destroyed other countries system. making other countries as failed state.and still they say they are good

  10. Whos in charge of drugs and child trafficking  in 2018 .  CIA .   Whos in charge of Hollywood /Disney  CIA  .  Whos in charge of CIA    Bush/Rothschilds/Vatican . Whos in charge of them all ?  Lucifer.

  11. Dude finally Pablo Escobar was the man he was just a puppet other dude was higher then this dude don’t get me wrong Escobar was a gee

  12. Then daddy Bush (CIA) and his buddy Bill Clinton (Arkansas governor) took over from Pablo and flew over a billion dollars worth of cocaine into Mena Arkansas.

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