Biography Lord Byron Full Documentary

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  1. 0:10 "Sexually irresistible to both men and women…" I'm sure there are many lesbians and heterosexual men that would disagree.

  2. ….Sorry, I wouldn’t have been “attracted” to him at all — I’m one of those lucky girls not drawn at all to “Bad Boys”…(Thanks, Mum).

  3. I'm sooooo tired of people just talking about the subjects. How about presenting stuff like this in a form of actually acting out the events. This video is about as interesting as videos of endless views of ceilings at Versailles.

  4. "Lord Byron was a champion for the underdog, he stood up and spoke up for people in need"

    treated woman like they were shit on his shoe and treated his own children even worse

    …Yeah about that 😂 Since Byron was such a d bag i'm gonna share this fugly ass portrait of him with you 😂 Sorry it's in link form I have no idea how to post a pic on here lmao. Probably goes without sayin that he was ugly in real life too they did say that he controlled his image, idk about you but that sounds like somethin someone who was ugly would do 😂 women must've been blind af back then lmao

  5. I like his poetry very much, he was a brilliant poet, but is it just me or is this documentary romanticizing the hole thing? He was a narcissist, a drunk, a gambler, a sexual predator, was in love with his sister, he mistreated his wife, abandoned his children and these people are talking of him as if all he ever was was misunderstood. What do you guys think?

  6. This is mostly poppycock the only bit that is true is that he burned his memoirs. Indeed so that funny stories like this would be.
    I'm a writer and a poet and my sister is my muse she sleeping next to me now.

  7. I love Lord Byron, his poetry. And I'm teaching a little about him and his poetry, because in Brazil teachers usually don't speak about his work. It's sad because I can't find in Portuguese his work, as "Childe Pilgrimage" or even "Don Juan", maybe some poems or Beppo.

  8. I gotta admit I’m curious about what would happen if Byron and Oscar Wilde were ever to have met?🤔🤔

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