Bina Rai – Biography

Someone said Anarkali. And someone said you'll have
to fulfil the promise you've made. You'll have to come if the
world or even the God stops you. The name of this actress is Bina Rai. You take away food from little kids. You use your might
on the old and the weak. Is this your and your king's bravery? Bina Rai was born on 13 July 1931. She worked in memorable movies
like Anarkali and Taj Mahal. And she was honoured with
an award too for the movie Ghoonghat. Hate me. Don't talk to me.
I'll not complain. I don't ask for happiness or love. But it is my right to serve you.
I ask for only this right. Don't take it from me. Actually Bina Rai began from Lahore. She was related to Lahore. Her name was Krishna Sareen.. ..which became Bina Rai
when she joined the film industry. Bina was studying in Isabel Thoban
college of Lucknow. Film director Kishore Sahu
put an ad for an new heroine.. ..for his new film Kaali Ghata. Bina Rai applied without telling anyone. "Something is happening." "My hearts beats harder." "My heart's out of control." His father worked for the railways.
And his was a transferrable job. She applied for the ad.
And she had to go to Mumbai. She could not go to Mumbai
because she has her intermediate exams. Incidentally one of her
cousins' wedding was in Mumbai. And she went to Mumbai with her family. She auditioned. And was selected. And he got 25000 rupees instantly. 25000 rupees was a huge
amount during that time. "I've met my love today." "I've met my love today." "My anklet tinkles." "My anklet tinkles." Bina Rai always wanted to be an actress. And her fees per film went
from 25000 to 1,50,000 rupees. She had never told her family
that she wanted to be an actress. And when her parents found
out they were mad at her. But she went on a hunger strike. Parents had to relent. And she got a chance
in Kishore Saru's film. And this is how Krishna
Sareen became Bina Rai. I don't know what's right or wrong. All I ask is what my fault
for which you hate me so much is. Something else that we need
to note is that the date 13 July.. ..holds an important place in her life. She signed her first
contract on 13 July 1950. And she even got engaged on 13 July. Though her husband Prem
Nath was a great actor himself.. ..was in love with
Madhubala at that time. They were even supposed to marry. But since they came from
different families and upbringings.. ..they could not get married. He has married me taking pity on me. But he loves someone else. I have come in the way of his love.
What should I do? – No. But there was no problem
when it came to Bina. Bina and Prem Nath met.
A new romance started. And they got married. They had kids. It seemed like Bina would
distance herself from movies. But that didn't happen. She kept working in movies. But Prem became really
busy with his career.. ..and Bina's career
was going a little slow. Hence Bina Rai decided that she'll
stay at home and take care of the kids. You are upset with Bhanu. And so you want to kill him. Kill me. Kill me. Durga! Yes. Why do you blame Bhanu? I love him. If this is the punishment
for love then punish me. As producer directors the husband and wife
did try to make different kinds of movies.. ..but they failed miserably. Their eldest son Prem
Kishen became an actor. He was seen in the movie
Dulhan Wahi Jo Piya Man Bhaye. He turned producer later
and produced some TV soaps. Her granddaughter Akanksha Malhotra
was launched in 2002 as an actress. Bina Rai's grandson Siddharth
Malhotra went on to become a director. And he directed a TV serials
which was named Sanjeevani. Bina's career was awesome. She was one of the industry's
most beautiful actresses. And her marriage with Prem Nath
went through lots of ups and downs. But they stuck together. I'll fight shoulder
to shoulder with you. I'll stop every attack
on you as your shield. Take me with you. Her husband died on 3rd November 1992. And then Bina Rai became really lonely. And 6 December 2009 was the day.. ..when Bina Rai died
due to a heart attack. Undoubtedly Bina Rai's name
will always be taken with pride.. the history of Indian cinema. To know more about the
lives of the great talents.. ..subscribe to People & History.

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