Billy Joel – Piano Man (Lyrics)

33 thoughts on “Billy Joel – Piano Man (Lyrics)

  1. "He says, "Bill, I believe this is killing me"

    As the smile ran away from his face

    "Well I'm sure that I could be a movie star

    If I could get out of this place" "

    What a song, ladies and gentleman. What a song.

  2. There’s 272 mfs that just really don’t know a great thing even when it’s right in front of their face. Or right in their ears for that matter smh

  3. Ever wonder if one of his friends told him he was the "Piano Man" and just fucking around with them he starts just freestyling

  4. What the hell is a "Real Estate Novelist?" I've been asking that question over and over since the song first came out!

  5. I dont know if Im alone on this but I see a bar in a pub with a piano where a guy plats the instruments and a woman Who is singing the song

  6. I clicked on this not knowing what it was and the instant the harmonica started my life turned into a sad b&w meme

  7. for this song being called"Piano Man" the harmonica sure is like, the most used instrument in the song

  8. This song was the last of my prom night, the only time in my life when i felt like a real human being… BEfore my life become a wreck. sigh and down my whisky i miss those simplier times…

  9. That beginning was big old meme but this song is actually amazing
    stan lee died today and i needed closure
    I love this song. It is pure art.

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