Billie Eilish – when the party's over (Lyrics)

24 thoughts on “Billie Eilish – when the party's over (Lyrics)

  1. Billie eilish if u are seeing this you are the best singer i know u make me cry cause your singing is so prettyer then me and my sister every one i think u should have a happy life this boy at school slaped me i did nit wanna slap him or hes going to tell

  2. 5 years after my torrid affair with a childhood sweetheart ends this song comes along and describes it all…my heartbreak. The end. How it was.

  3. I actually have no interest on this song, but i read a BBRae fanfiction 'when wishes come true' And i got to this chapter where she gives credit for the song Raven sang, then i actually grew interest on this song

  4. me : * crying in bed because this song is so sad*
    billie coming out screen : its okay my friend
    ( I was really crying in my bed)

  5. I can’t even explain the emotions I feel when I hear this song it’s so beautiful and sad to 😩😍💯🥺😭 #letmeletyougo

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