*knocks* Yeah, sure. Come in. Morning, boss. You’re early today. Morning, Mai. It has been two weeks since I left for the not-so holiday thing. Is there anything that I should know? How about the sales? Hmm. (mosquito buzz) Here goes the sales report. Not to much is just a few things need to be done. A few things need to be done? *monotous tone* Is that!? Is it that bad? *mosquito buzz again* Yeah. It’s just our sales, it skyrocket up to 75%. Mai! You are making me worried for nothing. *huwehuwehuwe* I’m sorry, boss. It’s just a lame joke to start a good day. They say one joke a day, can cure the depression away. Well, you sure got me with that one. Well, I guess I have to attend to my work. Yeah. Thank you for the update and I’m sure to give you bonus and all for of our staff. No biggie boss. I’m pretty sure that the others will be happy hearing that their hard work will be paid off. Okay Mai. Keep up the good work. Aye aye captain! *background music plays* *fangirling over Mr. TJ* What?! You’re saying that I can’t get the tender? What the heck is this? I’ve paid millions of dollars and now? *frustrating tone* Fine. Whatever. *knocks* Can I come in Mr. TJ? Yeah, sure. *crossing his legs like a boss would* Thank you, Mr. TJ. Mr. TJ, I’ve done it. This is the sales report you asked for. I’ve done it. *Checking the sales report* What is this? A sales report? *innocent face* You call this a sales report? *standing* This is rubbish. *Throws away the report* *slaps Alex out of the scene* Get out. Get out of here. I don’t wanna see you again. Now. *heavy sigh* *Door slammed* *Dramatic music* *Looking through phone* *Picking up a call* Yeah. Hello. Yes. Where you at? I’m coming to you. Wait. Yeah. I’m here. Hey man. *shaking hands* What’s the deal? I’ll tell you everything. I’ll tell you from the start. Okay. Tell me. Ah okay. Thank you guys for coming. I really love all the support given for today’s press conference. So, is there any more questions would like to be answered? *reporters throwing hands* Ah yeah, you Karam Singh Walia look alike Thank you, that’s a compliment. Yes? Could you tell me about, the points about how your business gonna expand? Okay, that’s a really good question. Thank you so much. So, as for as I concern, our company has given all out to make sure that we’re on top So, we have a few strategies that we’ve been using but I cannot tell you that because that’s our secret. Yeah. So, no worry. I’ll make sure that my company will always be on top. Thank you for your question. Is there anything else? Yes, Mr. TJ. Ah, yes. Well, this question is a little bit tricky. Well I’ve been hearing a lot of bad rumors floating around. Is it you being a transgender, is it the truth? Can you repeat it again? There’s this bad rumors about you saying that you are a transgender. Umm. I’m umm I think, ahh that’s all for today. Thank you guys very much. See you again. *reporters calling for Mr TJ* *phone ringing* Ohh! My Princess! Hello? Hello. How are you doing? I’m fine, dad. Where are you right now? I’m a little busy at the moment with all my business but yeah I really miss you. Uhm, I really miss you. When are you coming home? Soon. Maybe on your birthday? We can celebrate it together. I see I see. Make sure to bring presents. Okay for sure dad. Alright, talk to you later. Alright. Bye-bye. *knocks* Boss. Yes, Mai. This is my resignation letter. What? No, you can’t do this. Sorry Boss. Mai!? Sorry You can’t leave me. Mai!? Ahh, I’m so stressed out. I need to go back to my hometown to see my father. I’m coming for you, dad. I was born as a girl But then, I be a transgender. because I think it could give me more benefit and I started a business. But now, I want to repent. Wanna go back home, wanna be a girl. *drinks coffee* Alright, let’s see what’s on the phone. It’s my birthday today. Oh I hope I got surprised by my little Princess. I hope it’s gonna be the happiest day of my life. It’s been a long time since she came back. What’s this on the news? TJ, the successful businessman is suspected to be a transgender. Wait? That looks like my daughter. *cough* I need my medicine. Where is it? *falls down chair* *dying cough* *Died in Iman* *knocks* Dad, I’m home. *open door* Dad? Dad?! Dad?! Dad?! Dad? Are you okay? *check pulse* What happen to you? Did you take the wrong medicine? *checking phone* Oh no. No no no no. This can’t be happening. Oh no! I love you, dad. I can’t take it anymore. There’s no else behind me, there’s no else got my back. I’m all alone. I don’t care. I’m gonna die


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