Big Zuu Joints Freestyle – Novelist & PREM

21 thoughts on “Big Zuu Joints Freestyle – Novelist & PREM

  1. Novelist is the truth in UK urban music!! He needs to continue what he's doing because eventually people will see how talented and innovative he is. Prem is an excellent choice of MC to spit next to and I hope w see more from both these talented MCs. Grime is in the same place Hip Hop was in the mid 80s! It's time the sound evolves with samples, breaks and possibly slight changes in BPM.

  2. Man sampled Algerian folk music in one of the tuuunnesss!!! Trust me I know because I thought of sampling it but I was on a boom bapperz vibe and I weren't feeling at the time but on a real…… Mashallah family!!!!

  3. Nov you need to come with some more bangers man, you’ve dropped off a bit, you need to fulfil your potential, I’m rooting for you, we need more hard singles and features

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