Beyond the Book of Kells

the library of truth college dublin is synonymous with the book of kells but it's home to a wealth of lesser-known medieval manuscripts spanning from the 5th to the 16th century ranging from Arabic and Syrian texts to Irish insular gospel books this project is designed to bring some of those manuscripts to the public's attention for the first time this is one of the 600 magnificent medieval manuscripts in Trinity it's a 14th century Salter Book of Psalms the margins of the manuscript are often inhabited by elaborate scrollwork but the initials also sometimes have creatures inhabiting them here in this initial eye we have a monkey chained a reference to the text of the psalm here free me here in the margin we have a man with a pair of bellows on his head the text of the psalm refers to a fire that cannot be quenched the bellows paradoxically protect his head from the fire at the same time as they fan it just as visually impressive as this 15th century choir book the reason this book is so big is because the whole choir would have needed to see it before the invention of printing it wasn't feasible to produce an individual book for each singer so everyone had to look at the same book literally singing from the same hymn sheet the library is dedicated to promoting its collections and making them more accessible than ever before one way the library is looking to do this is through a series of digitization projects and making them freely accessible online through our digital collections at the click of a button you

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