Beyond Content and Instructions

and hopefully what we did in training matches the real world it's like fingers on a chalkboard when people say that's different in the real world so in the real world what that me are training if it matches that shouldn't be a simulation of what they're really doing but that's not always the case as much research and as much diligence as we put into this formal learning programs it's always a little bit different than what happens day to day when customers are standing in front of you when you have patients bleeding out in front of you so in the real world the pace moves much much quicker and people have to solve problems differently so the big long checklist that we developed for class may or may not be appropriate in usually in organizations like that I would be assigned a mentor or at least introduced to my peers and that becomes my learning circle that becomes the those water cooler conversations of a ray I'm having trouble with this can you remind me how to do this again I don't remember how to set a patient up I don't remember how to do some of these other details that I might not have picked up in the formal learning if I went through one or if it didn't exist I'm gonna buddy up and I'm gonna pull knowledge from the veterans people who've been there and done it for a long time I always call it the happy path so I'm in the classroom I train they happy daling I might train like I'm happy path or two but we all know that there's 15 unhappy pass right and when you're out there and things are happening so the job aid doesn't becomes less and less effective it it stops being a quick reference guide when it began and becomes a very slow and manual at some point time as you start building more and more complexity into it so when those unhappy situations occur I've got to use my experience I've got to use my neighbors experience to figure out what's the best outcome is this something that we can handle with our knowledge or do we need to reach out to more people and crowdsource it

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