Bette Greene, American Classic Novelist.

anyway you can get the truth out then be connected to your compass with them that takes a fearlessness because to write the truth about yourself takes the kind of courage summer my German soldier is based on a true story a world war ii 'the story when patriotism is very high and anti-semitism is very high and it happened that a Jewish girl during those years gave food and shelter to a German prisoner of war and during World War two it was a felony that's about my life I spent 40 years denying it was about my life but it was a story that was bursting out to be told and so you say why did I admit it now it seemed like the right time to do it before I had felt that I've harmed a lot of people I was ashamed I was it took me a lot of years to be able to say I think I did the right thing now I'm sure I did the right thing and that's my mission truth truth is beauty and beauty is truth you're afraid that people will laugh at you maybe when people think less of you maybe on the other hand who look at me who knew I mean that after all this time I'd still be applauded I mean what did I do I wrote truth that's all I did so now I'm free you you

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  1. I am so happy you wrote this book, Bette. I heard you speak just after it was published, but you were quiet about this book. SoMGS is one of my all-time favorite books. I always suspected it might have been about your life — there was something so genuine in your voice. Thank you for finally sharing the "rest of the story" with us.

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