Bethesda May Not Bring Back Legendary Composer Jeremy Soule for Elder Scrolls 6

40 thoughts on “Bethesda May Not Bring Back Legendary Composer Jeremy Soule for Elder Scrolls 6

  1. I hope the rumors aren't true given what an iconic role Jeremy Soule's music has played in establishing Elder Scrolls' identity, but his recent Facebook posts sure make it seem like he's anticipating having to say goodbye to the series.

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  2. His silence on not being able to comment on the game itself tells me he's definitely going to be involved in it, or he's in talks about it.

  3. Fallout had a soundtrack?

    And having played Blades, the music might be inspired by earlier work but that's it. A mediocre copy is not the way to continue such an iconic series.

    And Soule's work is unbelievably good, even if he hasn't topped Morrowind's tracks.

  4. Jeremy Soule's music has been a big part of my childhood ever since I was 5 or so. He knows very well how to make a good game into a brilliant one through the soundtrack alone. To me, his compositions for the Harry Potter games are on par with Williams's for the movies, and I can't imagine Harry Potter without either of those two.

    The Elder Scrolls would lose its Soule without Jeremy, and without its Soule it would cease to exist as we know it.

  5. It's funny because I hated when they took Inon Zur out of Dragon Age. Now he may have come to replace dear Jeremy. I feel like a YA protagonist caught in a love triangle.

  6. ive never actually felt depressed over video games, or video game companies, But my Bethesda is dead. My favorite group of nerds, who used to throw games together out of passion, in cramped office cubicles with diablo, and Baldurs Gate posters adorning the walls, Theyre gone. Its dead. and that really hurts to ponder.

  7. I don't know why it took people so long to figure out how trashy Bethesda has become. I figured this out from Fallout 4 when they made a simplified RPG Shooter to appeal to a larger crowd. Hell you could go farther back and look at what they did to Obsidian, who has without a doubt made the best Fallout game to date.

  8. Ok I guess I'm not playing the next elder scrolls game then the best part about it was Jeremy Soule's music I can't imagine skyrim without it

  9. If you asked me 5 years ago if I was looking forward to esvi I would of said yes! Now I don't have very high hopes.

  10. I hope Elder Scrolls 6 bombs and Bethesda goes out of business. Then obsidian buys the rights to Elder Scrolls and Fallout

  11. Who else is worried that Elder Scrolls 6 is going to SUCK ASS?! Not only that but it will be filled with microtransactions

  12. I dare say that whoever is composing for TESO is probably going to be hired for TES6. It's the easiest choice.

  13. What the hell LOL. These games were only as good as they were because of HIM. Close your eyes and play any opening theme to morrowind, oblivion, or skyrim then tell me it doesn’t bring you back.

    Also if theyre doing this to implement some insane SJW composers I will actually lose my shit.

  14. Well I really don't care, I always play with the music off. It breaks my immersion, being I'm role playing a character and in reality there wouldn't be music playing throughout a world from a mysterious source.

  15. Not gonna say I'm predicting this, but I personally think it'd be funny if they hired on or plan to hire on Inon Zur.

  16. Bethesda is trash without Soule, he is a gem and an elder scrolls game without his music is empty and sad. They are hemorrhaging the very things that make their games great.

  17. I really don't think we need to worry about Elder Scrolls 6. Bethesda needed this crap to happen to ensure they won't fuck up in the future. I honestly believe they will correct the trajectory they are going on for the next elder scrolls game. Maybe its my blind love for the series that keeps me hopeful (honestly that's prob part of it), but I want to believe they won't fuck up my favorite game series. The series that defined my college years. If I had to make a choice between Fallout and Elder Scrolls, well that choice is easy, I'm happy the fuck up was with the former. I hope to god they don't screw up Elder scrolls 6 …. This also concerns me for the next Wolfenstein game. I've loved the two games released for this gen, and I hope the series continues strong into the future.

  18. At this point, the ES series is dead to me, Skyrim was amazing of course, but milking it fir 6 years after it's release is a little ridiculous, whenever/if ES6 releases, I'll check it out maybe, but I'm not going to dedicate my life to it or anything

  19. This could be good or bad. Jeremy Soule isn't the only fantasy music artist out there, although he is incredibly talented and I think removing his soul (no pun intended) from the games will irreversibly separate TES6 from the rest of the series. Music has such a huge impact on these things.

  20. I'd be Boycotting TES VI without Jeremy Soule. No disrespect to any other composers, but as a film/game composer myself, I would do so out of solidarity, as well as loyalty to those original scores.

  21. God what a perfect euphemism Bethesda kicking out soule is bethesda LITERALLY losing its soul……. Soule makes the games feel bigger and gave incredible audio Bethesda better get him in or it won't be the same

  22. No come on, hes my favorite composer, he made oblivion and skyrim feel so atmospheric, half of what made those games so great was the music for me, I couldn't possibly enjoy a future elder scrolls game without good music. Hopefully Bethesda will still hire him, music is one of the last things added to most games so maby they will still hire him in a few years. The wonderful music and immersion in TES games is the only thing that distracts me from all the bugs and clunky gameplay, it has to have Jeremy Soule music to be a good game!

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