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– Have you ever seen a child in a store and they happen upon something
where they can try it? You know the ones I’m talking
about, where you walk by, and there’s a lever they can pull or a button they can
push to try the product. It’s on everything from
Legos sets to vacuum. They’re like magnets for kids, an itch they just have to scratch. They have to try it, and do
you want to know why that is? Because they know there’s an experience, and they don’t want to miss out. What if I told you that
books have the same power? Kids love to try things
again and again and again because they’re interactive, and all that’s missing is the active part, and that’s their job. Usborne Books & More has
a ton of interactive, fun books the kids will
want to experience. I’m gonna show you some of our top best-selling interactive books. Youngest goes first. This is our That’s Not My series, probably one of our most
popular Usborne Books. This series has over 40
different options to choose from, so whether you like dogs,
elephants, trucks, or planes, we have an option for you. Each page of these beautifully
illustrated board books has a touchy feely patch to feel and explore. “That’s not my elephant. “His ears are too rough.” Throughout the book,
children can touch, feel, and explore different
textures and learn all about the animal or object
featured in the book. On the last page, it turns to a positive. “That’s my elephant! “Its tasks are so smooth.” (upbeat music) Our windup and pull-back
books make a great gift for any child who loves
to watch things go. Simply wind it up or pull
it back, and watch it go and explore through four different tracks throughout the book. The book focuses on prepositions,
about, around, over, and under, and has a little
place to hold the toy in the front of the book. (upbeat music) What I’m about to show you
is our best-selling series out of our whole catalog. By now, you may have heard
of our Shine-A-Light series, where kids can discover and explore just with a book and a simple flashlight. These books are nonfiction, so they’re going to be
fantastic for learning. On every single page, there is a scene, and over on the left side,
they’ll have information about what they’re learning on this page, and then it’s going to
ask them a question. “A tide pool is a hollow in the seashore. “Can you see what happens
when the tide comes in?” All that you have to do is
take a simple flashlight, stick the light behind it,
and it will reveal the secret that’s been hiding under the page. When you turn the page, you
can see it’s simply just in black and white, and at just $12.99, this hardcover picture
book makes a perfect gift. Just pair it with a cute
flashlight for a fun surprise. For our older children, we
have our lift the flap books. What makes lift the
flap books so special is that kids get to be a part of the story. They get to be the one in control of what you do next as a reader. This is our most popular
lift the flap book. It’s called See Inside Your Body. The See Inside series
has many to choose from, and it uses what Usborne
calls cutaway illustration. It actually allows kids to see inside something they do
not normally get to see. Like, what does it look like when your mouth is
chewing food, but the part that the kids love most
about this book is the poop. Every single page focuses
on a different system, and they can learn things like
what does asthma look like or a broken bone. Usborne Books & More has a
ton of lift the flap books for all ages, including
our Peek Inside series, which is perfect for kids ages 18 months through about three years. Our Question and Answer
series for those kids who always have curious minds,
our Life and Look series for those busy kids on the go, our Look Inside series for
kids ages three to six. So go on. Let them scratch their itch. Grab up some interactive books for your kids to foster
the love of learning. (upbeat music)

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  1. I have honestly always loved the idea of interactive books. It really does pull you into both learning and having fun!

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