Best Practices for Publishing Public Domain Books on Kindle

KDP allows publishing books that are in the
public domain and thus anyone can make money out of it, and many people are going after
that. Yes, anyone can republish Shakespeare! Although, discussing the ethics and moral of doing that is another subject altogether. In this video, we are not going to see a list
of resources to get your public domain book. a simple Google search can give us a plenty of resources to find public domain books. HOWEVER we will go over some best practices
to ensure it's going to be a win-win situation for everyone concerned – yourself, justice to the
original work, and of course the readers for buying the work from you. It may be easy to publish a work that is not
ours – but this also needs a lot of prudence from our part. For example, we must ensure the following
— 1. that these are the books that are out of copyright
– either because the author expired and a specific no of years have passed or they are
all intentionally released as public domain – which, of course, goes unsaid that it's
with us to validate and evaluate the public domain content before we publish them. when evaluating whether the book is in public
domain or not, consider the author's lifespan, especially the Date of death to calculate if 70 years have passed – most countries that is 70 years, but could vary for every country. Thus we must ensure that the book is really
in the public domain and there are no copyright problems or claims associated with it. 2. that the work is not available elsewhere freely
for download, Amazon included. 3. If you are fortunate enough to live near a
library, go and look out for any old books that could possibly be in the public domain. You could start from here rather than picking
up a book that has already been converted into an electronic format. Chances are that many others would be already
working on the same work as you. So the best bet is to pick a book that is
yet to be digitalized. 4. that the book you want to publish is not a
direct rip-off but you have added your own content in terms of illustrations, annotations,
or translations to it. since many public domain books are freely available online, it takes a lot of work to make it unique so people could buy from you. Key changes that we can do is to create a
new book's cover instead of using the old one. Also, simply just don't copy paste the text
content, instead carefully review each and every word to ensure that there are no mistakes in republished work – this so happens especially when using OCR – the Optical Character Recognition software to scan and read digital
content – better manually review before publishing. 5. Another key difference you could show is to
translate the work in your native language. Additionally create a glossary of all the
unusual or difficult to pronounce words from the book with meanings that regular readers
like you and me can understand. Especially with older books, people would
love to know the historical background, contextual examples, illustrative images, comparing with
contemporaries to make one understand the complex relationships between countries or
nations, back then. To conclude, and just to reiterate and remind, while choosing a public domain book, we must first ensure that the same book is not available for free either within
Amazon Kindle store or anywhere else on the internet. If yes, then you must make it different by
adding some extra valuable information to the book before publishing it again on the
Kindle store, after all you are trying to make money out of it, so one must put an effort
into reselling public domain books if we intend to earn money out of it. Thanks for watching.

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  1. But how to change ebook content? They always tell me : It has come to our attention that you submitted books which contain content that is freely available on the web. Here is an example of the books that you submitted through your KDP account that fall into this category:
    please help my and thank you

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