Oh what's going on YouTube you should go crazy another reaction video man today we're gonna be reacting the new face well be according Rico nasty 2019 XXL Freshman cypher my mates so basically I'm gonna be well I don't know but right now I'm about to be active this man hopefully is with you didn't because the baby one and I'm making a stallion one that just was fired but we're gonna go ahead react to this right now man so much she'll be like subscribe let's get it go I'm just looking for a new face part cuz he tries I wanna see him do [Laughter] he said he takes her back but she still got the message oh my god well maybe trash okay not be able to rap on the beat as well as other rappers but he's one of the most lyrical is rappers alive if it's just like the stuff he says like where did you come up with this type studies like my man thing cut the box just like my math Corday they both grabbed the Sam but I don't like how quickly rap because oh I like I like the beach sit around I don't really care about what you said you feel much like that's not gonna be cold you see me but yeah man that chuck was fire I think I'm not gonna give it to cuz up I feel like blue face who wrote that right a hundred percent people he wrote that you mean he came out right my man but Courtney I think he got the best party feeling because he was said something like he was like he was like some about Gran's like my father's dad that's it was cold I hope you enjoyed this video ma'am you gonna do beat thumbs up subscribe gonna be throwing out these you reactions that your man like crazy it don't matter where I'm at I missed it all I may I hope you enjoyed that video ma'am did she gives video big thumbs up make sure to subscribe and I see you in the next video

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