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hi guys welcome to Studio B and today I'm going to be doing a review on the best graphic novels you guys have been asking for this for a long time what are the best graphic novel Street I love graphic novels I think they are amazing because they totally tell the story more than just words can sometimes you just don't want to read a long book that's why I love graphic novels because they're so fun you can just open them up read them from wherever you were you could even read it from like before I love graphic novels so I'm going to show you my favorites and some books that are like graphic novels we've got the obvious Dork Diaries which everybody knows about it's a big popular book we love them there's so funny fun great books and then we have the stack of Diary of a Wimpy Kid books ah I need to be working out more okay this is my stack of Darwin P Kid books I'm very proud of it some are hardback supports but these are amazing books I had the number one fan I am on the Darwin bacon website all the time look at whiz new book coming out I forgot what is a new book coming out I have it circled on calendar I'm a total Wimpy Kid fan and I know that you will be everyone is ATAR is a diary would be kid fan unless you have it read it but maybe you've watched the movie these books are so great just the name makes you happy Wendy kid oh it's okay so these were the books that originally got really popular and these have are one super funny and to have a lot of pictures in them and that is basically what started funny books with really with lots of pictures in it to start getting popular these books are amazing if you are not reading these you definitely should you know like one of the best books ever you need to be reading these okay so if you're reading drug Diaries which probably are because lots of people will ask the people read Dork Diaries if you're reading Dork Diaries there is another series called the max Cromley series so this is basically the spin-off series of dork galleries this is one of the characters and/or characters and Brandon's friend um so she said I think this is kind of like um dad would be kid's cousin I like those wimpy characters at Joey's and are trying to do like amazing stuff I think that he's incredibly funny you know I don't know I think they heard no I didn't mean that now Big Nate this one isn't as big as these ones but they definitely should be there they're up there with them Cigna is amazing I like him because he's super funny thinks that he's better than everyone else just like any other funny book just like in life there's like mean teachers crazy teachers and it's basically about him in middle school and all the crazy things that middle school takes you to he is so funny and there's lots of pictures and stuff I love the way if they draw the pictures in this book it makes them all seem so funny graphic novels are not like your regular book graphic novels are something that you can just open up you start laughing automatically it's not like a book it's like a funny book read read read read it you can just open it up and it's funny automatically it's not something that you have to get into for like 30 minutes and you're like oh yes and totally into this book so I love these books that's why I can just open up any graphic novel and you start laughing I don't have to get into it I just open it up and it's funny it's amazing it's great okay so now I have L depo ofö isn't that popular yet but it's very good I will love aldolpho mom it's an odd title but if the story is told in bunnies which I kind of like it's about a girl and she's uh she is hearing impaired and that means that she's like half deaf kind of and she needs to have things in her ears help her hear better and that's not it unfortunately um it goes to a big device that sticks out out of your shirt and it's really embarrassing for her it wasn't really embarrassing for me to how would you like to have like a backpack in front of you all day but like your shirt over like hey guys people bully her stuff like that this one isn't as funny but it is pretty funny it's not as funny it's more like you feel for her but it's also very funny because she pretends that she's a superhero named el defo and sometimes she accidentally does stuff that she pretends so you should really give this book a chance all right the baby-sitters club in fact I was reading this once before the video this is the baby-sitters club it is a great series of books it's like a 115 books and then there's like the spin-off baby series little sister that has like 200 books too a lot of books kind of old but still very on funny books I have been reading the original I am so far on number 9 cane baby so guess what the author of smile and sisters which are super popular graphic novels super popular everyone knows them they're like one of the most popular graphic novels and they're very good guess what she made them into graphic novels so more people can read them because lots of people don't want to read these cuz they're long and there's a lot of books I mean they're not that long but there's a lot of them and well I where I like to do is I like to read the book and then read graphic novels I love the way she puts this integral form now think about it you have to take a book enter an integral and you have to like have it the same and you want to have all the characters look the same it's not very easy the one that is actually my favorite I don't have right now is number three Mary Ann saves the day now in in the baby-sitters club series Mary Ann saves the day was not my favorite book I didn't really like it that much but in the graphic novel now it's my favorite I love it and I it's kind of hard to understand some of these they use older terms older words just other things like you wouldn't understand like the names and stuff you might not know exactly what they are because it was written a long time ago I love the way she put this into graphic novel form so try baby-sitters club in both ways next book sunny-side up so this book is not like super funny it's about a girl since her brother is going to a new place because of bad things needed she has she instead of going to the boardwalk with her friend and staying at a beach place she has to go to Florida to her grandpa and then she tries to she tries to have her sunny-side up she takes a Walt Disney World she thinks of Beach she stinks of everything and when she goes there her grandpa's like I'm gonna you ready to have some fun today we're going to do something awesome to look lunch and he's like we are going to go to the grocery store and that kind of sums up the rest of her summer her grandpa her grandpa does nothing fun and then she finds out that unlike her brother she needs to keep her sunny side up and she needs to tell the truth and she needs to tell her grandpa hey I'm trying to have fun and stuff but I don't really like going to the grocery store everyday and stuff like that I like the spirit of this book she tries to have her sunny side up she's having her nose yasm she's trying to be happy and eventually she told her grandpa and guess what her grandpa had no idea he was making this boring and then he takes her to Walt Disney World they go to the bee to have so much fun and basically she just tries to keep her semi sign up and she and it worked oh and also there's a new book coming out called swing it sunny it's about on the same main character which I loved her and she is going to middle school and all most of funny books take place in middle school so I am excited for book number to try and get Sunnyside up and swing it's funny roller girl this one is amazing just amazing this one hits home for me this one it sounds like if you just take out the roller derby part of it it's like this book was written about me except for I wouldn't ever dye my hair blue I've tried to imagine myself with it I don't look very good but some of the experiences she goes through friend drama if it's actually wrote this book about me and I know a few friends that this book was written about them to it maybe it's even written about you this book kind of shows about and what friends are supposed to be and what friends aren't she has a friend who really isn't a true friend but she has to find herself not her best friend not anyone around her she needs to she needs to find out who she really is and that's what I love about this book Oh invisible Emmy everyone everyone everyone need to get this book you need to get this book I mean everyone goes through this yes again this one's taken in place in middle school it's very funny it's about this girl who feels like she's not noticed at all she's look like she's invisible because she doesn't really have much of a friend she doesn't really have a friend and so she has one friend but the rest of the time she's just kind of shy and quiet because nobody really notices her she's not popular but again she's not picked on if you read a lot of books like me you read every book about kids who either they're like super nerdy or like really picked on or they're really popular and have a bunch of friend drama well there's like two percent of people that are actually like that and nobody really like relates to it because only some people are like really bullied others like get Boyd a little bit but it's not like it's like their whole life they just kind of feel like nothing and it shows her like finding out how to be her true self and being brave and getting herself out there um that's why it's called invisible Emmy and she kind of finds herself this happens to everybody everybody feels alone and like nobody cares about them at school maybe you're popular maybe you have a bunch of friend drama maybe there's something wrong with you and bunch of people pick on you but most people are just stuck in the middle sure they have a friend and sure they get picked on a little bit by in this book Joelle but usually it's not like that and that's why you need this book this book is written about all of us in one character just cross out Emmy and put your name in there there's your books get it I think I'm going to do this one because almost everybody knows about smile and sisters great books okay ghost I've done a review on this but I just want to say again this book is really great I think it was better than sisters but smile is better than well it would go like this yeah what cute three okay but I I really like the feel of it I like um kind of how she makes the surroundings how she creates the feeling with just pictures and the emotion that's in it it all totally comes to life I love it and I hope that you guys will get this book so that you will love it too now three books that in June I just ordered last night and I stayed up all night reading them on the Kindle both of them were recommended by my awesome fans thank you you guys um so yeah I kind of stayed up really late last night reading um but it was totally worth it so I have had this one since like six months ago this one's called awkward I didn't stay up all night reading that one awkward is about a girl called peppy it's her first day of school and she's new at this school which is terrible and she's trying to make a good first impression on everyone and kind of trying to get not noticed right and then the worst possible thing happens when you're entering a new school she trips and falls and everything falls out of her hands a backpack everyone is laughing at her um this sweet boy named Jame comes over and helps to pick up her books and then guess what everyone starts saying nerd oh girl murder has a girlfriend oh no that is not the best way to start at a new school definitely not the best way to start a new school with everyone laughing at you and calling you nerd or girlfriend I think not she feels the same exact way she feels ah ha I gotta get this boy away from me and she does a thing that she regrets forever she pushes him and runs out of that Hulk for like months she's like I'm so sorry she still feels so bad about what she did and she sees him in the holes and hides behind a trash cans in the book you gotta read I thought it was hilarious and I know you will too so the next book that was in series and also recommended by Studio B fan is called braid it's about one it's like a spin-off story of one of the characters in awkward this one's called brain it's about a boy who is super afraid about sunspots he wants to grow up and be in NASA save the world and he gets picked on all the time he has trouble with his friends because they aren't treating him right was a great story definitely super funny and I loved it I know you will too now sensitive then last book that I read at the end I got pretty tired mostly it's called real friends it's by Shannon Hale who is amazing at writing books she has written princess Academy goose-girl dozens girl was really good even what pencils revenge which is a really funny book I have a review on that one she is an amazing author and she also wrote this and it is in graphic novel form this is a memoir just like smile is a true story it actually happened to her it's about her and how she started with one best friend and then the and then things like popularity and groups and clubs started happening and then by second grade you know like wait weren't you my best friend and it just shows who real friends are and the drama that happens when you go to school and just you like loser friends gang friends just trying to learn how to be a friend how to act how to try and get popular things like that how to be alone how to deal with all the terrible things that happen at the same called the dreaded elementary school and one reason I love this book is because everyone relates to this everyone has bad friends well not like bad friends I guess for everyone yep probably everyone at some time in their life has a friend who's not a real friend and everyone soon gets into groups and clubs and you get left out you get put in you try to stay in you try and be popular you try and be alone well as one of the characters in the book says friends you can't live with them you can't live without them it everyone relates to this because everyone has friend problems in their life don't say you don't because I know you do look me in the eye and say that you don't because you do I think it was just an amazing book well done Shannon Hale another great book written so if you could go to the book store or library and only be able to get all these books you would be happy these are the best books are you guys if you love graphic novels make sure to give this video a thumbs up if you don't like graphic novels make sure to give this video a thumbs up make sure to comment below if you have read any of these books or if you have read a graphic novel that I haven't read and you think I should make sure to tell me because I will check it out I love reading your guys's comments and I will reply to every one of them you can scroll down there is not a comment I've missed make sure to comment below if I have subscribe this video B if you want more book reviews like this and subscribe if you are breathing subscribe to studio B if you like living subscribe this video be if you like to be able to read subscribe to studio B if you like the color yellow okay guys I love I love graphic novels thank you so much for watching I hope you have some good recommendations for my books and just so you know comment below if you blink within the next two minutes see us next time is too new me hahahaha

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