BEST CC FINDS | Sims 4 Custom Content Haul (Maxis Match)

hello everyone and welcome back the cello or welcome if you are you I'm really enjoy and welcome back to your another CC home video I love doing these videos and you guys love watching them so today I have another one and I have been so excited to do this one because ever since Island living came out all the CC creators have been hard at work creating awesome new really cool CC based on a lot of the new items from Island living so I have a lot of neat goodies for you guys and as always everything is a link down below in the order that I'm showing it to you guys today I think I'm going to be doing a separate video on a mermaid CC once I find a little bit more of it once more of it it's made so there won't be any mermaid cz today but we will be looking at other really really pretty new CC items so make sure to give the video a thumbs up if you enjoyed it if you found something you liked and let's get started we do this in categories here in case you're new to my CC haul videos we're not starting with this outfit this it's just so cute I wanted to show it to you guys but let's start from number one this is gonna be a fun video because most of these hairs have names that I cannot pronounce starting with this one which is called the way Ola here I'm gonna guess that's how you pronounce it how cute is this I have so many hairs today that aren't based on the same mesh with this curly long hair from Island living this one one side is behind her ear and they added these cute little side swept bangs I think they are adorable so that is the first here next up we have this hair this is alia hair this is basically the hair that came with the flower crown but the flower crown removed and the flower that she has been your hair is here in hats so you can totally take it off but I thought it was really cute so you can download both of these and then add the flower if you want or not but it's a really simple hair but super super cute without the flower crowd and a lot more versatile odd you can get a lot more use out of it next up we have this hair which is so here by simon d this one is so cute so different anything that i've got i love like volume and like just the styling of this it's super cute love at the little of bangs and then we have this hair which i think is the cure here oh my goodness this is my sora sims i think this is from a post with two other hairs as well but i think i would have something similar so i only downloaded this one so it is an edit of one of the hairs again from island living but super pretty there's so much hair here i'm really jealous of my sieve oh yeah we're using Megan today Megan is from my a-to-z crediting challenge which was really fun to do so you guys might recognize her and now we have this hair which is the punani here this is sort of my new favorites I love big buns like this and I'm always a sucker for like these little bits of hair that aren't tucked into the bun and we're in the other hairstyle and they're losing the front I think they just add so much it's super cute and this flower crown is set pressed I also downloaded apparently like a bunch of these other recolors for this hair because I always like to have a lot more variety instead of chose to EA colors so that is a really really cool addition but yet the flower crown is here enhance so you can have this cute a bun without it or you can add it which is just so cute like look at her look she's ready for it Salani and yeah we have a couple of different color variations for the flowers teal then we have this hair this it's at the classic hair by green llamas this what it looks like I think the name suits it pretty well it's very simple nothing too crazy but it looks really really good next Harry's also by green llamas and this is the Nalani hair love this one so much again and edit from the hair from on living but it's tucked behind both of her ears with these little bits in the front and like I love this is that my new favorite Harris he's just so cute it looks so well made definitely could have come from the pack and then moving on and we have this hair by Lele famous this is the cornrows and curls hair again and it is I feel like I don't even need to say that most of these are idiots from the hair is from Island living but this is a different hair this is the crazy puffy hair with like these crazy curls really pretty and she added these little cornrows here and you kind of changed the color of these what do you call these I don't know these little bits here whenever I record videos I swear my English gets worse like I would know these words outside of recording but when I'm recording I just it's clearly blank but they come in three different color variations you've got like rose gold and gold and silver and here we have another edit of the same here I told you guys there is a lot a lot of different options for you but that means if you have a sim the hustlaz here you can swap between all these hairs and like it just looks like she's styling her hair differently each day which is really cool so this is the pitbull hair I'm gonna say bye wild pixel and this is HOF behind her shoulder and it's just it looks really good again really well made like this one a lot then we have this one which is called the stormy Monday I think this is also a of that here I can't tell this one's quite different but this one is really really cool I like it why it's all like behind her shoulders I'm just very very very pretty then next up we have this hair again I cannot pronounce this name but it is the what I what I don't know something like that it's by five sim and this one I think it comes without the ombre as well but I only done a Lika on prediction because I fell in love with the ombre zip from Island living you can see a few of them here how pretty are these like I love with these so it's really cute again another longer curly hairstyle but looks really really really good next up is this hair which I already use the video this is the almond version – hair by Simon Dean I love all of their hairs they're so long and so like unique this one again like you can see how much hair there is how long this is I just think it's really really pretty I will be using of this one it a lot then we have this hair which is the Ruby hair I was really excited for this song because I like a lot of hairs that are similar to this very like simple go for so many different Sam's I think I'll show it to you guys mean blonde you can see a little bit more of the texture but it is what it looks like it is simple but it is super super pretty and you can add these little pins or bobby pins in it yourself if you want to you where are they again I think they're in hats this time here we go thank you coming like a lot of different color variations if you want to and you can take them off too next up we have this hair this is that I sold a it sold here honestly I can't say these names I'm really sorry it is by a touchy 7 7 I don't think I've ever downloaded anything else for them before but it's a really cute hair looks like this very curly um like the little bits here like it's more styled which I like it just looks very very cute so I downloaded it then and we have these Calypso curls very pretty they look so much better I'll miss him here um gorgeous I love the same by the way this is my Savi sweet but they look cute amazing to you very voluminous there's a lot of hair here there's just very very cute then also by Savi sweet we have these Polly pigtails love the texture on these I love the French braids and just their curly I don't know this one just it looks so good I love them and then two more hairs that I've got we've got this one I can't say the same again but I'm Missy it's Nowell Nowell i oh my goodness I'm so bad at this but this is really cute again an edit of one of my hairs um really simple but a really cute I feel like this will be sued a lot of different standards and then lastly we have this hair which is they Leilani buying me it is kind of like the button that we got from Island living but a little a lot more toned down it's not as big and this is by Stephanie Sims oh my goodness that was a lot of hairs let's move on I have a couple of chokers to show you guys today you know a couple of necklaces the first one is a choker it just this one is called no sweat choker eyes it's really simple it's just it's just either a black or by choker with a little flower on it but I like things like these I feel like they go with a lot of different outfits so dope that was really cute and then the other one is this one this is called the quarry shallow scouring shells oh my god oh mama this is price Pamela flock it's an edit of one of the necklaces we've got from whatever pack at some point which IV what dying to you is the way Pacific well I'm living but I wasn't loving the actual necklace so I really really like this version a lot more I think they changed the like shells on the pearls a little bit and you have different color variations for the pearls even ever rainbow one I just think it's really really cute oh my god and I found some new eyebrows if you were wondering this I'm originally have like some crazy eyebrows that was side of the whole point of the video but I didn't change them up to show you guys these new eyebrows so it's a set of three eyebrows I will link them down below they are very much this match in my opinion and I really rarely find new good max as much eyebrow so I really have to show you these ones so this is the first line maybe I'll show with a different hair here we go you can see a little bit better I like this one a lot I think they are a little bit asymmetrical as well which is very realistic I like that a lot then we have peace wines you might have to shape them a little bit but they're just a little bit shorter and smaller but still very cute very like a realistic looking but still in the max is much way and then this one which is my favorite again a might need to shave them a little bit they look a little bit crazy right now but really pretty eyebrows this is like the kana I brought that I really like for myself so I'm so impressed with me alright so let's move on to some new tops we have his top which it was titled Barracuda top which is the top we got from Island living but it came free kids and now we have it for adults in all these different colors and a few of these rainbow II ombre switches to which I really like I'm so glad my adult sales can use this out you because it's really really pretty next up we have this top which is the dream lover top again is separated from another top from Island living really cute very casual I feel like I can see this going with so many different looks it's really cute and this is by kismat Sims this top is called a doob doob top this is byte really key really cute little not there and it's cropped I don't know I feel like all this so much is that Julie key always adds to her clothes and then the next hop is actually quite similar but it has long sleeves I have like a lot of tops that are wrap tops today I don't know it's kind of themed this summer area but this with us by way key like this on a la I don't know I just I always like wake ECC it's so good and so different to anything else this one I don't think it's even based on Island living I'm not sure but it's really cute very versatile goes for a lot of different same something another wrap top is this one you saw in the beginning how cute is this one this is by rich port and this is called the Virginia Rappe top oh my goodness how many times have I said wrapped up but look at all these different colorful of vibrant and pastels switches then we have a couple of penury switches which actually looks so good as well I love this up I feel like I will be using this tough everywhere especially for Salani thanks F I have this tub which is called the urban t-shirt I don't think this is new but I recently found this greeter and I downloaded a bunch of stuff from them at the wine is so I'm showing you guys a few pieces I usually only like to show like new items in these videos that were recently made but I don't know I feel like he's deserved some your time in my videos as well so this is really cool I don't know I feel like this will be really cool for specific teenager but they're like street styles or whatever oh my goodness I don't think I could pull this off um it doesn't work with a lot of different bottoms they kind of yeah they don't work with the sleeves it does work with some but you will have to try and find which ones like that one works perfectly so yeah it's not perfect but it is really really cool and from the same creator we also have this rolling top and this one is so cute this is like what drew me to the creator I saw this on in some different posts and I was like oh my god that's so cute I need to download it and I found a bunch of other really good stuff as well so it's all shoulder it's really cute really marks as much and well made I definitely recommend so that's it for tops I have only a few bottoms today first up we have these pride and joy Schwartz which are just very cute they come in like loads of different swatches and they're so Maxis ranch like if you're a max as much only user these are perfect they are not alpha-1 single beds and they do come and a few patterns watches which I thought were so cute I love the one she had and a lot of these artists – super super cute so definitely recommend these pride and joy shirts and then we have the Ramona skirt which looks like this or I had it here as well how cute is that this is by rich port it comes in these basic solid swatches and then a few of these pattered ones which look really really good it kind of looks like yeah it has like a sheer later on top do you see what I'm singing which is just very unique and a very very cool I also have these flare pants made by trilogy yeah I think they're inspired by some k-pop star they're just so different I don't have anything like this but I feel like again for specific looks they will be great these are definitely like in style right now I've seen a lot of people wearing outfits like this in all different TV shows and like fashion blogs or whatever so they're very cool you can do a lot with them alright moving on to outfits I have some suits to start off with since which is calm living which has a lot of swimming so I don't wanted some new ones this I don't think it's a new new one but I just found it I'm so cute so this is the layered swim where I'm like just the design is so unique I don't know I feel like it's super cute I feel like I could wear something like this in real life it's just adorable and next up we have another swimsuit this one is spicy Matt laughs love how cute this is an edit of one of the dresses from Island living turn into a swimsuit and again it looks flawless definitely looks like eating meat it could have come from the pack love of these Maxie's much patterned swatches and then we do you have solid swatches in YouTube like how cute is this I don't know I feel like I want this in real life then I also downloaded this dress again this is a new but I just found it and it's so cute and I had like a million downloads I was like I need this as well it's so cute it doesn't come with this top this top is in accessories I will show you guys it is Enoch gloves let's take home formal and here it is so you can wear this dress without it as well is just a cute little summer dress or you can add the t-shirt underneath which i think is really cool I really like the style I've been avoiding anything like this but I feel like it's really cute and then oh my god from the same creator I found this room for two a night gown how flippin cute is this I feel like this is the cutest thing I've ever seen it like how I got even I if my same as could only wear Weinman sleepwear outfit with the rest of their lives I would put all of them in this super cute little nightgown so it's like I don't know it has this like sheer polka-dotted fabric on top it's just I don't know it's very unique I don't know where they got this idea from but it's so cool and I love the soldiers in here and like the purple one with her here it just looks amazing and then we have for this jet lag address by chilaquiles it's a really cool again so unique – I'm different to anything that I've got we have so many different patterns and options to go for I know I just thought this is a really really cool and then lastly all my goodness recently ascend I don't know how to pronounce their name but I'm gonna see some Tate they published this like spring and summer collection I had so much CC so much really good seasoning you guys have been asking me where I've been downloading like these bracelets and stuff they're all from this collection so darling the description look for the scent each spring and summer collection link and then you can download each of these like whichever you want I downloaded almost everything from the collection I don't think I've got every single piece but I've got most of them so I'm gonna show them to you now because they're really really cool and they definitely deserve some recognition because they're so well made and just the fact that Cente beats so much stuff in like one collection I think is so cool and a lot of these are like my new favorite go-to items so I really wanted to show them off first as it looks like this it's like really flattering love it they do only comment only a couple of swatches we usually have like white and black then we have the orange and the purple and some of them also have like a golden swatch I do wish there was more swatches but I'm sure I could find recolors if I looked but it's their really really cool it also came with these earrings these and massive hoops they're really really big definitely statement earrings and these little shoes which are so cute again so well made and this is all Max's match which I really appreciate here's another dress from the collection really really long I don't know just gorgeous then we have a swimsuit which looks like this and here's the first of the bracelet set so these are sets they do come in bracelets and they all just come together as you can see it's just wine item that puts all of them in her arms and yeah it is a lot of jewelry so I only use this for like like I don't know formal wear or like specific events or if I'm creating like a I don't know like an elven queen or it's something I'm definitely gonna be using these we also have this dress how pretty is this again a super flattering more jewelry this one has some pearl bracelets as well and we have like this pearl choker which is huge as for layers it's really really cool I don't have anything like this always so excited when I sell these bracelets because always wanting to you divisive is just like more bracelets a lot of bracelets I finally can so I'm in love with them here is another one that so on is like my favorite dress from the collection they're all like so figure-hugging and so flattering they look so good on pretty much any Sam here's another choker it's very big again and offer everyday wear but for specific events special occasions it's perfect and these shoes also come from the collection really really high like gladiator boots with heels they're really really cool they do come in a shorter version as well you can see here these are the long ones these are the shorter ones the shoes come in I think black white and gold yep that's it this is another dress from the collection and another set of bracelets this one comes in a couple of these striped swatches as well and then we have the other colors that I mentioned before but it's a really cool like flowy maxi dress pretty much then we have this one which is also my favorite from this collection love this little romper love the golden belts detail really really gorgeous again another set of bracelets look at all these circus which is so cute like I'll be using this all summer I would legit buy this in real life if I could find it somewhere and if it was in my price range and these are new boots as well really really really tall boots like they're like over the knee boots and they're really tight as well like I don't know how she got these eyes but they're golden and really shiny really cool and then lastly is that this dress again so shiny is so gorgeous I already use this for my royal family in my mermaid series I just think it's so freakin cool and pretty so I'm in love with this collection it's so cool I definitely recommend you guys go check it out it will be linked in the description down below so like I said before it today cz whole however you guys found something you liked again all the links are in the description down below and make sure to give video a thumbs up if you did find something and subscribe if you're new here I didn't post any museums videos almost every single day and my tumblr is always linked in the description down below which is where you will first see me read blog all these new items so if you do have a tumblr account make sure you go follow that but yeah that's it for today thank you so much for watching and I will see you guys again very very soon

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  1. Loved this video! Very nice. It would be fun for a Mermaid CC haul. I don't know if you've checked this person out before but look up Merman Simmer for awesome new tails for the future! I'm hoping that they create a new updated version of their Siren tail from Freeform's tv show, "Siren", that way it's official for the real Mermaids. It looked cool and can't wait for a new one.

  2. Hi Eli! Love you and your vids💗! I got some really good cc out of this video, so thank you!😁
    One question though:
    Where did the High School Cliques Machinima Let's play go?? I miss it and I really like the characters in it!
    Super excited for whatever you make though!😊😁

  3. Mk so I'm kinda new to the sims and does anybody know if you can get a virus or something by downloading cc in the sims?

  4. I know this is dumb but do you have to pay to use patreon for like cc?. I once tried to get cc on patreon but it said I needed to pay, So was that just a member thing or do you have to be a member on Patreon to get stuff like cc, Once again another great cc video Im so excited to get this stuff into my game

  5. Please I need help! Whenever I click on a link on tumblr it just doesn’t open, there is just the redirecting page loading but it’s just white and it’s not redirecting me to sims file share or other sites, please help me I can’t download anything

  6. omg i really want to use this cc.. but Since the new update all my cc is glicting and it gives light…. HELP MY

  7. tysm for this vid<3 I usually prefer cc that looks like maxis bc some alpha hair just looks like ass on live mode

  8. Hey there! PRONUNCIATION MASTERPOST for you is here 😀

    Waiola ("water of life", Hawaiian) – [vaj'ōlə]
    Lia ("water" in Tasmanian) – [liə]
    Cho ("hot" in Haitian Creole) – is actually pronounced [ʃo], because was derived from French initially
    Keahi ("the great fire", Hawaiian) – [keˈjɐhi]
    Puanani ("beautiful flower", Hawaiian) – [puwəˈnɐni]
    Nalani ('the heavens", Hawaiian) – [naːˈlɐni]
    Diwata ("the deity", Philippine) – a name of spirit, usually a lesser god or goddess, believed to guard natural features such as forests – [di'wa:tə]
    Leilani ("heavenly lei", "royal child", Hawaiian) – [lejˈlɐni]
    Cowrie (the name of the type of shells) – ['kaʊɹi]

  9. i just wanna day you’ve been an inspiration for me to build more and omg i love all your builds so much! especially the FRIENDS central perk! Just wanna day Thank you!

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