Best Books to Score 100% Marks in CBSE Class 10 Board | How to Study NCERT Books & Preparation Tips

hey guys hi this Abhishek master
teacher of physics at Vedantu and welcome to this special video series about
ncert solutions where we give you the most important non-academic knowledge to ease that CBSE
class 10 board examinations which all of you guys are aiming for so guys why are we
here for we are here to understand the most important ingredient which you guys
need to get that hundred percentage of marks in CBSE class 10 so let’s get into
it so guys here we are the most important
ingredient to get that hundred percentage in CBSE class 10 is nothing but to know
what to study but more important than that it’s to know where to study it from
correct so the most important books which you have to study to score 100%
in CBSE class 10 are so guys this is the truth to get that
hundred percentage you have to go through all these books which you see here I’m
just kidding im just kidding guys but this what all of you guys do just
go through random books store a lot of irrelevant informations in your brain and
you know don’t give space for the actual things to learn so that’s why
this video is for let’s try to understand what to learn and what not to
so let’s get into it directly now before we understand what to study we actually
have to understand how the question paper is and CBSE has a track record to not
to change the question paper pattern from past ten to twenty years I followed the
same question paper pattern you will be also following the same question paper
pattern so be happy now in this question paper guys let
divide this question paper into basically into three categories the first
category would be nothing but the average questions and these these
average questions come for 65 to 70 percentage so that all these students
can pass then comes the second category which is nothing but the hard question
category which ranges from 70 to 85 or 90 percentage got my point so that 20%
it is for that hard question part so that a student who is working hard can
do it then comes the third category parts question correct that is nothing
but higher order thinking skills questions which actually a bright
student or a student who works really hard apart from any other student can do
it and according to me all of you guys have that capability now let’s try to
understand how to get that all this thing into that hundred percentage sure
about it let’s go forward today so after having five plus years of experience in
teaching and mentoring thousands of students and trying this out with all
those students even if you go onto internet you will find out that all the
stoppers who got hundred percentage all these cc cc pattern toppers who got
ten CGPA throughout the entire five to plus six years you will know understand
four common textbooks which all of them followed four only four common textbooks to
score that hundred percentage the number one would be nothing but the ncert
textbooks guys the ncert correct now many of you guys must be in a shock don’t be
in a shock because ncert textbook is actually very important cbse does not
give anything out of the syllabus they always keep everything in the syllabus
and 95 percentage of the things comes from NCERT solutions only caught my point
so to score that 70 80 percentage NCERT is enough trust me it is enough go
through each and every line on the ncert textbook study each chapter get the
concepts in your mind go through all the in-text questions also through all the
exercise questions so once you done with first category the second textbook
which you have to follow it’s nothing but the NCERT exemplar problems now
remember I told you about that hard questions set that hard questions can be
solved with the help of practicing this ncert solutions example problems as much as
possible so follow that it’s very important
moving on to number three and actually one of the most important is nothing but
solving the previous year question papers it’s very important guys because just if
you just even analyze five to ten years of paper which has happened previously
you will get to know what is the examination pattern and also you will
get to know what are the important questions correct during the examination
time students come and ask me sir what are the important ways in which we study
from each chapter isn’t it just simple to understand the questions which
have already come on board examinations aren’t the important they are obviously
important so just study the previous your question papers for at least four
five years more the better you will understand what are the
important questions and get 100 percentage of marks and the fourth
category if in case you have enough amount of time left after following all
these above three categories you can definitely go on for any kind of a
reference book to solve extra questions now all these reference books have a lot
of irrelevant information so make sure that you know what is your syllabus and
strictly follow them now after doing a lot of analysis we found that a majority
of students actually follow the right NCERT textbook which is nothing but the Lakhmir Singh sir’s textbook published by S.CHAND is actually very good you can
follow that up as well that’s it give your promise throw yourself into
this and no one can take away that hundred percentage from you that’s it guys
from my side and a huge thank you to each and every one of you for supporting
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now if you have not watched them yet then you’re losing a big amount of the
information so in the previous videos we have covered some amazing tips and
tricks which you have to follow to get that hundred percentage along with the
best timetable for our class 10 standard student so guys if you not check them
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  1. sir 2020 question paper had been changed. with 20 one marks mixed up with MCQ's, fillups, answer the followings etc.. please say sir how to prepare for these? should we have to follow previous yrs paper or new sample papers ? and how to join in VEDANTU iam living in salem, Tamilnadu.

  2. Your really great Sir who likes Abhishek sir 👍👍👍👍💖👍💖💖💖👍💖👍💖👍💖👍💖👍💖💖💖💖💖💖💖

  3. one must solve all previous years question papers along with a thorough revision of ncert syllabus…one can use reference books for further understanding of the topics and in depth study…for math and science especially need lot of practice.

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