Beowulf, Authorship and Anglo-Saxon Literature

3 thoughts on “Beowulf, Authorship and Anglo-Saxon Literature

  1. Thanks Dr Leneghan. It's Interesting to consider the effectiveness of reshaping of one's own deeds and prowess in rhetoric given the recent baffling scenes in global politics. I have no doubt Beowulf would have described himself as a stable genius. As an example, the attempted fact-checking of loyal, and ultimately pretty reasonable Unferth is dismissed as fake news by our hero. Rather than leaving it there, Beowulf then claims to be the best swimmer that has ever lived, claims that he only lost the race because he had to take part in the most dramatic fight that has ever happened, and then lays into Unferth with attacks on his record in office and then curses him to suffer in hell. Then he proclaims he's going to make Heorot Geat again. Sound familiar? Tremendous!

  2. Julian Glover's son has taken over his one man show telling Beowulf. If you missed Glover's performance it is possible to buy it as a download or there are teaser trailers on you tube

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