Benefits of Publishing in the New Open Access Journal, IEEE Access

the quicker engineers can get their information out and begin a dialogue with other engineers the more rapidly we can see change and improvement and in fact playthroughs some of the things that we have been working on to really distinguish our Tripoli access from other other journals and other even on Tripoli journals is really to promote the use of multimedia including video and audio files with all of the article submissions in the open access model because it's all on internet we can provide the data that's supplied by the authors so it's not limited in the traditional sense to you know the six or eight pages or ten pages and that's really helped to draw the popularity of the publication within the arch ibly explore digital library i've been very impressed with the response that our paper has been conceived by the technical community in fact i had a friend tell me the other day that it's the second most downloaded paper in all of AI Tripoli I'm amazed but I guess I shouldn't be because having an open access journal where contents are available free to the public on the I Triple E Explorer website makes it extremely accessible the motivation behind the I Triple E access is really to capture a new emerging market of open access articles there's a number of people who just when they're writing articles or when they're writing anything believes that they're that everybody should have their article everybody should have free access to their article well we're proud of the fact that I truly access because it's distributed through our I Triple E Explorer digital library we reach a broad audience of about three million unique visitors every month that are around world working in a variety of engineering disciplines most authors get a lot of recognition from being sighted they want to do first to market with the research they've been working on the faster we can get them through the production process the better off they're going to be because of the fact that the marketplace today is asking for a rapid publication we've streamlined the review process for this journal the goal is to have a submission to publication time of about four weeks we are still conducting a full peer review and according to I Triple E policy but the decision is yes or no and if it's a no we'll give them feedback to improve the paper and if they like they submit in the future the quality aspect of the journal plus our ability to publish rapidly will attract more authors to actually come and publish with us so that the engineering community can now access cutting-edge research in the matter of months it's really catching on in the publishing world specifically in our area and scientific technical and medical publishing so we're excited about those opportunities in that future for our Chile access you

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