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[Applause] hi there my name's Ben Davis and I wrote this book what saying dog is now the reason I'm here today is I'm going to hopefully give you some help with the Oxford owl or poetry competition now the reason I'm wearing this hat is because I am known as the captain of poetry seriously everyone calls me that now I'm sure most of you don't need my help and you get along just fine but in case some of you have been struck down with that dreaded writer's block I'm here to throw you a lifeline now first of all I can do is give you a first line for your poem as inspiration I don't know why my dog so smell it now listen to that that's got a rhythm too hasn't it I don't know why my dog so smelly I don't know why my dog so smelly I don't know why my dog so smelly I don't know why my dog so smelly I don't know my dog so early I don't know why my god you get the idea so what I want to do now is pause me and think about how you're gonna build on that first line in the poem remember the first time I gave you I don't know why my dog so smelly I don't know why my dog so smelly okay pause it now do well I'm pulling in a really nice face okay so how did you get on alright do it good I'm glad to hear it well in case you're still struggling Abell you're not sure I've had a go at writing the first verse myself now I'm sure you will all do much better than me even though I am the captain of poetry but I'm gonna show you the first verse I came up with now I don't know why my dog so smelly it can't be lack of bats it's the wish that hurtle from his belly that made me gag and gasp now what I've done here is using a be a beer I'm scheme as you can see and those little letters to the side there and that basically means that the first line rhymes with the third line and the second line rhymes with the fourth line if I were to continue writing this poem do further verses if you could follow on with that same pattern but that's not the only rhyme scheme you can use I've got an example of another rhyme scheme here I don't know why my dog so smelly he palms just like an unwashed welly you won't mistake him for a flower I wish you'd go and have a shower now this is an a a BB rhyme scheme and that means the first two lines rhyme and the second two lines rhyme and it would continue like that and of course not every poem has to rhyme your poem mine at rhyme all you can even write a haiku a dog that smelly makes people hold their noses and run away fast oh yes baby this would be educational as well as stupid now another piece of advice I can give you is if you have a pet are you writing about if they're a real pet get to know them better get to know how they move or food they like to eat what scares them you know get as much detail and as you can what noises they make think about all these things work these details in and it'll make your pet extra real to the reader like I tried to do with gizmo and while saying doggy it make them real so it feels like they're a real dog or a real cat or you know gerbil oh stick insect or whatever and the third and most important piece of advice I can give you is simply this have fun writing is supposed to be fun so make sure you're having fun the whole time and I can't wait to see what you guys come up with anyway thank you so much for watching I'll be Ben Davis the captain of poetry I'll see you next time bye bye

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