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yet 15 to 20 minutes of Sun because you're letting that Sun activate cortisol it's gonna give you energy it's suppressing melatonin which is what you want in the morning number three any coffee drinkers in here yeah me too if you wait an hour and a half to have your coffee you're gonna get much much more from it because when you wake up in the morning like I said cortisol is activated cortisol is your energy stress hormone this is counting calories this is what matters and I've done the calorie thing myself and I've seen it with clients it only works short-term never works long-term so if you have your caffeine first thing in the morning that caffeine does not stand a chance to cortisol so all of that is rendered useless so how many of you would love to live a hundred and twenty years without disease raise your hand made up of trillions of cells right it could only choose two sources of fuel either sugar or fat 95% of people are burning sugar for fuel if you want to get well you have to heal the cell that is like a diesel truck driving through the highway what's gonna have creates a lot of smoke coming out of its exhaust pipe the average American eats 17 to 21 times day and they're gonna tell you okay let's help you lose weight to get healthy and that is nonsense it's completely backwards you don't lose weight to get healthy you get healthy and a side effect you lose weight you have more energy whatever you're dealing with goes away because being overweight is not the problem having low energy is not the problem when I was obese that was not the problem that is the symptom fasting is not a fad it's not a health trend right it's a fact it's been around since we've been around since the dawn of humankind only a person who risks is brief thank you guys so much [Applause] you

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  2. Awesome, great stuff. So much ignorance out there to overcome. Ignorance perpetuated by the drug pushers aka the doctors and other authority figures. One of my closest friends asked her doctor about fasting and his response was 'only if you have a death wish.' Ugh.

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