hey you my name is Thomas TomSka Ridgewell and welcome back to content cue the music yeah now a lot of you are quite ugly that is something I've had to learn today when I asked you on Twitter to send me some pictures of yourselves or your friends or family as long as you had their consent and I'm sure most of you somehow screwed that up but I'm gonna pretend that you didn't screw it up and I'm gonna caption some of your photos today maybe I'll be mean along the way I don't enjoy being mean but I'm gonna do it anyway for you for content you're watching content content right all right let's be let's let's write you some let's try you some captions and be laughs what we got we got a we got a friend I'm gonna guess that's a snapchat holder that doesn't there's a savior I can see so amazing so many look genders through these bad boys the moment always kicks in when I start filming one of these that I just um I'm doing with my life really on dude up by my anime girlfriend again cold cuz Khan's life face how do you bully someone that has a Big Bang Theory poster in their room they've done all the work for you hearts to piss I feel like someone with a Big Bang Theory posters not gonna make any good life choices so jared leto jokab best joker he looks he's in such a peace of such a place of peace and tranquility thinking about hiroshima go like make you wet hashtag virgin life think about 9/11 you know why cuz he's thinking about the day that donald trump got elected the u.s. president the 9th of november 2016 he voted trump is the joke that's the joke there's no more joke i this one's an easy one she took the fucking kids find some more hmm evil smiley face gonna run around forest until someone someone fucking shoots me lol fat face thank God it'd be like that thought I looked cute might shoot up a school later bro but I might be gotten too far with this one I'm the fat one in the middle just kidding that was that caption for the picture got you good ha ha I'm gonna write my own caption now love my cameras oh no fuck it going dogging alright uh is this person like on the chair like doing a slap squat I don't really know that how they're sitting I can tell this is what this is me doing that let's take country back brexit vote leave look like a fucking condom yeah alright uh why are these women so small in this picture there's only one there's only one reason why the police will be our fuck we here soon totally worth it though I'll leave the rest up to your imagination that's the fun of being creative and who said you could be in my fucking video damage is 16 years old yeah alright 16 to old for me not a great night out with the lads quick question what's the legal age of consent yeah yeah that'll be you grow back in the day Oh outside they are when will my dad come back from the shops like 13 years like some pictures you think there's a lot to work with but in reality they've just done all the work themselves they've just bullied themselves I don't even know why don't I even go from here you choose each other practice because no one else will hold Dave to be a fucking virgin for the rest as well of his life and he only went and did it the fucking medal yes who got kidnapped again all looks like they're in the boot of a car guess who's getting pegged tonight hashtag micropenis mr. grey will see you now you gotta be fucking careful with the bottom of snapchat too often I've accidentally pressed the picture I'll try and take a selfie on someone else's phone and seen their penis I've seen like three dicks this year Oh sleepy puppy all fucked out Oh for fuck's sake Oh why do you even go from here yeah no no hashtag Joanne hashtag draw and hash tag – tag nothing that's tag Rob boobs on fuck you love waking up to this beauty every morning hashtag cousin white right if you like the view winky face tech bj life oh fuck dude love my colonizes life hashtag drunk hashtag driving hashtag selfie hashtag ha ha they crashed and died good news guys it fits hanging with my friends hashtag vegan hashtag life obviously I'm not trying to think of a period joke any time of the month winky face Oh she'll be back I got a respect you for putting yourself out there this is this is a lot to take in they look like they've seemed decades of sorrow but the lack of body hair says they're fairly new to this world oh oh they look like John Lennon just a single guy looking for his Mark David Chapman Ricky hey too soon yeah eyes was nice they didn't pull out of the meet and greet appearance uh fuck man I mean 5 inches 8 inches moving on oh it's Dean Dean Lee is Dean Eddie Oh Sam guy this session the sound guy from Alicia Cass – uh on my way to set two hours late wink face that's like slept in of my ginger boy hashtag follow me coz the cat's fucking him that's the job yes how many cats I write over for today to the chemo didn't work loss oh god why the good girls like bad guys I had this question for a real long time of being the bad boy and it's oh fuck I'm sorry ready to buck go away you


  1. "How do you bully someone that has a Big Bang Theory poster in their room? They've done all the work for you!"

    slowly pulls poster down and bins it Yeah, so right! eheh…

  2. 3:42
    I imagined he cut their legs off after he kidnaped them and they lived with him for years ultimately growing used to him and finding his company fun.

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