hey guys and welcome back to my channel today I'm going to be making a really exciting video in case you didn't know my book was released and it is a methodology of poetry called rabbit hole and I am super excited it came out beautifully I had the cover professionally designed and got covered and the interior artwork of the Chez guys had the interior artwork design and all that good stuff it is so beautiful and I'm so happy with it so I thought I would do a little video that's been a long time in the making about my book release what it was like self-publishing what it's like to be a published poet read a little excerpt from my book and talk about what I'm sort of going into next and what I advise the writers I'm doing I'm in no way the master it's all publishing I did self publish another book one year ago and it's called paper in bones so I was completely to offend that I felt that when I published rabbit holes it was much easier for me so I thought I'd talk a little bit about what I learned about myself and about my writing and about the process and a little video just so hot and so on to heat in New York City it's been like winter one day and summer the next so I'm like early dying my body doesn't know what to do was flattering so the question I want people ask me is why I've chosen to self-publish and I guess the easiest thing easiest answer to that is that that's just always been sort of in my personality perhaps a character flaw as much as it is any perk of me is that I like settings of myself I'm very impatient I knew that for my poetry not necessarily my fantasy me or fiction work but for my poetry I really wanted my I really wanted agency over how I wrote it and how I structured it and how I published it so when I found out what create space through Amazon was I got really excited because I didn't have to pay anything I just put together and submit it and then it was all print on demand from there so that I'm really happy I could sort of at the age I was not have to invest anything on my own words into self-publishing so I got together a collection of poetry that was on my blog on tumblr and I sort of over been tied it with this really long short story in the end for paper and bones and I put it all together and I was it was I was really new to the process I'm really looking to add it I used to create spaces template that I sort of put everything in the wrong way even now it's like the space thing is a little weird on it and they're things digestives will go back and change as I could I was really impatient with it I have a date for myself and then so much pressure I myself could get it done by that date and sort of getting it done when it was perfect so I first took all those lessons I learned from paper and bones and applied them to rabbit holes and throughout holes the first thing I did was I had a cover professionally designed I really loved the cover of could bird bones but I did a lot of it myself and I don't know I wanted something with more pizzazz really beautiful and minimalistic for my first book I was really happy with it don't belong but there is something very interesting about the cover of rabbit hole radishes I couldn't do myself so I wanted to have it professionally die and then happy interior work like really done really nicely of how people think they hope and so on so that's me one thing they did was rabbit hole I was really happy about the next thing I did was I decided on any page count for paper in bows my finish a flip-flop all over the place and it ended up much longer the sec ends up much longer than radical reading that holds about half here maybe it two or three to four maybe about a third of what paper moons was but I decided on a page count early on and I stuck to it and I downloaded on create space the template to do that and so what I did was I wrote each poem and collecting my poems in iCloud's notes and then I would transfer them over and format them individually when they were ready to go into the book and that let me have to have space to make a mess of my poetry and sort of brainstorm somewhere else and then move the word into the document and when I was ready and then I could individually focus okay so space and time here and I had a message for each one so that everything was the same was all spaced out perfectly and it was in the create space template which you can generate by putting in the size of your book and it gives you a Microsoft Word template so that you can follow clear Nikita's notice and these books the margins have to be different for each page because of the sign so that's another thing I did worked on rabbit holes for the year after I worked on paper and bones paper and bones with more hodgepodge of poetry already has along with some poetry I have been writing at the moment and then I finished a short story that I had the worst time since I was 16 but fur has it hold I really did start from scratch since the publication of paper and bone so I worked on it for a good year and I went through a lot with this manuscript because I don't know it never seemed quite right it originally was going to have a short story in it just like paper bombs but I really wanted to let me know it's pure poetry something that really represented something was personal to me not too much fiction a lot about growth and self-discovery and healing whereas paper and bones is about magic and girlhood love getting your heart broken and being cool on that and rebelling but I wanted radicals to be what happens when Cinderella has to grow up and there's no Prince them there so magic there's nothing how do you hold on to that enchantment how do you do Alice without losing yourself completely and that is what radicalist how I turn the magic into them into discovery and so that is what I expected I year to figure that out and then early 2017 that was like Eureka I'm normal how long eight this now and if you get the book you'll wear to see what I'm talking about but a lot of it is about maturity and how to hold on to the magic and become mature at the same time so that is what this was and so I got a question of who live native posted about making this video someone asked me how I cut going when I wanted to give up or if I ever wanted to give up the manuscript I wanted I know like felt like I don't want to do it anymore if that ever happened to me and what I did to get out of it just a rule that happened to me multiple times during this process and I guess my biggest piece of advice I'm not sure what I did but I sort of visualize the end product and that's why I was really happy to get the interior are in the cover art done at the beginning and pay for it actually have a designer define them for me through 99 designs and I will link that below but I will 99 design is cool because you put down a set amount of money that you're willing to pay for your project and then artists on the site submit their designs and you can get a winning design out of a bunch of different artists a bunch of different concept art to choose from and it's a really cool process because I got lots of different visuals and it wasn't just one our guests and is that it might their work to pay for it I got options and then I got to pay the winning designer then I went ahead already put down and if you don't like any of the designs you can get your legs back and we don't have to you know have to pay for anything and you can't using the design but really the end product is the most important thing for me and also being the passive major and leading inspiration I would put myself out there I think the most important thing is to give yourself something to write about you know the things like write about what you know but I think you also have to just write about what you don't know and you have to go out there and really push yourself and even if it's just a bunch of random words that come from it it'll shape into something it's better than nothing the self-publishing process is really easy really fun really simple I am so happy with how rivals come out and towards the end it was really just about formatting and finalizing everything putting everything into that Microsoft Word document and making sure that everything is felt like you're looking right order for me and then you just do one I didn't I had a lot of people look at it and I added it back myself to make sure I read it a couple of times you sort of submit to create experience and create space shows you what it will look like and you can order probe so when I order the first proof and I opened it see think your little front page that has the imprint of the cover on it was like down here so that's the purpose of ordinate proof how it looks like a local Microsoft document you might not necessarily see how it looks in person so your little proof it comes in about three days it's amazing and then you go back and fidget with it and you can also to a digital proof if you maybe live far away or you don't want to wait for a physical copy to come you know digital proof and it's a pretty good job at showing you what it's going to look like it's literally like a little book you can flip through online and then once you're done you just choose a channel – I distribute – you get in my eyes the end number which is also free it's just to create space and then use some amendment channels which is basically giving the option for Amazon to reach places like our global and indie bookstores in this depository in all of those places and then when you're finally ready ready you just press submit and it goes on and on with in like 20 minutes and it's really that simple but it's really just like the regular writing process and I like my writing process video but with taking ownership over crafting it and putting your template together and all that so yeah that is rappelled I am so freaking excited that it's done and that people are reading it and loving it makes me so happy because this book means the absolute world to me we paper and bones will always hold a special place in my heart but I think rabbit worlds really encapsulated Who I am and what become a really real and raw way next up for me this year is going to be working on my first novel and this I will not self publish I do plan on finding this literary gems and try and get it out there I'm going to be launching my website and so I'm feeding online again so it's all about building a foundation for that but I do plan on doing a rating series um and just sort of show you guys what the process is like for me this year as I work on delving into that first big novel of mine yeah I'm just really excited I don't know if you guys have noticed how desk I'm talking so I am so excited and a little hot so I kind of like just go outside and cool off but before I go I do want to share with you one of my favorite poems from rabbit holes this is a poem that I think really knows feedback on and I could promise that I would post a poem and do more of my exposing words so I'm going to go ahead that it is called I am I sit down to dinner with every girl I have been every woman I will be a feast of white bread and red wine spilling from the tables which are either palms a reconciliation all the same brown eyes all in dresses like the feathers on Ravens like the colour of bone at the children's table 5 s 8 mom and dad are going to make it 60 and I weep Seventeen's bones progr skin when she says she's not hungry and 30 hold her like a mother with a child belly full ten times my hair and braids and scholars 125 unravels them on me 13th birthmarks have become bruises red scars lightning white handprints the colour of ghosts around the table aging up we whisper the name for people who have promised us forever on the table eating down where this work on gods on I fooled myself into tight embraces a yelling that is beautiful where she is and my hands ache for her like a mountain climb 12 asked if we're going to be ok I tell the truth or lie when I say that we're just fine there nights I mourn them more than I can celebrate myself there nights pacing farther away from me I can reach cling on to snakeskin with the winter coat but too long are the leaves I have gone to any these bones to give up now for a wildfire and my sole purpose is to grow


  1. You're so beautiful!! I'm so happy for you-thanks for this video! "How to become Alice without losing yourself" –Amazing 🙂 Also, what part of NY do you live in? I'm about to move there soon and am trying to get a feel for the different boroughs, especially for artists/writers..

  2. i write morbid poems and i wanna publish those its how i vent out my BPD and PTSD and anxiety im sure alot of people can relate


  4. Thank you for this. Thank you for sharing your poetry, it was very powerful. How can I purchase your book.

  5. Naiche, you speak beautifully. Thank you for your video. It is a great help to me to get started on my book of poetry.

  6. Did you already know those people who helped you with your book or did you get in touch with freelance designers? I'm working on self-publishing my own graphic novel so in my case I'm looking for a colourist, graphic designer for the cover, etc. What do you recommend in starting a "creative team"?


  8. Summer heat of the day,
    A bummer to me but my plants all will say;
    “This is great, what a life!
    While I’m burnt to crisp,
    From tending to their every wanton wish.

    I smile cause I know what I’ll reap in the end,
    All the while weary and sweaty taking care of my friends.
    I need them to thrive, they need the sun,
    So I put up with the heat, then along I will run,
    On my feet till I meet the rivers edge,
    For the ladies I love there’s nothing can wedge me from them.

    Unconditional love is a hard thing to find,
    Fundamental, spiritual neutrinos will bind,
    Symbiotic it is, fruitful for both,
    We rely on each other more than most.

    Without me they would die,
    Without them so would I,
    So I try to make friends with the sun,
    It can destroy or give life,
    I vote for the latter,
    So I love the sun no matter.

    Matthew Miller

  9. I am looking to self publish my first poetry book next year on my 19th birthday .. any advice for up and coming self published poets . And I love your poemssss by the way 😍😍😍

  10. Is the money worth it? Being a writer was always my dream as a kid but growing up dreams don't pay bills so idk my asking because I'm scared.

  11. This is amazing! Goodluck <3 I wanted to know how did you edit your book? who else helped you edit the book?

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