Behind The Rhyme: What Is A Lyricist?

4 thoughts on “Behind The Rhyme: What Is A Lyricist?

  1. This an excuse for people who can't write hardest lyrics lol
    everyone can choose how to look at the world , definition of a word anything doesn't matter to me. I look at that a lyricist writes the dopest songs they possibly can uses all the poetic devices they can. Lol

  2. I feel what this guy is saying, but. I dont think we should judge a persons job title, depending on how deep or good there lyrics can be. Or how they deliver the vocals to a song. A person who writes just lyrics to a song or rap/trap song, is called a lyricist period. A person who writes lyrics and the music to a song, is the sole songwriter. No matter what genre. Way back in the mid 90's we all we're making that mistake, becuz of someone having Andre 3000 talent. Call him a lyricist. But the 50 cent or Drake types, oh they songwriters. Lol. That's misleading like a mufucka. Lol you gonna either write, compose or do both.

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