Battlefield 5 NEW Content Roadmap (Pacific, Maps, 5v5, Metro Remake?)

exciting news we've just got to see a brand new roadmap for battlefield 5 content really going up until the end of fall and there's a lot of stuff in here of course on Monday we're gonna be able to play firestorm the first frostbite engine battle round mode and I for one am really excited to see how the community receives it and what Dyson criterion do to update that mode over time if they want to keep it interesting and fresh of course firestorm is just one part of the puzzle so starting March 28th the trial by fire starts which believe it or not is actually the third tides of war chapter before that though firestorm will of course be the talk of the town and that launches three days earlier on the 25th of March and it's the centerpiece of the trial by fire chapter in April we're getting new combined arms missions specifically new missions on pl I know personally that's not particularly exciting to almost anyone I don't think anyone wanted new co-op combined-arms content but for some reason they're making new content if I was the boss in charge I'd just be like okay let's just leave that let's not do that anymore let the past die focus on the multiplayer but new content is coming for some reason whatever but it's going to add much making under new hardcore mode also in April there's going to be a limited time to Jiro's mode added to firestorm out of the gate firestorm is gonna have solos and squads but jurors will be playable for a limited time again YY limited time duo's are gonna be really popular and I just hope the dice and criterion leave this in place not sure why it isn't there at the launch with solos and squads but at least we've got solos for now I guess duro should be in firestorm permanently arguably the most interesting part of this chapter is a new map that drops in May called mercury this is based on operation mercury or the Battle of Crete and it takes place along the Cretan coast the synopsis is that the British are desperate to cling to the island and while the German Navy can't break through the Luftwaffe on the skies or the struggle below rages I have to say that from the very small image we have of them up it does look quite nice it certainly offers up some variety in terms of the visuals and colors not something that you would really expect when it comes to world war ii and i say that you'll take on a massive aerial invasion along the coast and experience the first and largest German paratrooper invasion ever which is of course based on the real-life events of Operation Mercury it does sound very impressive but guys may now it's going to be our first new map since pans a storm which released in December I don't really clasp understorm there's a new map anyway isn't this a bit ridiculous yeah firestorm very exciting loved playing it it's going to keep a lot of people happy but the base game isn't going to get a new map until May it's just madness to me I think I should have completely changed their focus and plan with this but it is what it is that's what we're guessing and then there's a brand new game mode called outpost which is coming in June not really a lot of info on this but the description says an outpost you're secure and build objectives to ensure your team assembles enough soldiers to endure through the fight mm-hmm hard to really say what sort of mode that's going to be but maybe your team needs to capture key objectives and hold off the other team based on what they captured will it include some kind of AI soldiers I don't know there's a part of the information that says players will fight to control territories and collect resources so perhaps holding key parts of the map will make a difference in like building something I'm not really sure and what I've just mentioned there those may be the key parts of the chapter but remember there are always extras including weekly rewards and this time there's gonna be at least six new weapons that would give unlock and get our hands on it's worth saying to that at the bottom of the roadmap there's a disclaimer saying that this might change and even more stuff could be added taken away whatever now so far the listed weapons in this type of war that I've seen on the website include the commando carbine for the medic class this is interesting because it's the first non SMG that they're getting and it's a British firearm with an integrated suppressor it's actually in the single-player of the game could be interesting in multiplayer give medics a bit of range and then we've got the Lottie Celeron Tana m26 for the support class and guess what that's a lie machine gun the real version was able to use both a 20-round box for a 75 round drum magazine and could fire in full auto or semi-auto I but the specializations will be used to increase its mag size or fire race or something and I also spite the Tramp Akeno m-28 which will be another medic class weapon so the medic class is getting some love and I had a quick google of this but it seems like it's a grenade launcher attachment or a grenade launcher attached to a rifle so I'm not sure if this is just an attachment or a weapon with a grenade launcher on the side who knows there's not much more detail than that but yeah there you go and in chapter 3 we're also getting two confirmed new modes called grind and fortress grind will feature in April and has smaller teams with intense combat zones and fewer objectives grind is a focused and fast-paced take on conquest requiring aggressive tactics and awareness no word on how many players that mode will be mind you the question is how is that going to be separate from something like squad conquest or domination what's gonna make it stand apart I'm sure though that dice are going to do something interesting their fortress on the other hand is due in May and its description is as follows experienced siege warfare in this single sector experience based on breakthrough heavily fortified locations must be defended from attackers attempting to conquer it piece by piece that sounds a bit to me like you'd have to either defend or attack one area but while it's one large area the attacking team can perhaps take it in stages I'm not too sure and dice are always keeping these things relatively close to their chest until they're almost ready to go but again new modes on existing maps being worked on instead of new content actual new content I don't class that stuff as new content and I think most of the player base just want some new location some new maps to play on but on being a dead horse here but you've got to play to people's expectancies we've gone from having so many new maps regularly added to battlefield games and everyone expects that to this which will really be one proper new map in six months after launch I just don't think it's enough but whatever in my opinion dies just didn't have enough time with the base game and because of that no one at the studio was actually making new maps Battlefield Maps take ages to make and because of the delay because they were rushed into making their phone we're not getting a regular steady flow of new maps I hope that's the case anyway because to me it's obvious people want new maps the community want new maps to play on but the problem is the reason this has happened for the consumer that bison plays the game doesn't care how long you've had to work on the game they don't care about the reasons why and they're not considerate and they shouldn't have to be either so something fundamental has to change here with EA or with dice the studio if they're going to go with this live service route they need a better plan in place and they need to start working on actual new content earlier in development maybe this time they were forced it's the first time they've really done this outside of Battlefront 2 but something needs to change with br5 and with future battlefield games if they're going to adopt this live service route if they want to keep the player base high and grow it if they want to sell copies of beer 5 and whatever comes next changes need to be made because the industry is rapidly evolving and the consumers expectancies are important our attention spans are going down everything is rapidly shifting and games need to keep up with the demand for new content especially games like bf5 with the live service where people are playing for so many hours each week now chapter 4 no date on this right now other than it will start in June sometime my guess is probably mid to late June and we're going to find out a lot more about this at EA play now this chapter is called defying the odds and with it it brings a brand new game mode but this is something a bit different and it sounds weird something new it's close quarters combat content and specifically a 5 vs. 5 mode in exclusively designed Maps incursians 2.0 anyone maybe this suggests a game mode really catered around 5v5 but it seems like stuff has been made from scratch for it from that description anyway I would say that squad conquest was really popular and lots of players enjoyed that smaller scale combat because they felt that squads could make a real impact to the game and so an actual 5v5 mode that's been designed with that in mind would really piqued my interest sounds incursion desk doesn't it remember incursions from bf one didn't really take off though did it so on the surface at least it sounds markedly similar boots our guess that with the failure of incursians dice are gonna try something different here because they really need to if they're gonna make a dedicated 5v5 mode I think it's gotta be infantry only and built from the ground up and perhaps that's what they're doing here so competitive guys could be happy with this and then in this chapter we'll get a new map called Meritor but while the chapter starts in June that doesn't mean them up will be available in June of course these chapters go on for quite a bit of time so I think it's more likely that this new map will release it sometime in July as for the map it will feature the clash of forces that took place in Greece in the late to 1940s and this is the Second Battle of Greece map and it will take place along the mountainside overlooking the river now those of you thinking that that was it though would be wrong because there seems to be another super-secret map heading our way in this chapter in fact die said themselves that this is a closely guarded secret but they know that battlefield veterans will enjoy it they went on to say that the map will be an urban design that's been sought after by the community and it should be both familiar and fresh at the same time now I know that lots of players have wanted a wake island remake but that doesn't really fit in with the urban design does it so could we be getting an operation Metro 1944 could that be something guys has been working on I get the feeling that most players would love a remastered Metro even if it's not the most iconic battlefield map but it was certainly one of the most popular ones and maybe I'm reading too much into this and it's perhaps just one of the many world war two maps that players have been wanting for a remake of another bf1942 map we will see but of course now we're almost in April and in June EA is taking place and it's going to roll out fast dice have said that they will feature chapter four content during EA play so we should expect to get a ton of new gameplay and information from that event and of course the secret map that I just mentioned I'm sure we'll get to see that too now when it comes to chapter 5 we don't have much information on that yet but what we do know is that it's going to be landing in the fall of 2019 and it's going to feature an entirely new theater of war and this is what the blog says listen carefully as ba5 keys on evolving you'll be awakening a giant we're in Chapter five hits in four twenty nineteen it's the Pacific the giant thing it's a classic quote from World War two the Japanese the Americans so I'd argue that that's where we're going and I think for now that's the right decision to make because if they introduce the Russians first before the Pacific if you think about the locations the gameplay Russians versus Germans in Eastern Europe it's going to be quite similar to a lot of the stuff that we've got in the game already but if they go Pacific then that's an entirely different visual and gameplay opportunity there naval warfare it's gonna be there saturation a completely different color palette new assets beaches waves a ton of vegetation so that's completely different to what we've already got in the game so I'd argue yeah this is definitely Pacific Theater and I'm looking forward to it Wake Island remake then maybe we'll see so there we have it I mean there is some stuff to look forward to for bf5 over the next few months with a few surprises that have been thrown in there too it seems I've got no doubt that this will all be cleared up and reveal the EA play but for now we've got fire song to look forward to I can't help but say that I'm a bit disappointed by this though for the bass game content the next new map is coming in May might be the end of May for all we know and then just a couple more until fall I think the direction here is wrong I think new content actual new content not game modes on existing maps not combined-arms which will be on multiplayer maps that we've been playing on for hundreds of hours with terrible AI actual new maps new environments new content that should be the focus and that's how bf5 is going to keep its players interested so I hope the chapter six to ten or whatever they go up to they really shift their focus and just concentrate on building actual new stuff because a lot of this so far just hasn't felt new maps of what battlefield players expect as additional content and we've not had that and I think that's the wrong decision but there you go that's all from me today folks do let me know your thoughts on the road map down in the comments below satisfied unsatisfied what would you like to see if you liked the video give it a like if you didn't a dislike subscribe for more and I'll see you in the next one

36 thoughts on “Battlefield 5 NEW Content Roadmap (Pacific, Maps, 5v5, Metro Remake?)

  1. Who the hell needs ingame-purchase-characters and unbalanced game modes, when there are no maps to play on? All we want is maps, then the game would be really nice. Why does it take months for a single map???

    I want more than just three maps for each theatre

  2. Why is DICE so preoccupied at making new modes instead of new content like maps? BF is known for its huge maps with 64 people on one map. In the long run no one fucking cares about 5 v 5, thats a COD thing.

  3. I think they mean Karkand map, metro map is only from BF3 and was a clusterfuck map with grenade spam. I dont think thats what they meant because that would be an insult to BF veterans. Now, something like Karkand I can get behind.

    Edit: And yes, I know Karkand was a nade spam in BF2 and it developed well as a remake in BF3.

  4. I wish it was just like battlefield 1. Id rather buy themed map packs then barely ever get new maps. Likr the fucking m1 garand isnt even in this game yet…. its fucking may 2019….

  5. I never, ever thought I would say this.. I wish I had bought cod… After this total shit storm I doubt I'll ever buy another bf game again.. sad day.

  6. Holy shit the amout of bitching is insane since youre all 5 star game developers lets see you're games i wanna play what you've got to offer hahahaha fucking basement dwellers guaranteed 99 percent of people bitching have no clue how to develop or produce even the simplest games

  7. Even tho it takes way to long im looking forward to the pacific

    does this mean there are 2 more companies Japan and usa(allies)

  8. The absolute shittiest battlefield ever. Why can’t anonymous be cool and block their servers until they make dlc haha


  10. Yea but tbh it seems like this guy is cheatin he is aimin at targets before he even see them it's like he already k owe where their at

  11. I just want the M1 Garand rifle. If it does eventually get added I hope I won’t have to do 20 or so weekly challenges to get it, I just want it without having to do challenges.

  12. There are a lot of us who want co-op content, there are also some who would also be happy with additional single player content. The multiplayer is always going to be the largest portion of the game, but this doesn't mean that it has to be the only portion that receives updates. I for one am happy to have less multiplayer content than what was in battlefield 1, if it means a lot more single player and co-op content.

  13. Technically 1 map per 2 months are really hard thing. So big and beautiful maps are tough to do. BUT DICE CAN MAKE IT ALL FOR JUST 1 MONTH! THEY DO 8 MAPS PER 6 MONTHS IN BF 1! SO WHAT THE HELL, DICE? WHERE ARE MY MAPS??!!

  14. The BF fanbase want to play conquest, rush, breakthrough on new maps. We're not interested in Firestorm!

  15. Now that the games out I just realized do you ever even play with the reflection 4 k setting on, and does it reflect enemy’s and alllies running by on the gold gun skin

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