Battle of the Books – Buffalo & Erie County Public Library

Lancaster is number 1!
(music) Riverside is number 1! (Cheers) Correct, Marilla (clapping) You get to discuss the books and you get to meet new friends (O.S. Voice) In Nightmare at the Book Fair, what day of the week was July 20th 1969?
(buzzer sounds) (O.S. Voice) Lancaster
(O.S. Voice) Correct, Lancaster! I’m a dad from Orchard Park and we plan our summers, battle, book battle is a big rock we have to plan everything else around it because it’s such a great experience for our kids. (O.S. Voice) First and foremost, congratulations Lancaster and Marilla, good games, well played.
(Clapping) (Cheers) Yah! I feel amazing that our team won! I’m so happy we won. I feel awesome! Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you This is my second year in Battle of the Books and I am, literally, shaking with excitement right now. I cannot believe that we won, and I am just so ecstatic right now! We hope that next year we have more teams, more teams than ever and we’ll see who is crowned the 18th Battle of the Books champion.

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