Bastille – Poet (Lyric – HD)

42 thoughts on “Bastille – Poet (Lyric – HD)

  1. This reminds me of one of my characters who likes writing poems of people she likes even though she is appointed as an assassin.

  2. Always loved this song! It draws a lot on the Ancient Greek notion of epic poetry. Poets like Homer would open their epics with the exhortation "Sing, O Goddess," then describe the subject of their poem. The word they would use for sing is a play on the Greek word for "always," or "forever," so in the poet's mind, when they wrote about someone, they were literally immortalizing or "forevering" them.

  3. Dan is like Shakespeare 2.0 because he writes stuff with deep meanings that whe don't always understand but L💜VE

  4. This song is beatiful. Perfect to dedicate to someone. Good job, Dan Smith! You need a NME award, or rather, all the music awards in the world(but of course, you and Bastille deserve the awards because you are the best Indie Pop band)

  5. Hey! I was wondering why do you guys like to make music videos? A career or something? No offense I really like Bastille and it puts a smile on my face when I listen to it.. Just wondering.

  6. A friend recommended this song to me, saying it reminded her of Enjolras and Grantaire's relationship from Les Míserables. I have to say, I completely agree! I totally can see R painting Enjolras in this Shakespearean fashion, trying to "Keep him forever". I absolutely adore this!

  7. My name is Phillip.
    I am a poet
    And I wrote this poem just to show it.

    *cries silently into the night because PHILLIP *

  8. for everyone that says he is an amazing song writer, it is true, but not for this song, he used william shakespears sonnet 18, and yes william shakespear was first, for the blondes

  9. i just thought about how funny id be if i made a deathnote amv with this music in the background xDD "i have written you down," you see light in his extreme euphoric writting of names "now you will live forever" and see them have a heart attack xD

  10. I am nagging the replay button. this is so friggin meaningful to me. I have never heard such a beautiful song. but it hurts.. so much.

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