Barracuda: Adapting the Novel

Christos: I’ve described Barracuda as a first novel. It felt like a first novel in returning to the questions that were really important to me. Those questions have to do with class, they have to do with family, they have to do with belonging and the notion of identity. So these were all these little creeks running into this story. As a writer, as the novelist, you have to get to the point where you can go ‘I trust you with the work’ and hand it over. Because, and this comes from my love of cinema, that you realise that it’s not the same medium. What film requires is very, very different to what the page requires. I was also really happy that the ABC got on board with this one as well because I had such a good experience with The Slap. And I guess I like the idea that it wasn’t going to be broken up by commercials [laughs].

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