Banned Books Week: Puppet Book Banners

um Of Mice and Men okay the Pearl grapes of wrath' godlessness yeah if he either ISKCON right let's stay on track okay tortilla flat what's gonna get Hey what are you guys doing in the library you guys are never at the library ban book we did I'm trying to do my part here you can help me all right Catcher in the Rye ban it I don't think you understand what banned books week is wait seriously that book that's a great book it is yeah you've never read it no well it's classic don't ban it okay scary stories by Alvin Schwartz we can tell us that one it's scary that one haunts my dreams but that's not a good reason to just ban it okay good point and I'm not scared of it anyway all right keep it all right what about the joy of cooking a cookbook yeah you were gonna ban a cookbooks nonfiction toss it well now hold on hold on we can't just toss a nonfiction and keep a fiction okay well if we're keeping nonfiction we can't throw this out what is it the phone book why were you gonna BAM the phone book do you ever try eat a phone book it's long fine keep it but that means we have to keep all the ones I've thrown out so far including the phone book this isn't as easy as it looks man there's a lot of books here and all of them have something I disagree with dude this is why banning books is a bad idea I'm listening there are a million books out there that you don't have to read that other people might really enjoy I mean that's all right as an American citizen to read whatever we want I mean how would you like it if somebody came along and banned your favorite book everybody poops they wouldn't dare no I've always wanted to write a novel something like Ulysses but if I thought somebody was just gonna ban him out what something epic okay prologue I was a young rebel a lone wolf that's more of a memoir but I was thinking of fiction oh sorry okay start over chapter 1 he was a young rebel a lone wolf now words are great

15 thoughts on “Banned Books Week: Puppet Book Banners

  1. Wait, they've put The Pearl on the banned books list? I read that when I was, like, 13 or 14! Its an amazing book!

  2. I just can't get over the "That book…haunts my dreams" in regards to Scary Stories. Truly a messed up, yet oh-so entertaining book. I agree, and excellent video for Banned Books Week.

  3. Wow, talk about misinformed. But, hey, I guess this is America and we don't need to worry about freedom, since it's unlimited. And it's no good discussing why classic nor current books have been banned. As a parent, I think I'll go storm my school with other parents and get the book with the incidental gay character tossed out! Score parents! Well intentioned but misguided and dangerous when they become a mob with an agenda. Kids, btw, are a lot smarter than we give them credit for.

  4. The ALA Banned Book Week is nothing but propaganda intended to intimidate parents from doing their job. Basically they are telling parents to shut up and let them decide what is appropriate for your child. If you dare question their decisions, you are a BOOK BANNER! Parents have the right to be concerned about what kind of materials are made available to their children. These books aren't being banned. If a parent wants their child to have a particular book, go get it someplace else! America

  5. "you've never read it?" "…no…"

    that response, right there, is why there are so many banned books. well, that, and people who are FAR too touchy.

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