Banggood 12" LCD Writing Tablet Unboxing + Review

hey there YouTube this stm-4 306 back with another video and this time I am reviewing a product sent in by banggood and this is just some stickers in their logo that they sent me and this is the product this is an LCD writing tablet and I'm just gonna open it up right now and give you my real-time impressions on the product as I learn how to use it along with you that is nice so it's packaged in this sort of foam sheet because this screen is I think it's similar to an ink how it works so yeah any pressure extreme pressure could damage and this is very thin very light I'm really surprised it almost looks like it's a plastic lamination on top of like you know just a regular ABS frame and we can kind of see there's some sort of battery looking thing in there huh that's interesting so yeah the way these guys work they're like each ink in terms of they don't require any energy to keep an image so I can just scribble on here with the stylus and you can see that they're ignoring the glare from my overhead light and see I can just draw whatever I want and then to array so you just click the erase button and then it poof it disappears so yeah I'm guessing this would work with pretty much any stylist but it is pretty nice that this one will actually hold the stylus in there so I could imagine you just hanging this on a wall or a fridge and if someone has a note they want to write you they can read it so yeah let me just go ahead and do some professional-grade artwork here mm-hmm so ya know I think they have two arms yeah okay there we go and I have just drawn the Mona Lisa anyway so yeah you can see it's pretty easy to use this is essentially not grayscale I'm pretty sure it's just whatever I don't think you can draw a lighter I know you almost can but I think what it's doing is its measuring kind of the how hard you're pressing the pen and it'll change the the width so I assume if we used a broader tip like nib we'd be able to draw water lines but yeah you can see it all works and it's gone poof pretty cool and I believe this little section back here is a place you can actually put this yep you can put the pen and make like a little stand or something like that so you can stand up at an angle but I think it's real purpose it's real use is for drawing inappropriate pictures now I'm shifting is um just just using this generally as a message board or something like that keeping a next phone what I'm personally going to be using this for is whenever I am I am reverse engineering something let me show you what I do normally so normally when I prototype I grab a pen I grab a notepad I draw junk and sometimes I mess up and I'll scribble it out or I'll ex stuff out or whatever and these are my notes basically and yeah it's cheap it's easy but pretty cool as I knock everything over on my bench pretty cool to be able to use sort of a reusable note panic and I can write little notes on it and draw schematics that's that's a horrible MOSFET by the way anyway I can just draw whatever I want I can write stuff and take a picture of it on my phone for safekeeping but this will be generally pretty good for prototyping I think jotting things down I'm not always able to have like a tablet computer near me when I'm soldering I don't like to keep anything expensive around my soldering iron so sometimes I just need to take with notes on what pins are what on a chip and this will do exactly that so yeah pretty cool this is very light I'm not sure how long the battery lasts because it is permanently sealed in here I can see the battery it's a coin cells right about in here I don't see this being as too difficult to crack the plastic open though and replace the battery if it does die I'm guessing since this is similar to iing this will have a very long lifetime it only really erases when or uses up current when you click the button to erase it doesn't use really anything I think just to retain an image so I'm guessing that this battery is meant to last the entire life you know the service life of this of this tablet so yeah pretty cool and yeah you can kind of see the color is sort of kind of like a greenish white is something tannish but it's pretty nice how the entire back is black so this is actually really good contrast it's a little hard to see in real life because I have overhead lights up there and the screen is matte and you're kind of getting that glare in there but I think overall this would actually be very good to use outside indoors under different lighting conditions this will be pretty easy to see and that's another thing because this is a Mac you can see I've touched it already quite a bit and there's some fingerprints but not really anything I mean I don't have I don't have a problem with that I know when you get like a glossy LCD or something like that and you stick your finger on it you'll get all these horrible fingerprints on that so definitely good choice good choice using a matte trim as well as there's nothing glossy on this which is great definitely like that now let's see how much this was so this guy is $15.99 it retails for this is for the 12-inch version which is actually quite large which will give me a lot of real estate to write on and I can draw schematics include text whatever I need which is great they also sell smaller versions that are believed eight and a half inches diagonal as well as one that I think is like five or six inches and those are quite a bit cheaper I believe those are sub ten dollars something like that so yeah definitely you can get whatever size you need if you just need a small one to scribble phone numbers on you definitely don't need something as large as this but this is a perfect for my use where I want to drill schematics and label things and have enough you know space to actually draw out diagrams and whatnot so this will be pretty cool okay definitely see something like this also being hung on you know your your fridge or your if you're in a dorm you can you know kind of secure this to your wall and your roommates can write notes for you and vice versa yeah definitely pretty cool for sixteen bucks for a 12-inch pretty much electronic note pad that's that's a pretty good deal I would say so anyway yeah if you guys have any more questions I'll be playing with this some more in the upcoming a few weeks and actually testing this under under actually what I intend to use it for I just wanted to go over some of these things that I had glossed over so apparently that hole was used for a lanyard though I don't know why maybe the smaller one would be okay to hang around your neck but I wouldn't want to be dangling this large one around my neck so probably wouldn't quite use that for a you know lanyard but it notes that the coin cell is replaceable that is actually interesting if that's true then this will pretty much last forever then because I can just buy you know a coin sell so long as it fits you know they have these for a dollar well two for a dollar at my dollar store so I can just buy a couple and just keep replacing it so oh I see there is actually so there is actually a tiny little screw and a catch here you can actually remove that battery that is really cool I've seen actually a lot of these boards that have the battery permanently soldered in and there's nothing you can do to replace it once it dies other than kind of destructively cracking the case open or peeling the board off which could potentially damage it but this is actually removable just with the single screw so definitely props up for that I did not realize that that is a huge feature to have on something like this because I will be using this heavily over the next few weeks so yeah if you guys have any questions post them down below and I will do my best to answer them and until next time I'll see you guys later bye

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  1. We need a device where you long-press the delete button to clear the screen. If we have that short-press button and bump it accidentally, all our work is gone. Or if the button gets bumped inside a backpack, all the work is gone.

  2. you guys can help review one of our products as below too?

  3. this tablet only works for a very good mathematician, who does a whole calculus without any mistake

  4. First of all great video, I would like an information say that the tip of the pen has a wear and tear needing to change it already occurred? If not, do you think it has wear and tear? Are you satisfied with the result? I want to buy one for

      Mathematics study. Many thanks Ass: Reinaldo – Ribeirão Preto – Brazil

  5. It should have a saving option with extra memory slot it keep save our work for future reference instead simply deleting and doing it again n again

  6. You just give basis information ……. You not written any thinking ….you are not show brighness ..about writing….should i buy or not …plsssss reply on…

  7. So do you use it permanently now or it lays on shelf. Did this concept of erasable lcd turn out better than simple paper?

  8. Preeeety neat! I got a mini one that's like 5 inches and I think of it like those little dollar store things where you draw on it and then you peel up the film to erase it. You guys know what I'm talking about?

  9. better go and buy 100 so my boy Sjm4306 can bring some Gameboys to the table so the children can have something to eat

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