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I feel like the people I mentioned, you should
feel like I’m paying homage to you for real. Like you are important enough for a nigga
to say something about you. I’m coming up and I probably got a little
less loose than them. So if they wanted smoke about it, I’m pretty
sure y’all in a great situation where y’all don’t want to lose that. The inspiration from it is just being a 50
fan honestly and motherfucking knowing how he carried shit. I was in the studio talking to my homeboy,
we was drinking and shit, and he always drank that motherfucking Seagram’s gin and that
shit will really get niggas fucked up. Pyrex was on the side making a beat and we
wasn’t even paying attention to him. We was talking then we had caught the beat. Damn, that shit hard. Then when niggas drunk. He was like fucking just go. You need to go at everybody, man, you need
to go at everybody. I’m like No bullshit, I’m about to go in
there and go at everybody. We went in the booth, Dummy was like scrolling
through it, DJ Akademiks, just picking out rappers, picking out rappers. We was making bars for all of them, like fuck
it. We didn’t care what name we said, we don’t
give it for how hard a nigga is, what they fucking reputation is, what they fucking arrest
record like, we don’t care about none of that, because at the end of the day, if it’s big
smoke it’s that, if you a real nigga, you’re respected, then it’s that. Out the whole rap, I respect everybody except
for him. It’s just certain principles go for certain
people how you carry yourself. So he jumped in like a street nigga, he’s
supposed to go out like a street nigga. Can’t go out like no bitch ass nigga once
the pressure get on you. That’s the only one that I was thinking like
damn, that shit crazy, but at the same time it was just like, I don’t believe he did it. I don’t believe he did it. I fuck with the nigga’s music. Everybody knows, him and Snoop is the biggest
potheads in the industry, in life. You ever heard that saying, “You better off
fighting AIDs before you fuck with me,” you feel me? You going to die over here. Even Wiz Khalifa don’t want no smoke The whole QC way, they the biggest label and
shit, and I respect that. I like how the fuck they moving and shit,
but I’m like let me just tap in with some word play so that’s why I was like, “Shoot
with the J,” I mean, “Shoot like a J with the K, no coach,” because you know how niggas
shoot the jump shot, the “J”, but I said with a “K” with the AK. No coach, because coach “K.” And then I said,
“Bet they going to Takeoff, they see ‘me go’.” Takeoff, they going to run, but that’s like
Migo, and that’s why I said, “they see me go”. Like, they see me really hop out and go. Go crazy. So basically I just started naming more Migos,
“Put that shit on set,” like on my set on Crip. If I catch Offset, the Migo, I’m just going
to give little Cardi a dome check, like hold on, let me just move to your wife. I only said females that make music. Say his wife was just a regular female that
he been fucking with, I wouldn’t have said her name, you feel me? Because that’s just getting a little too deep,
but she raps, so she in the fucking category with all of us, you feel me? She’s way bigger and richer than me so what
the fuck? You feel me? So, move him aside, I’m going to get a little
Cardi a dome check, that’s going to hurt you to the core. “Looking at Quavo I know he a sweetie.” Because his girl name is Saweetie and I was
just saying looking at him, you look soft. Incorporate everybody and his female motherfucking
make music too, so she ain’t safe. Blueface in the pocket but the Blueface a
rapper and he motherfucking tall, light-skinned, bitches love him, he a Crip. Damn, nigga, we the same. God damn, he took that market quick as a bitch
from a nigga. I ain’t going to lie, respect Meek because
he motherfucking really attract to the young niggas, and put a lot of niggas under his
wing. But everybody make the joke he be yelling,
everything he says is yelling. Don’t yell at me, my nigga. I’m a grown-ass man. And then I said, “Run up on Gunna, what’s
in that Chanel bag?” Yeah, what’s in there? I know you a hundred racks, at least. Give me some. 21 Savage, playing off his name, but y’all
group savage? Who you going to tell that? So that’s why I was like, let me test the
savage, I’m about to jack Young Nudy for his hellcat. And the hellcat I think it’s a Dodge, or something. It’s a car, it’s a nice car, for real. He got one, I know he got one. Drake is clearly in OVO but you know niggas
call the Draco, that’s like mini AK47, niggas call the Draco a Drake. A 40 is a motherfucking other gun, but 40
is also a producer at OVO or something, right? So it’s like, yeah, “I got a Drake, I got
a 40 glocked up.” I fuck with Kodak, that’s probably one of
my favorite rappers, for real. But he stay in jail. He stay in jail, so I can’t even catch him,
my nigga. He’s locked up. You know how the new generation is, the young
niggas they get sensitive. They motherfucking catch feelings about little
funny shit for real, so I had to name a GOAT so they don’t feel like they was targeted. But he a skateboarding ass nigga now, knock him straight off that motherfucker. Everybody know him for being a young crazy,
he’d go in and steal shit, take shit, and just go crazy. Boonk Gang whole lot of gang shit, for real. Pull up on 2 Chainz, since your name is 2
Chainz, I’m going to pull me a Boonk Gang and take them shits. He just basically said that he likes, what
he likes and I’m a pretty mother fucker. I can’t run up on him cause he might like
that. So he safe he just keep it going. Them four people, BlocBoy JB, Snoop, Roddy
rich, OT Genesis, they all Crips. I just started naming Crips after that and
shit. On some set tripping shit. I respect the BlocBoy because he is the first
person who commented on it that know me personally to lighten the situation, where it was, he
was like, damn, cuz you going to stomp me. He just basically letting it be known that
and you funny as shit. Then other people started being like, Oh yeah
ha ha. He is going to sing something that is going
to make me stop. I like 50, I used to watch the movies and
shit and I used to like how he carried himself. I went back to listen to all his old music
and shit and I still fucked with it. I really be riding around listening to “Get
Rich Or Die Trying” to this day. I fuck with how he carries himself. I fuck with his marketing strategies. I fuck with how he just carry other people. How he go in on niggas. He don’t let up. Not one little bit. I let it be known from the beginning to the
end. I was joking and shit. We was just having fun and shit. But, at the end I had let it be known like
niggas don’t want to take it there, over a fucking song. This year, BET awards is going to be in Atlanta. Everybody be in Atlanta. I’m going to be there. Maybe not front row, but I’m going to be close
to that motherfucker. Second or third. On my own ten by myself, let’s see how that
shit go cause I swear to God I’m gonna go viral again, punching a nigga in his mouth. I want Jesus sandals. I just decided I have Madd Rapper on there. He basically just paying respect. A lot of the young niggas don’t know who it
is. They hear a song about who the fuck is that
talking? I just be like, nah, I don’t even take time
to explain it. A lot of people going to get and, it’s going
to hit them harder.

100 thoughts on “Bandhunta Izzy “How To Rob” Official Lyrics & Meaning | Verified

  1. He's shit asf. The song is literally about dissing people and that's the only way he can get money?. He rapping all this talk but wouldn't do shit😂

  2. Anyone else notice how he’s doesn’t really know the bars. Sound like a ghostwriters work possibly. “The hellcats a car or something”

  3. This was some shit you don't see too much anymore. If rappers have issues, jump on a track and go at it no violence necessary.

    Even if you don't have issues, fuck it, diss somebody anyway and see who's better.

    Turn street beefs into healthy competition and stop ending lives senselessly. That's some real hip hop shit.

  4. “You important enough for a nigga to say something about you” 😂how that sound like a compliment and a insult at the same time

  5. bruh this dude straight up copied 50 cents fisrt hit, 50 went at every single rapper in the game before he was known…. jay-z even called him out while fifty was back stage… this for real some straight up bogus no creativeness at all bullshit foh

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