Baldi's Basics: The Story You Never Knew | Baldi's Basics in Education and Learning

26 thoughts on “Baldi's Basics: The Story You Never Knew | Baldi's Basics in Education and Learning

  1. That's how reading writing classes killed me. Most books I choose where not suited for assignments, like comic, trivia, and reference books. The worst part was reading a book that the school wanted you to read. Why would I read something that I have no interest in? And even worst writing an essay on material that already cleared from memory in turn making me panic and re-read the same crappy book.

  2. No one:
    Comments sections on YouTube videos that are remotely related to Baldis Basics: SWEEP SWEEP SWEEP SWEEP SWEEP SWEEP SWEEP

  3. I once found out an amazing way to solve fractions, and it always worked. I used it in class, on homework, and when I was helping friends. One day, I showed my teacher the awesome way. They said I can't do that "because it's not the right way to solve fractions." I was furious after that :^(

  4. 4:05 why in the world would you put The Book of Mormon in the “work of fiction”? It’s a religion. That’s like saying Jews or Catholics are fakers.

  5. Why would playtime be chaotic good she clearly doesnt care about others well being she would be at most chaotic netural.

  6. Him saying you exist doesnt mran they all exist. Balding could of just broken the fourth fall by referring to the player.

  7. objection
    what if you exist, but they don't? they could be figments of a hallucination or other thing.

  8. Honestly not gonna lie, Baldi's basics… Made me actually learn math better somehow
    Since i've became a fan i stopped hatting math (*cough* the easy side of it at least, like… 2 + 2 )

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