BALDI IS EVERYWHERE! | Baldi's Basics In Learning And Education Gameplay

want to make sure you never miss a kindly Keon video again be sure to subscribe and hit that Bell to turn on notifications no Baldy hate this game I hate it so much hello everybody I am kindly Keon and welcome back to baldies basics and education and learning the most exciting learning edutainment game you've ever played and teaches you to hate math one problem at a time no that's not true but it is a very very difficult game baldie does not mess around once you get all the notebooks it's insane how fast he gets but today we're gonna try and beat it now I have looked into strategies of beating this game one of the most comprehensive strategies I've seen is by a youtuber by the name of Jay ski beam and not only has he provided some nice tips on how to beat the game he also provided a map and I am using said map to try and figure out the course that we should take in defeating Baldy for good and never have to see him again but I do enjoy the game I mean for all it's worth this game is hilarious and fun to play it's just incredibly difficult I should also increase the sensitivity on on the game there's a slider that you can use to increase the sensitivity and I've never messed with it but I'm realizing it takes a long time to turn around it's kind of it's kind of annoying but anyways let's let's make Baldy real mad now I don't just can I just not answer can I just never answer I kind of just listen to that noise over and over again because I feel like it would be more fun than being chased by Baldy and his his ruler I'm not gonna answer Baldy I refuse you can't tell me how to live my life what happens if we just stay here forever we can we can listen to this sweet Jam you feel it oh here oh oh this this is where it gets good yeah see see the belt yeah my jam anyways umm nothing happens just the music plays over and over and over alright let's go let's do this I have the map I'm ready I'm not ready but what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna go to the left first so bendy bendy I just called him Benji is that the secret of this game no he's gonna be coming down that hallway of course so we're gonna go to the left oh we should grab that hello can I please thank you really really Suze we're gonna do this I know her name's playtime but Susie is her name in in the Canon right that's that's what we've named her and that's what she will forever be named so there's a couple of strategies that we're gonna be employing here one of the tips that Jacey being suggested is that you only really use the sprint when you need to get in and out of rooms so basically like this you run in you grab what you need and then you run out and that's it that's it so we're gonna be employing that strategy so I just got a simple arithmetic question wrong which means that baldies gonna be even more mad Oh mess that one up oh this might be a doomed run this may actually be a doomed run yeah hey there buddy it's good to see you again I'm so glad that we can get along so well and just have such a great relationship teacher-student relationship it's a beautiful thing it's a beautiful thing alright so we have four of seven notebooks of course Baldy is right behind us which is really cool now another thing that J ski being talked about is this idea that if you can get out of the sight of Baldy he will he will lose track of you like if you pass a corner for instance and he doesn't see you past that corner then he loses track of you like he only responds to the sound of doors opening and closing that's what makes him go to a spot and then once he sees you then he'll chase you down but we're gonna try to kind of use that to our advantage sort of maybe I don't know it's it's a lot to take in I know but we're gonna do our best here to get through this oh he's right there he's yup he's right there oh my gosh okay okay we should not be running in the hallways like this this is very dangerous thing to do this is very dangerous because the principle could be a ride around the corner I don't know if Baldy is fully confused now maybe Oh sweeping time great let's grab a bisoder yeah got the bow soda okay so we can use the quarter on that vending machine that was definitely something that was recommended oh my gosh why the fidgets spinner why so I feel like that was a doomed run from the beginning now I am gonna increase my mouse sensitivity put it like there 30% let's let's try again whoo sensitivity Wow okay that changed things significantly I don't know if I like it it might be a little bit too much maybe if it too much but let's just just get through this let's get this party started if you will all right baldies mad he's very mad I'm looking at my map I got the map on the other screen which was made by JC bean so thank you Jay Ski beam I will have a link to their channel here in the in the description oh my goodness okay principal hello it's good to see you that's sweeping time in that blue door over there see I'm using the map I'm using my noggin I'm using the map there's sock puppet man now in the run that I saw JCB Nguyen he used the sock puppet to teleport to the beginning of the level which is like next level strats that's next level dude I don't I don't know if I can do that and then he locked Baldy out of like the the room like cuz you can put the padlock on yellow doors basically that's the way they work so I don't know I'm I'm just I'm kind of flabbergasted as to how anybody has ever beaten this game because once you get all seven notebooks he's insane he's insane he he moves at the speed of Sam maybe even the speed of light Baldy has discovered how to move so dead please jump row faster oh my gosh okay and if the principal comes it's just over it's super over room 99 oh they're all room 99 of course they are the world is big class dismissed that's a life lesson for everybody 14-0 let's go he gets angrier every problem you get wrong of course he does he's an angry angry little man oh we have to hurry oh just go just go okay yeah he's right behind us that's also something that I never really used was the spacebar to look behind you I would manually turn around not a good strat does not there's a reason why there's a spacebar okay uh yeah you know what let's do this let's do this let's grab the soda it's run run a little bit make things a little bit trickier on Good Old Baldy over there okay let's get that open and hope there's the principal all right let's get the WoW notebook it's my favorite negative one negative four zero it's never zero isn't that weird it's never the right answer wonder if there is a way to actually get really really okay alright this is okay we can move we can get out of this we can get out of this I just need to get my bearings straight here please please please go okay okay good good good good good is this this this is good this is good we can do this six four zero it's still not zero believe it or not I think baldies very close I think he's he's like just take me just take me Baldy ah what is that it's a Twinkie brownie I don't know I don't care I turn the mouse sensitivity down just a little bit just a little bit yeah that seems good okay new strategy we're gonna go right no rights really changing things up we're gonna go the opposite direction I don't know why I think that hmm one of the things that we should probably do is collect items that we know we're gonna use before Baldy gets super fast that was actually another suggestion from JC bean and I don't know the items I want though that's the thing like the detention keys I don't know how super helpful those are because if you don't get detention you don't use them so you know why worry about it but at the same time if you do get detention it would be really nice to have them so I don't know I really don't know we're gonna go for this book first I think and then maybe we'll we'll go down this hallway grab that book over there I don't know right now Baldy is super slow and super easy to escape obviously but as soon as we start answering these questions things are gonna heat up a little bit I'm just gonna give it a little little spicy so embrace it cuz this is our future let's see why all right okay yep yep there's just a very angry teacher right behind you okay can we can you just leave now can you leave okay thank you for leaving I appreciate that i'ma grab the other soda and I'm also going to grab this guy right here so let's go for the book that is down the hallway here so we're gonna turn to the right then we're gonna make another right and then Susie is gonna ruin everything really really okay apparently jump-roping in the hallways is fine principal doesn't mind that just don't run you can jump rope but you can't run why why what is that what's that about why can't I run what if I'm late okay twelve yes – yes zero yes get out of here get out of here Baldy hello oh it's good to see you again buddy okay where am I going this is gonna take us to like the detention kind of area you know what I think I have our path I think I've got it there's gonna be a room with a book right here right right there oh don't don't even talk to me bully don't even talk to me don't even okay I think that baldies right behind us which means we're probably gonna die I was overthinking it I was looking at my map too much and now I'm probably done I'm done I'm done I accidentally pressed the wrong button and I just gave him my soda I gave him my soda stupid so bad it's so bad oh good there's Baldy okay great he's right behind us okay um throw them off the scent right maybe maybe we can like open doors to throw them off I don't know I really don't know I want to get this lock but I don't I don't think I don't think this is gonna work oh this is not good there's a principal so I can't run and of course he's in the room that I want to go in so that's really nice okay run to this and grab it faster please 11 please 6 please 0 hate this I hate this oh I hate everything about it I hate everything about it he's right there we're done we're done yeah loool we haven't even gotten seven notebooks yet this is embarrassing it's really not cuz I mean the game is just brutal it doesn't it doesn't mess around but I would like to at least get to the point that I can't be Oh angry Baldy why okay so we're going to the right same strategy as last time now one of my ideas is that if we can get to the long hallway on the other side of the school baldies chasing us we can shoot him with the soda and that'll really slow him down because he's got go all the way down that super long hallway so I'm hoping that that works I don't know if it will it probably won't but I'm hoping that we can make something work and of course we're gonna we're gonna play we're gonna play yep yep okay here we go uh-huh where's Baldy I don't know he's just kind of wandering the hallways right now okay that was tons of fun Susie thank you all right let's grab this one and there's the principal huh okay hey buddy okay so that was our first notebook Hey who closed the door it's rude okay I think I don't actually know where I am right now is that sweeping time is that sweep us that's probably sweep so I have an idea of where we are now yep that's sweep in time okay all right I know where we are there's Baldy of course of course he's there like opening doors to try and throw him off I don't know if that does anything I'm trying though okay so I'm gonna head to the end of this hallway grab this notebook then go into the cafeteria get the B soda and then also should I grab the candy bar I should probably grab the candy bar I mean it's helpful that's probably what we're gonna do but I don't know it's like all my strategies go out the window as soon as Baldy shows up I just get scared I panic I scream like a little girl and then it's all ruined okay baldies at the end of this hallway that's fine it's totally fine let's grab this here okay and then let's grab the soda here and of course playtime is coming Susie everybody's favorite jump rope girl okay where do I go where should I go should go this way I don't know this this might don't don't go that way definitely don't go that way here kind of sweep a time okay so this is the long hallway that I want to save for later I don't want to deal with this right now I want to use this to my advantage so I'm not gonna collect the notebooks in here yet although maybe I should grab one you know what let's grab one let's grab one now admittedly this is very risky I'm gonna eat the candy bar I don't know where Baldy is right now I am gonna grab the lock I feel like this lock is going to be invaluable that means very valuable I don't know why that means very valuable but it's gonna be a good thing to have baldies getting close I don't know where he is though I really have no idea that's sweeping time okay always behind us okay can he outrun us at this point I don't know please no he took my lock the bully took my lock that stinks that was that was my special lock Oh Suzie no nope okay uh-huh yep okay shoot him I'm gonna shoot him I'm gonna shoot him did I get this one I got that one I'm good I'm good I'm all set there I need this one this is the one once I get this one Oh Suzie oh all right let's get this done okay so the last one is in that hallway why why are you there it's all fall apart at the seams guys it's awful okay similar strategy sort of I don't know it this has not been going well as as you guys can probably tell it's not been great I've got detention this is bad this is very bad I have the tape but I don't know if that's gonna help me much right now oh there wait Baldy he's confused he's confused oh my gosh okay where should I go I should go this way I should definitely go this way I want to get to the cafeteria to grab the soda the second soda I don't know if it's worth it I think we should just go for it I think that it I don't know I don't know I don't know what to do a mine flooded right now guys I just I just want to win I just want to win that's all I want please please just let me let me out of this place this nightmare nine five zero okay I hurt him hurt him very briefly I think he's heading this direction I just don't know where from I think he's behind me I think he's definitely behind me so that's good that's good cuz if I can grab this and then shoot him with the soda when I get out oh oh we're golden – six five no not 58 you insane please this is it this is all seven right yep yep yep yep here he comes here he comes okay okay we need to find all four exits pleat no no you are a terrible terrible creature this is this is the worst please please please please please please please please please please please stop stop chasing me please stop chasing me can we can we talk about this Baldy can we talk we can't talk no no time for talking there's no time for talking now I'm not gonna say we were gonna win that run but if Susie wasn't there if she wasn't there I feel like we had a chance the jump rope took it away from us okay here we go again we got this I still really do like the idea of going down that long hallway and shooting him with the bow soda I just I don't know if we executed it properly and of course Susie was there of course she was there why wouldn't she be there so we're gonna try similar strategy although I will admit in that last run you guys didn't see it all but I I kind of took some weird routes just to kind of like avoid having to deal with with different obstacles like the bully for instance I ended up going through like the faculty room to get around the bully and that actually worked pretty good but I just it's I don't know it's it's very finicky there's another quarter no there was another quarter okay you know what I'm gonna grab the other quarter why is it like this though if this is no this is I shouldn't have done this this takes way too long oh my gosh and I'm probably gonna get caught by the principal right oh no there's Baldy though oh my gosh this is the worst yep here he comes here he goes oh gosh please please just give me the notebook please notebook oh we made it to the notebook okay so we are gonna get caught by the principal I assume but at least we got the notebook right yep there he goes okay so that actually was kind of strategic because now we've been teleported somewhere where Baldy can't find us I don't know how much this is gonna help us in the long run he might know exactly where we are honestly he does of course he does what do you know where we are I'm dead I'm dead I'm dead I'm so dead please please get out okay okay sword up I can't run right now cuz the principal yep he's following me why is the principal following me I don't like that grab the soda okay we're gonna try something we're gonna run to the phone oh I hate you so much I hate you so much principal okay at least we disoriented Baldy but we got to sit here for 30 seconds this is not great why is he getting closer he should not know where I am he should be completely disoriented he knows exactly where I am of course he does of course he knows where I am uh-huh uh-huh got a sweep sweep sweep somehow we got out of there but Suzie's here now of course she is where's Baldy did he go the other way I think we threw him off so so we're okay right now maybe he got swept I don't know the sweeping guy pushes Baldy – so maybe we dodged a bullet there I've only gotten one book that's so bad oh no in the bully's right there oh my goodness okay we're gonna go through the cafeteria and we're gonna play with Susie no no she's going the other way okay good thanks Susie there's the bully of course he's right there he's in a very very bad spot I don't know if he moves I don't even know if he goes to dip in spots I hope he does cuz I don't like where he is right now oh there's Baldy oh good we have no choice we have to go through the bully he's gonna take our soda okay that's real nice of you bully thank you I didn't need that I never needed it oh and there's Suzy oh good okay please let me out let me out okay she let me out that was nice that was nice this one I need this grab this one yes this is the black notebook good 11500 so much okay so we're heading to the long hallway I think I'm gonna try to grab the lock I think I have time maybe could prove to be quite disastrous I don't know yet I don't know we're gonna grab this get the heck out of here he's very close he's very close uncomfortably close grab this notebook please okay to 14-0 here's every door we open oh my gosh I'm shaking I'm shaking this game it it's so much anxiety there he is areas of course oh this we're done we're done we're done no I have to use my soda I have to use it I don't want to but I have to I have to use it oh my gosh I want to save that for later but I have to use it now okay we got all seven here we go angry Baldy bring it on it's all red shikaka no Baldy hate this game I hate it so much I love to hate it and I hate to love it Baldy you're something else you know that you're really something else you know what we're gonna go left this time because going right has not really worked very well for us not that left is gonna go much better I mean let's be realistic this game is very hard and I don't think it's ever gonna let me win alleys ever gonna let me live play slower here okay I'm so dad what sweeping time swept me into Baldy that's new and fun and exciting shoot Baldy I'm shooting him I did it I did it and I'd do it again okay we only have one more book to get and then it's scary time so uh yeah here we go oh of course the bullies here this is great you're gonna take my lock no you're gonna take my soda even better okay this is the last notebook right here and I'm pretty sure that baldies right behind us so I think that we're just dead I think yeah it's safe to say that we're super dead and just there's nothing we can do about it because he's right there he's right there he's yep yep there he is yep okay great thank you for the fidgets spinner I really appreciate that love those things love them the law got sweat sweat sweat sweat plaits lips lips little plump flap flap flap you bee D bee do bee do this game is making me go insane you know this guy doesn't have any shoes on wearing socks at school what a weirdo a weird principal is weird please no Susie please really I don't want to play I really don't want to though you don't understand it's just it's a little inconvenient right now got away from Susie somehow that was amazing just getting a notebook reset her I don't know I don't know I just like I'm worried about it right now oh so dead so dead so very dead take that and then this guy's gonna take my soda of course he is thank you thank you for that appreciate that really hope the principal's not here Riya there's the principal of course okay you know what oh I I don't know which one I'm missing this is this is really packed I'm fisting one and I don't know which one it is oh no I lost track I think this is doomed this is doomed we're done where's Baldy there he is yep yep there he is no no why I can't do it guys I can't beat this game it's impossible have you beaten this game let me know if you've beaten this game send me a picture on Twitter I want to see it I want proof this game is insane it's so hard and so random and just mean why are you so mean to me Baldy anyways I tried I desperately desperately tried I could not do it I don't know if I'll ever be able to do it to be honest with you but hey you know I I do enjoy the game for what it's worth it's a fun game to play it's just very frustrating when you're just trying to see the ending and you just can't do it you put all this time into it you just can't do it but guys that's gonna do it for this episode of baldies basics and education and learning I hope you feel smarter after watching that you probably don't but at least you can feel like you did some math today that's gonna do it if you enjoyed this be sure to hit that like button and of course if you'd like to see more you can subscribe to my channel by clicking on the little circle with my logo in it right below this window you can also watch more of my videos by clicking on the sides of the screen thank you so much for watching and I will see you guys next time

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