Baker Mayfield wants you to know he doesn't like Sam Ehlinger

Baker Mayfield has nothing but sass for hard G and we're gonna talk about it after the bumper what's up kid folks its RJ young I am NOT on a step no consider hitting the like and subscribe button because I upload a video every single day so it's all your later college football related sports related we have a good time and today we're going to talk about Baker Mayfield giving hard G all this trash this trash talk I love this about Baker I love this about almost anybody because well I engage in quite a bit of it myself and as a connoisseur of said trash talk I am here to recognize real as real and nobody gets more real about Texas in a short amount of time then Baker Mayfield he leaves no doubts about where his allegiances lie and just who he cannot stand and he went at Sam Ehlinger with just brutal honesty which one was he could never be he he can ever be Lake Travis which means that king petty is on his king petty stuff because he just say Westlake is a great program but the best two quarterbacks to ever come out of there were Drew Brees and Nick Foles matter of fact let's like let him tell it to you all the preseason publications I read hearing people talk they say Texas is finally back they're finally back I'm singer Sam ailing you're stood at the floor of the Sugar Bowl last year and proclaim that the University of Texas is back so I'll just ask you is it's actually back leg travel so I don't really care his opinion on anything winning you know westlakes a great program but the two best quarterbacks come out of there Drew Brees and Nick Foles Sam can Sam can stay down there in Texas I like it good stuff that'll stir the pot he doesn't like me and I hope he knows I don't like him either good stuff I love it I love it always something good to say oh my god so all of that I'm here for but also just goes to show for the people that really don't get the hate between oh you and Texas being real this is how real it is the dude that is a Heisman Trophy winner the dude that is a number one overall draft pick in the NFL Draft the dude that was a walk-on at Texas Tech and a walk-on at Oklahoma still has nothing but just let the hate flow through you stuff for Texas and this is not about stats this is not about wins and losses Texas folks love to bring up that Texas has the lead in the Red River Rivalry and then you'll be like yo man how about those Heisman trophies yo man how many college football playoffs you played in yo man how many big 12 championship you want and it's also kind of Lee know he was one one we talked about now champ chips here so with Texas resources I've always thought that Texas should be at the top of the heap just they make more money than anybody else they can throw an offer in any direction and pick up almost anybody that they want and the recruiting class is always going to be good if they are even interested in recruiting it's all about evaluation at Texas in a way that it's not like that anywhere else because you have a talent rich state and yes you have other programs but there's enough talent in the state of Texas to not only feed Texas but AM Baylor TCU Houston SMU Texas State we can keep going here right I mean Jalen hurts his big brother went to Texas Southern that that's just me throwing it out there that if you could play you can play in Texas especially if you're from Texas and yet and still we got Baker telling Texas fans just what it is for the Longhorns and they just don't seem to be getting it together in a way in which I'm comfortable even acknowledging that ten win season that they had because sometimes I'm like yeah Texas did a really cool thing because they did get a win against Oklahoma they lost the picture of championship and then they beat Georgia which they'll be point out that they beat Georgia the year before Oklahoma lost to Georgia doesn't matter that we tell them that that Georgia team in 2017 was a better team and that that Georgia team play for a national championship it only matters to them that Kirby Smart was still the head coach fine whatever just count the Rings right count two all-americans okay count the number one overall draft picks just go to the last draft and count the draft picks from each school I mean for Baker Mayfield to continue to dunk on Texas is also you know so no it's not anytime Baker Mayfield what's the dunking on Texas I'm gonna be here for it I'm gonna list to it especially if it's on a place that is local where we understand like Sports Talk 1400 where this clip comes from it in the area we understand what it means to not like Texas we understand what it means to hate Texas we understand what it means to want to beat them stupidly every single year and yet and still we're going to have this view and it's great for the sport it's great for the big 12 because now you got hard G responding to Baker Mayfield and you got various Texas fans and Texas Twitter accounts going yeah well who's still thinking about that well we are and we all we will forever in the same way that Texas thanks about the 2005 national championship game they think about what Vince Young was able to do for them and they want hard G to be the guy that Baker Mayfield is and that's what this is really about hard G loves Texas the way that Baker loves Oklahoma and now you're getting to see the talent difference it's one thing to be all in on the school it's another thing to be everything you say like my mother used to love Reggie Jackson she still loves Reggie Jackson but she would say the reason she liked Reggie Jackson most is because he would say in ain't bragging if you can do it and Baker Mayfield ain't bragging because he did it that's the lesson to take away from his hard cheat all right that's it for me ghosts

27 thoughts on “Baker Mayfield wants you to know he doesn't like Sam Ehlinger

  1. Butt hurt Baker… hope he keeps running that motor mouth. Cleveland is already angered at him. Hmmm. Seems to be a pattern with that crybaby..

  2. it’s not a good look for an nfl qb on an up-incoming team to b trashing a COLLEGE player… texas OWNS REAL ESTATE in his head j like they do w u rj

  3. I like the talk.. Especially since baker still mad Texas didn't recruit him (along with everybody else). But it's a compliment to Sam.. Baker going at him because he's everything he wanted to be.. So sad. Hate. To. See. It. #HookEm 🤘

  4. Texas is highly over-rated.
    I see they were not quick to say that after beating OU in the Red River Shootout.
    Texas knew that if OU could hv gotten that ball back the outcome would hv been different.
    Texas see U in October and OU will see if you are back.
    What a Joke!😄😜😁

  5. I love the hate! Makes the game that much sweeter when we beat y’all!! Plus Baker is Just hurt he didn’t get offered by Texas. Stop crying and watch ou lose this year to Sam Hard G!!!

  6. Man RJ the best at keeping it real by getting the point across that Texas is not back. Sorry Texas fans you still suck

  7. I agree it does mean a lot to OU fans, coaches, and players…they think about Texas all through the year. Even when recruits come visit, OU coaches have the recruits do the down horns lmao. I don’t get that same vibe when I’m in Texas, I rarely hear anything about OU when I’m down there. They not living their lives through college football 100% of the time lol

  8. I tried searching for tweets about this, yesterday, I think. Discovered that Baker had similar things to say about Hard "G" Ehlinger last year after the NFL combine, when apparently Hard "G" tweeted something about Orlando Brown Jr's combine performance.. I didn't know about that little incident. I'm sure Baker still personally despises Hard "G" after that.

  9. "Hard G?" Now that's a creative nickname for Ehlinger, props to you from a Texas fan who's also a subscriber to this great channel

  10. "As a connoisseur of said trash talk "

    I like you RJ, but (as you like to say) "miss me" with that Stephen A-esque self-aggrandizement.

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