Bad Blood Author Carreyrou On Elizabeth Holmes And Theranos

38 thoughts on “Bad Blood Author Carreyrou On Elizabeth Holmes And Theranos

  1. I have a billion dollar idea… let's IPO and give me a billion dollars. Let the actually smart people figure out the details. Enron already did this. DERP.

  2. If this devious white woman is Jew it’s not a surprise coz Jewish people like Bernie are well of criminals their greed is beyond imaginable.

  3. 2 TB isn't really that much for a computer. Even laptops are coming with more than that as of the time this was published.

  4. can you Americans understand Jim Cramer?! lol He sounds like a bad breed between an Irish and a Scottish American

  5. 5/4/19….WHAT's with the "fake" voice? Is she trying to sound like a guy? Or is she a trans with her "pretend" guy voice?
    MUST BE SOMETHING IN THE CA WATER OR AIR—-This woman with her "fake guy" voice + (fake) Dr. Ford of Kauvanaugh fame with her "fake little girl voice"?

  6. Cramer acts like he never interviewed Holmes and gave her a platform for perpetuating her (possible) fraud. He did and was very enthuthsiastic about Theranos before this scandal broke.

  7. Thank you, Mr Carreyrou, for exposing this monstrous fraud — and the grotesque, almost Stalinist treatment of anyone that worked for the principals of Theranos.

  8. Jim Cramer was one of the enabler. Theranos lawyers should be disbarred, especially David Boies, Heather King and Mike Brille. Their actions were downright illegal: harassment, coerce . Boies, Schiller & Flexner sohuld be disbanded.

  9. At 7:12… context begins a few seconds prior… Carreyrou’s face when Cramer says “is it the blacks?” is great 🤣🤣

  10. Just finished reading book. Elizabeth Holmes was all about the aesthetics of the product not enough science.

  11. This video needs to stop auto-playing on my playlist. His voice is really annoying to me. I can't enjoy the interview.

  12. Look at the author apologizing for her. Yeah I am totally going to buy your book now. What kind of spell is this witch casting on these guys. Are they really turned on by the deep voice? Is that it. It's gross … she's gross and anyone with a functioning brain could see she was nuts from day one.

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