Back To Me – Arabic poetry from the heart to invite the beloved to return to her lover

BACK TO ME I have no heart without you
back to me You are still my amazing ryhtm on my Oud I feel tired tired of the length of hope from the bottom of despair to the highest rise Back to me If you see me now you will not know me I was tired of longing and took weight from my body Back to me I will not rest until I get a whisper or a letter from my distant lover Back to me I will remain the keeper of the covenant
and my covenant with myself is .. that I will not break with you the most trustworthy covenant Back to me I tired of holding my freedom and masking tired of the distance from you
and tired of staying Back to me Damn the one who keeps us apart and if he were in front of me he will be burned from my lightning and thunder Back to me Back to me before I despair of life before I set fire to myself with a match Back to me You means for me the heart, the soul, and the beauty and you are the most precious one whom I promised Back to me BACK TO ME Poetry and Poem recitation by
Amir Saleh

87 thoughts on “Back To Me – Arabic poetry from the heart to invite the beloved to return to her lover

  1. الله الله لو كنت املك مليون لايك
    وربي لجعلتهم من نصيبك
    فعلن جميل جميل ما اروووعك
    شو هالجمال اخي واصل
    فانت مبدع بالشعر و بالاداء….
    سعيدة انا بوجودي معك

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