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Hey y’all! My name is Priscilla and
welcome back to my channel. Today I’m going to be doing the
Back From BookNet Fest tag. 🎶 Intro Instrumental 🎶 So the Back From
BookNet Fest tag, if you haven’t seen, I’m very late to
do this tag so you’ve probably seen a bunch of these tags already. But it’s a tag that was
created by Njeri over at Onyx Pages and it was inspired
by the BookNet Fest tag that was created by Kathy Trithardt. Did I pronounce your
name right? Maybe. But I am very late to doing this
so I’m gonna try and keep this relevant by also shouting out
a bunch of creators. Because I have been
watching other people do this tag and of course I met a lot
of people at BookNet Fest so I’m gonna try and shout
out as many people as possible. This is a pretty simple tag
so let’s just go ahead and jump into the questions. So question number
one is explain your BNF experience in one word. My one word is
definitely validating. And I saw that this was also Brody’s word who
is a booktuber over at the channel Et Tu, Brody?
And I didn’t meet them at BookNet Fest but I have been following them. I just subscribed to them and you should
definitely subscribe to them too. Question number two is what
was your favorite session and why? And I think that this year my
favorite sessions were actually the workshops. This was my first
year actually attending workshops- signing up for them- and going to them. I didn’t go to them last year
and I really enjoyed them. I really like that they’re
smaller group settings. That they’re very intimate.
That they’re very casual as opposed to the panel and audience
kind of interactions. Um and I like that I got to take
stuff home with me from BNF. So the two workshops that I
attended- the first was defacing… the book
defacing workshop held by Olivia over at iLivieforbooks. She is revolutionary. Like the work- artwork
that she puts together for her books. The way that she films them and has
created this very accepting environment for defacing books
is just amazing! I am so in awe with
the work that she does. And she brought some
examples that were amazing. I really like that workshop because
it just gave me the confidence to actually deface my
books that I don’t think I would have gotten on my own. And uh we only had time to actually
spray edges of our books. I brought um Difficult Woman by Roxane
Gay and my edges are silver. And I think that you can see
that pretty well. I actually had to like go
over mine a couple times because I have deckled edges. But it actually came out
pretty dang good. Like I’m actually really
impressed with this. And Olivia also talked about um the
mandalas that she does for the actual hardcover.
Which I still haven’t done yet. I have an idea when I do-
what I want to do. I kind of want to do like a
heart design. Like a geometric heart design. And she gave us
some samples to practice. So I really like that because you get
to take stuff home from the workshops and you really get to
engage with the people that are running the workshops. So yeah [I] highly recommend Olivia. And the next workshop
that I really enjoyed was the Vlog Like a Filmmaker
workshop which was held by Thomas over at SFF 180. Thomas is a trailblazer in the
science fiction/ fantasy realm of booktube.
He does so many intelligent, thoughtful, nuanced book
reviews and apparently he has a background in filmmaking as well. And I’ve really enjoyed
his workshop because it just gave me a lot of the language
and the methodology and the theory behind how you
create a really good vlog. Some of the things I was already
doing but that kind of just gave me that push that internalized
message to do it more intentionally. And to experiment.
And get creative. And I really liked that he
had a handout. He provided a handout of notes
and suggestions and just really neat tools to have
when I like to do my reading vlogs. So that was a really great
workshop as well. Okay moving on to
question three what was the most interesting thing that you learned? One thing that I definitely learned
from BookNet Fest is that I am still struggling
with they/them pronouns. And on my channel I
usually take notes. I- especially when I
shout someone out- I want to make sure that
I get their name right. Their channel name right. Their pronouns right. I try my best.
I’m a human being. I’m not perfect. But in real life, it’s uh hard.
I don’t practice using they/them pronouns in real life and
it definitely showed. So that’s on me that’s something
I need to work on especially for next year
if I want to attend. So Jesse from
Bowties & Books tweeted out something about uh
they/them pronouns and being non-binary at BookNet Fest. So definitely go check them out,
if you haven’t already subscribed. They are amazing.
I met them in person. I stayed with them at the
villas and I definitely recommend them. And also Brody over at
Et tu, Brody? who I have already shouted out in this video did this tag
and talked a little bit about what it felt like being
misgendered in real life, constantly. And it’s a really insightful video
so I definitely recommend that you subscribe to their channel and
check out that video. Question number four is were
there any conversations that you had at BookNet Fest
that you think we should keep talking about as a community
for the rest of the year? One thing that stuck with
me since having come back from BookNet Fest was uh
something that Sam uh from Thoughts on Tomes who
created the event… who co-created the
event with Mynameismarines um mentioned something in
the keynote about how this third year was kind
of how uh… how they envisioned… they’re actually
starting to being able to enjoy the event and see a lot of their
ideas come to fruition with the success event…
the event over the years. And how the first year, I think,
they had a diversity 101 panel. And since then they decided
not to do that anymore because diversity should be
an issue, a discussion on every panel. You will see creators of diverse
backgrounds and experiences on every panel discussing
diversity within every topic. And I think that that is really
important and that really stuck with me because yes
that should be a thing. It shouldn’t be a one-off
panel like some other bookish events that
have like a diversity 101 panel and then that’s the end of it. It should be an ongoing
discussion in every discussion. And also I want to shout out India
over at Life as a page turner. I believe on one of her panels,
I can’t remember which one and I kind of caught the
end of it so I’m not sure… but I think she was the one that’s
challenged the entire crowd/ the audience of her panel to
subscribe to black booktubers. To actually back up
what they’re saying if they care about diversity and
you speak about diversity. And she kind of challenged the
entire audience and said I bet that no one will here…
that you probably won’t. And I was like
damn yep she went there. And yeah it’s true.
So I think that that’s a discussion that needs to be continued
to have as well. If you’re gonna talk about
diversity and you’re gonna say that diversity is important to you
make sure that you’re actually supporting diverse creators. Question number five is what
was your most memorable moment and it doesn’t have to just be one. So I think that prom
was really fun. That was a huge hit and I didn’t expect to have as
much fun at prom as I did. Um and that’s a me thing because I
tend to not dance all night long. I get really
self-conscious especially around people that I don’t know
and it was a lot of fun! Like prom was so great
and I know that Blu over a LuxuriousBlu mentioned
when Jumpin Jumpin came on he was like hype. And I lost my shit when
Jumpin Jumpin came on. So yeah prom was great.
The photobooth was a hit. Everything about prom was so
memorable and so much fun. Question number six is in what
way does BookNet Fest add value to the
bookish community? I think BookNet Fest adds
the most value in the ability for organic relationships
and networking to take place. I am pretty awful at promoting
my channel and promoting my brand outside
of YouTube. So it’s a really nice atmosphere. Everyone is so kind and genuine
and it’s just a great place just to interact with other people.
To share space with people that you follow online
all the time and discuss things that you
talked about online in real life for the first time. Question number seven is show
us your swag, book swap treasure, or something great from a vendor. Y’all I got so many bookmarks! Sooo many bookmarks! And I love them all and I’m
definitely using them all. I don’t have them all with me
because some of them are actually in my books.
So bookmarks! I also got the iconic uh BookTube
pin from Cait from Chaptercviii who is so kind!
And these are so well made! So yeah that was
really great to get. Of course. My good friend Jocelyn over at
Yogi with a book also passed on her ARC of Mooncakes
which is a graphic novel that I’ve heard a lot about. It comes on in October and I haven’t
actually read it yet but I’m super excited to read this. Oh and also Njeri,
the creator of this tag, Onyx Pages she provided me some really cool
um dolphin paper clips. They’re like a bookmark so
thank you for those. Those are super cute and
[I’m] excited to use these. Question number eight is shout
out a few content creators who inspired you at BookNet Fest. So this question is really
hard cuz I don’t wanna forget anybody and honestly, as
cheesy as it sounds, everyone at BookNet Fest
is inspiring. But I will go ahead and shout out the
panelists and the moderator that were on one of my favorite panels. Which was the book reviewing panel. I think it was called 5 out of 5
stars or something like that. And it was a panel of powerhouses
in this community. Um it was moderated by
Kathy Trithardt who is the creator of the
BookNet Fest tag, and also Njeri
from Onyx Pages, Adriana from perp-
perpetual pages, (Excuse me) and Thomas from SFF 180,
and Sam… I forgot the blog name
but I’ll make sure to put it on the screen.
They all talked about reviewing and book reviews
and how they review books in such wonderful ways that
just are always inspiring. I’m always inspired by people
that put out consistently book reviews on their channels
and figure out how to make them interesting and engaging
and to really get people to follow and click on their
book reviews. Question number nine is if
you plan to come back next year is there anything
you want to change? I think one thing I would
definitely change is just not putting three things
at one time on the schedule. I think there was a couple
of blocks uh both days where there was three
events at one time and I wanted to go to
all three of them. So I don’t remember who
mentioned it on their tag version of this but I would totally
be up for extending the event to a third day.
Even like a third half day if we could so that way we don’t have
so many competing panels and workshops and events
at the same time. Um and question number ten
is please share your prom portrait or any other photos/ video you
have of yourself at BookNet Fest. So here is a photo of myself,
Yvette, and Jocelyn. Your Latinxathon co-hosts.
And um the wall there also resulted in the amazing
Photoshop with Andrea. So that was really fun. Uh this is one with Derby from
Derby_Lane Reading. That was fun. And this one is not my best
but that one’s uh moving once so that’s there. And of course I was a part
of the Latinx book creators photo so I’ll put that here. That was from Adriana at
perpetual pages. And yeah. That’s it. I’m really bad at
taking photos at events like this. So that was the Back
From BookNet Fest Tag. I had a lot of
fun at BookNet Fest. I do plan on going next year. I actually feel like this
is a event that I will probably go to every year. As long as there’s an event,
I will try my hardest to go to because it just
really means a lot to me. And I really encourage
you to do the same. If you’re thinking about
going to BookNet Fest, try to go. The dates for next year
haven’t been released yet but as soon as they
are make plans if you can. And try to go because it’s a
really really rewarding experience. But that is all I have
for this video today. So thank you so much
for watching and I hope to catch you
in the next video. Bye! 🎶 Outro Instrumental 🎶

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  1. i agree with everything that you've said. especially about gender neutral pronouns! also, you and yvette were stunning AND tearing up the dance floor. 🙂

  2. Olivia was definitely inspiring! I felt the same way after the defacing workshop! I think a geometric heart for that cover would be amazing.
    I also struggle with pronouns. IRL it takes a minute to rewire your brain and correct yourself before saying something. It's a work in progress.
    I agree with pretty much everything you said. Lol. It was an amazing experience and I'm so happy to gave met you!
    Also: They were doing audio recordings of the panels and I asked Nicole Sweeny(sp?) where we might get access to those that we missed and she mentioned they want to put them up somehwere and may email people when they have them up and where! -Christeena

  3. Awe I love hearing about everyone’s experience!! 💜💜 those sprayed edges yes!! A workshop for reading vlogs that’s amazing!! 💜💜 that prom looked like so much fun!! Ahh Jocelyn is the best!!

  4. I so related to all of these answers! None more than Jumping jumping 😂😂! This was so enjoyable 💛 also your silver edges came out 😍😍

  5. Yes to the diversity on every panel – I love how they're doing that. And your sprayed edges came out great! I am also awful at taking photos when I'm with people, hehe. Loved hearing about your experience!

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