Bach: The Well-Tempered Clavier, Book II (complete). Sir András Schiff, piano. BBC Proms 2018.

27 thoughts on “Bach: The Well-Tempered Clavier, Book II (complete). Sir András Schiff, piano. BBC Proms 2018.

  1. 1. Prelude in C Major 1:34, Fugue in C Major 3:58 (BWV 870)
    2. Prelude in C Minor 5:31, Fugue in C Minor 8:12 (BWV 871)
    3. Prelude in C-Sharp Major 10:22, Fugue in C-Sharp Major 12:18 (BWV 872)
    4. Prelude in C-Sharp Minor 14:24, Fugue in C-Sharp Minor 18:02 (BWV 873)
    5. Prelude in D Major 20:25, Fugue in D Major 25:24 (BWV 874)
    6. Prelude in D Minor 28:23, Fugue in D Minor 30:00 (BWV 875)
    7. Prelude in E-Flat Major 32:14, Fugue in E-Flat Major 34:42 (BWV 876)
    8. Prelude in D-Sharp Minor 36:29, Fugue in D-Sharp Minor 40:26 (BWV 877)
    9. Prelude in E Major 44:18, Fugue in E Major 48:52 (BWV 878)
    10. Prelude in E Minor 51:58, Fugue in E Minor 55:13 (BWV 879)
    11. Prelude in F Major 58:04, Fugue in F Major 1:01:29 (BWV 880)
    12. Prelude in F Minor 1:03:19, Fugue in F Minor 1:07:23 (BWV 881)
    13. Prelude in F-Sharp Major 1:09:13, Fugue in F-Sharp Major 1:12:05 (BWV 882)
    14. Prelude in F-Sharp Minor 1:14:24, Fugue in F-Sharp Minor 1:17:22 (BWV 883)
    15. Prelude in G Major 1:21:34, Fugue in G Major 1:24:04 (BWV 884)
    16. Prelude in G Minor 1:25:32, Fugue in G Minor 1:27:51 (BWV 885)
    17. Prelude in A-Flat Major 1:31:00, Fugue in A-Flat Major 1:34:10 (BWV 886)
    18. Prelude in G-Sharp Minor 1:36:49, Fugue in G-Sharp Minor 1:40:30 (BWV 887)
    19. Prelude in A Major 1:45:51, Fugue in A Major 1:47:35 (BWV 888)
    20. Prelude in A Minor 1:48:48, Fugue in A Minor 1:54:03 (BWV 889)
    21. Prelude in B-Flat Major 1:55:56, Fugue in B-Flat Major 2:03:12 (BWV 890)
    22. Prelude in B-Flat Minor 2:05:18, Fugue in B-Flat Minor 2:07:54 (BWV 891)
    23. Prelude in B Major 2:12:31, Fugue in B Major 2:14:35 (BWV 892)
    24. Prelude in B Minor 2:17:45, Fugue in B Minor 2:19:36 (BWV 893)

  2. Am I wrong because I find the music of Pachelbel or Buxtehude to be artistically superior to Bach?
    Bach was NOT at all considered the great composer of his time!

    He was not even stylistically original during the Baroque period – in anything! The true essence of Baroque music came long before Bach!

    Bach was known primarily as an organist! So how could one dare say that Bach's organ compositions are "superior" to the great organ Baroque masters that came before him? Better than the Baroque masters who were actually genuinely original in the Baroque styles and famous during their lifetimes? Better than composers such as Pachelbel or Vivaldi? Seriously? Bach had little to no fame or notoriety as a composer during his lifetime by comparison.

    The competition beat him out soundly.

    Also, Bach never composed music for the piano. I don't get it! The piano does NOT sound anything close to Baroque and it didn't even exist during the Baroque period! Nor were the instruments tuned to equal-temperament!

    The worship of Bach's music on this piano is strange! A guy who claims to love him so much plays and performs Bach's harpsichord and clavicord music on a piano! And adding insult, it's a darn piano tuned to equal-temperament (while the title of the music is "Well-tempered"). Am I strange because I don't get the joke here?

    It's weird.

  3. Je ne me lasse pas d'écouter son interprétation claire, simple et qui rend plus facile la compréhension de ces partitions si variées.

  4. The biggest mistake was made by the public…. the very last note didn't even die and they were already clapping like crazy. After more than 2 hours of playing the piece must be consumed by silence at least for half a minute, even more, like after Mahler or Wagner. This is not any less serious than the biggest symphonic masterpieces.

  5. When I was young and very naive, I thought only Glenn Gould could play this music in any adequate way. Now that I'm much older – and hopefully a bit wiser – this seems to me now to be the ideal realization of this masterpiece. I don't miss the humming and banging of the keys a bit. Not a little bit. Gould is sheer mastery but this is more contemplative and less theatrical than the Gould recording of the same work that I have owned since the days of vinyl.
    I'll add that as masterful as both the Gould and the Schiff recordings might be, Bach should get most of the credit.

  6. Really nice performance by Andár Schiff (pianist from my country), I'm proud we have such musicians. If you are interested in Bach in a different way, you should check out my channel for some Bach on accordion. Hope you like it.

  7. Yes .. I agree that Bach was the greatest composer ever lived .. you Andrea carry his legacy if Bach was alive he would have chosen you to be his successor

  8. One of the monuments of human culture as András Schiff says… And a monument of live concerts.. Thanks for this !

  9. To me, Schiff is a bit like Abbado: the recordings he did between the 60's and the 80's, despite being of good quality, are often not really my favorites. They are good but not more than good. The LATE Abbado/Schiff, however, are just … beyond all reach, some of the greatest and fantastic musicians ever, like sages of music, everything perfect and hardly anyone manages to come close to such musical and spiritual perfectness.

  10. A brilliant, gifted and humble artist performing the works of a brilliant, gifted and humble kapellmeister. What could be better?

  11. 2:21:00 I hate the clock alarm sounding in the background, but I love that it is in the exact pitch that he is playing. It's a B.

  12. In a grimy world, this is sublime. Thank you so much. A phone (bell sound) rings at 1:52:15 – really had me looking around :o)

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