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Hi my friends, CA here and this week’s
book pick is actually a series of board books called Baby University. As parents
we like to share our interests with our kids and why wait until they’re older
when we think they can relate. Baby University enables you to share with
even your youngest family member you’re interest and fascination in science and
maths. The first one that I want to talk about in the series is ABCs of Space.
ABCs are a standard primer that you’ll find in any infant’s home library but
sometimes they can be sort of the same thing “A for Apple. B is for ball’.
ABCs of Space still allows you to include letter recognition and the order
of the alphabet but a little bit of a space twist which is great if you want
to raise those budding astronomers and astronauts. ABCs of Spaces just one,
there are other books in the series. What I love about the ABC series from
the Baby University is it’s designed with sort of three levels of learning
with kids. First level is just sort of the basics. The letter of the alphabet
and the word that represents that in space. “C is for Comet and D is for Dark
Matter”. A second level about building curiosity. If your child is fascinated,
looking for a little more information, below the image the copy below that is
sort of a level two which gives a little more of explanation. “Earth has one moon orbiting around it. Some other planets have zero moons and others have many”. And the third level is really more about explore and grow, expands a little deeper.
“Galaxy shapes vary and can look like an ellipse or like our own Milky Way
Galaxy which is shaped like a spiral. Even though the shapes of the galaxies
appear solid they are made up of many billions of stars with lots of empty
space between them. They look fuzzy because they are too far away to see the
we’ll stars clearly”. It is actually an early concept book that enables you to
expand beyond your child learning the alphabet, still using the same book to
tap into their interest in science and space. The other series within Baby
University, Organic Chemistry for Babies, Nuclear Physics for Babies and there are a number of other topics. Trying to take a complex subject and making a little
simpler for kids to kind of grasp. Talking about organic chemistry,
it goes through something really simple from ‘this is a ball’ so which kids will
get and expanding it into the idea of chemistry and atoms. Talking about how
these atoms can then form with other atoms creating organic molecules. And
then give some illustrations of things that kids encounter in their everyday
life to show how these molecules, these balls, which are atoms, which are
molecules make up the stuff that they use even them/us as individuals. And same with Nuclear Physics. It goes back to the basics of a ball that kids understand
and walks through as to how that ball actually equals a nucleus the center of
an atom. And how these positive and neutral balls, protons and neutrons, make
up the nucleus. And how they interact. Nuclear Physics and Organic Chemistry can be viewed as overwhelming difficult concepts. This board book series from
the Baby University takes it to a really simple level. If you have a child who is
interested in science or you as a parent are trying to encourage at a young age
your child’s curiosity. It’s a great series to add to your library. That’s this
week’s book pick. Really it’s the Baby University series. A great addition to
your home library or to a gift of somebody you know. Why wait until they’re older when it’s sort of a new thing when you could introduce it to them when
they’re little. Today’s book pick is courtesy of Sourcebooks and Raincoast Books. You can find me here on
Wednesdays talking about books for kids, books a little bit of a geek twist.
Something you may not have thought of adding to your home library collection.
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