Babaji – Supertramp co-founder Roger Hodgson, Writer and Composer

32 thoughts on “Babaji – Supertramp co-founder Roger Hodgson, Writer and Composer

  1. OM Mahavatar Babaji, o Cristo Yogui da Índia moderna…"Autobiografia de um Yogue" de Paramahansa Yogananda.

  2. I know I'm not the generation of which this music was made for, but my god if it doesn't soothe my troubled soul. The ever-lasting quality of song to be able to address those existential quandaries each generation faces is sublime, and Hodgson uses this fact to its fullest potential when writing songs.

  3. I was first caller on radio station in Winston Salem, NC giveaway and"Even.." was the first (and for along time, only) album I ever owned. I still listen to it, scratches and all as well as more remixed sleeker versions. Incredible, perfect album

  4. …. was 15 yrsold when I listened to this gem in a brand new stereo hi-fi our dad gave us all ´cause he knew we all loved great music …. separate : turntable + amplifier + equalizer + pair of big speakers + cassette deck ….

  5. enjoyed listening to this album when it came out in 77 – and it's 2019 and it hasn't gotten old, except me! Lol! "Even in the quietest of moments" has to be my favorite!

  6. Dog day I it's not in the way. That you say that it is
    It's just the way that it is one day together one day apart
    But for ever this music in our souls

  7. Gracias Supertramp por tantas canciones y por esos momentos que vemos pasado juntos. Siempre estáis en mi corazón.

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