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  1. i took this book after you said good about it and i do not regret for that but the thing i did not wanted in the book was shaanu's death in the end……

  2. ever since I've read this book the cords have stuck to me to my soul. no wonder this is one of a kind and the way it has projectsd each and every single event, I too belong from a defense background and yes some what things could be related, apart from the story line of the book I really liked the way it has been put through with each and every single event making one jump from the chair squinting eyes out of curiosity. well this made me too, I wanted to know if u could help me to clear my doubt.
    does tinka gets married to that stupid horny Nikka khan?
    (as mentioned in the epilogue "Mrs Tehmina Dadyseth-Khan)
    one more thing the book could have still ended on a much peaceful sleep note ( because of the tragic,I wasn't really able to sleep and almost got tsunami at my room)
    well still I feel this is one of a kind the way it has able to connect me with the book.
    the emotions have been brought out really well, and the best part is when the book all over comes back to square one, he could have evacuated the place with tinka and other fellow passengers and could have stayed on a safe side, but, then he all over wanted to feel that dhak dhak and dhak dhak all over what he used to feel 14 years before.
    such books such me encouraged much!!

  3. Nice review.
    One suggestion. You may organise book giveaway and ask people to subscribe to your channel to reach the 5000 mark faster. I see booktubers do that.

  4. Watch the review by Saumya's Bookstation on YouTube….I love yours too but I think hers is…hmmm…better

  5. anuja chauhan's writing style is just lit.. the house that bj built and those pricey girls (hope so am correct with the title) are one of my favs among Indian books .
    also ur new review style is really good . excited to see that book , tht 2nd book in ram ramchandra series ' review .. I personally didn't like that book so much .. it was over hyped I feel .

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