hey guys welcome to a brand new episode of playing rock toys the last one where I looked at a Nintendo coloring book did really well so I'm gonna do another one but unlike the last video where that coloring book was an official one from Nintendo we're gonna go bootleg today there is a tweet that went viral about two weeks ago where someone's mom got them a Nintendo coloring book not knowing it was bootleg and from the pictures you know that it's a special one so I went to Amazon to try to find it and I found it but before I was about to buy it I noticed that there was a frequently bought together window and it was another bootleg Nintendo coloring book so I went to the customer reviews page of that coloring book and confirmed that from those photos it's just as bad as the first coloring book so I bought both and they arrived and we're gonna take a look at them on this episode of playing rock toys [Applause] which one should we start with let's start the one that went viral in that tweet first of all this cover I love how they stretched a collage of Mario characters and look at this background it looks like it was stolen from a cover of a children's book actually if you look here here and here you can actually see the original character peeking out from the Mario characters I'm pretty sure it's a Charlie Brown character let's see if we could find the original book they ripped it from using Google reverse image searching found it I was right okay time to open up this abortion Nintendo coloring book Nintendo creative coloring book by magical creative and to color this book in I'm gonna use the best tools for a coloring book markers no part of this publication may be reproduced or transmitted in any form whatsoever electronic or mechanical including photocopying recording imagine if I get a copyright strike from a coloring book company and from the table of contents we can see that we're in for a real treat no spoilers the boo I don't know if you can see but the image is kind of pixelated which means they probably ripped it off of Google Images or something next a poorly drawn Berto who's missing an eye Yoshi got a bit too rough on her Bowser jr. villain they got that right boy Luigi as opposed to girl Luigi don't look that up image is even more pixelated and blurred than the last Diddy Kong those are some fast growth hormones domo con Nintendo approved Ganondorf Nintendo confirmed a Plus this one F – thousand yep so much wasted space you could have made this one bigger G no but I'm pretty sure Nintendo doesn't have the rights to this anymore kind of looks like he's smoking a cigar Goomba that is definitely a Goomba hammer bro but it looks like it was poorly traced and put on here yes this is a Nintendo coloring book Hedgehog this is still more faithful to the original source material than the Sonic movie Iggy Koopa agrees King Dedede yep got that right but again fill the page more please we got boy Luigi and now we have gangster Luigi this time someone is actually smoking Wow I always knew Luigi was a bad role model but that's a sick tattoo Kirby yeah and we have Kyle could someone tell me what he's from I wouldn't be surprised if he was a smash ultimate spirit of some sorts lakitu again poorly trace for some reason just want to fix those eyes cuz they're bothering me was that too hard to fix Larry Koopa why they gotta do my boy like that Z – link that's all right Lucas badly drawn as usual Ludwig von Koopa just gotta fix some terrible grammar poorly traced Mario on page 23 of a Nintendo coloring book chibi Marth I'm pretty sure this is fan art and it's stolen reverse image search time here it is rip from deben art I'm not surprised all this is probably ripped wait is gangster Luigi fan art – hopefully my drawing doesn't confuse the reverse image search I don't know if this is the original source but I found a website that teaches you how to draw him met tonight nothing wrong here Ness oh those eyes poorly traced Petey piranha look at those lips mmm I would love that on my dick poorly trace Princess Peach Rosalina not too bad Rover we got some nice animal crossing representation that's nice to see since we can none from Nintendo tetra never played zelda so i'm not sure if that's correct toad on crack and both of his hands went through a meat grinder let's fix you up a bit much better I wonder if they stole this badly drawn toad artwork from somewhere yep of course they did but why did they choose this picture of told couldn't they choose a better one that was better Lee drawn Tom Nook again more acknowledgement from this book than from Nintendo of Animal Crossing toon Zelda I don't know if you can tell but super blurred looks like whoever made this coloring book was a big fan of the winwaker waluigi nowhere to be found and smashed but he gets a pretty good role in this coloring book which i find disgusting moving on and for the last page wario of all the images of wario you can rip you just had to choose the worst one ah yes the best part of any coloring book that stimulates a child's imagination the rights reserved and the disclaimers once again looks like i'm breaking the law by recording this and transmitting it well you know what magical creative i have a message for you fuck off if you copyright strike or Content ID this video my MCN will Bend you over and Ram it up your ass I'm pretty sure you stole every picture including the cover of this book and you go on about you can't transmit it by recording you guys are lucky Nintendo didn't sue yet don't play with your luck every effort has been made to accurately represent this book and its potential results vary with every individual and your results may or may not be different from those depicted what no promises guarantees or warranties yep a warranty on a coloring book whether stated or implied have been made that you will produce any specific result from this book the only guaranteed result from this book is that you will lose brain cells of course your efforts are individual and unique and may vary from those shown ok your success depends on your efforts background and motivation thank you hear that it's not just from the color of your skin the material in this publication is provided for educational and informative purposes only yep real educational is not intended as financial advice I'll give you guys some financial advice if you steal my YouTube revenue they'll be held to pay the information contained in this book should not be used as a investment advice really you mean this isn't good advice on how to in the stock market always consult a professional financial advisor before investing why does it keep on going on on finances and investing God use of the program's advice and information contained in this book is that the sole choice and risk of the reader well looks like I'm gonna be taking a risk by using this information to put a down payment on a new house Hawaiian cages so you can let your imagination flow and on the last page here's what Twitter says my hair looks like and made in the USA San Bernardino California I thought this was made at a Chinese sweatshop to be honest April 26 2019 that's pretty recent when did I order this I ordered it on April 25th so this was printed a day later nice I got a fresh copy the demand on this book is so high they just gotta keep on printing them off and that's the end of Nintendo coloring book let's move on to Super Mario coloring book but I gotta move out the Sun first alright the Super Mario coloring book this cover is much better although everything is slightly stretched a little bit but it's not too noticeable on the back a lot of things are randomly cut off and there's a Goomba and ice-skate and in the background you can see there's stock images of colored pencils that they probably didn't pay for where's my coloring tools okay opening it up ooh a mushroom drug trip you can tell cuz look at those clouds whoa those are some really poorly drawn coins and that pipe leads to death for some reason and this vine looks like a rope created by funny page from the creators of Garfield alright Oh creepy toad shy guy and koopa give them some pupils much better mmm that is one thick piranha plant Mario can't believe it either mmm is every page on the Left gonna be blank it's twice as thick as the other one but it probably has the same amount of coloring material it's like going into a 10-minute video expecting all of it to be filled with content you want to watch whatever on this page we have the Smash Bros 4 Wii U and 3ds mario protecting TV and art Princess Peach I'm gonna give credit to the original artist ah no results for that one probably because there's too much going on next here we have a Luigi from the Mario & Luigi series fighting uh Paper Mario Koopa what are they standing on next oh boy a lot to unravel here we got two models from New Super Mario Bros u some clip art of sea life and that Spidey has seen some things what the hell is Mario holding but this is not important what's important is this piranha plant I won't lie this is definitely me when I'm driving we got some art of Mario flying on Yoshi from Super Mario Galaxy 2 but it makes no sense cuz he's in the Mushroom Kingdom the poorly traced copy and pasted goombas can't believe it either ah Yoshi's drooling a little bit next oh my god first of all this star also has seen some stuff and how do you fuck up this bad with a star Mario's clothing has not aged well because look at all of those wrinkles Rosalina just like peach has those deviant-art eyes that Goomba has also not aged 12 and that toad looks like he stays alive by eating Souls okay so we have Yoshi with a bigger than normal head sniffing her dress and by that face it looks like she likes it and apparently they're in button land next Oh God fucking why this is the type of shit that those freaks on deviantART would like to draw their favorite characters but fat for some reason yeah if you look here that terrifying fire flower is also terrified it has to be ripped from deviantART it just has to be ah I can't find any results with this colouring book cuz they pasted this on a bunch of other stuff or who knows maybe this is all original artwork okay moving on before I develop a fetish Super Mario World artwork mixed in with New Super Mario Bros Wii artwork and bumpy vibrator Mario throwing what appears to be a ball and a flying Goomba and told you see Yoshi to eat a Koopa this is definitely me when I'm driving my god what is that it looks like a turnip with a face but it's missing an eye peach has some anime eyes and she looks like a cabbage him Luigi no words Mario saving Daisy from a drugged up Yoshi in cheese land or maybe he's saving her from this thing Oh remember that hidden picture page from highlights magazine this looks like it's what they stole that art from if you look right here look I found a cup refund this art I think it's from the Super Mario Bros Super Show and that's Koopa he needs some antidepressants what is up with the clouds in this book oh my god we got the same R word from Luigi from the Mario Luigi series pasted twice some skinny questionmark blocks some realistic pipes this boy block got fucked up really bad it looks like they're in shag carpet land or hair land and it looks like Mario's pregnant makes sense cuz this coloring book is also an abortion oh wow this book is just a fever dream please give that flower some petals please stretch this toad out a bit more and please just cover that face up it was always weird to me that Donkey Kong was in the same universe as the Mario Bros universe this emphasizes why and some stolen artwork from the new super mario bros series this is so much better than the other one we got Bowser from Paper Mario stretched all chasing a stock image Princess Mario with a giant lollipop teaming up with Diddy Kong and Rosalina who is missing her crown and lakitu needs some hair fix your pics yeah some badly traced Super Mario 64 DS artwork some Super Mario Bros Super Show artwork and Paper Mario Koopa that cactus be flexing this part kind of looks like a figure Oh original Super Mario Bros artwork with deviantART toad I don't even know what artwork this Mario is from but if you look closely you can see the remains of his enemies see they're terrified hiding from him some more New Super Mario Bros u artwork don't know where that Mario's from another poorly drawn star a blue shell for some reason and Tetris piece hmm I don't know if this is official artwork or they took the Wario Ware our work and put Mario's face on it let's see if we can find out huh looks like this is official artwork would it be surprised if this was from an official Mario coloring book this also looks official Mario cooking up some wires Super Mario maker our work huh so this coloring books pretty recent Mario plus Rabbids kingdom battle Mario Kart 8 deluxe and Mario Odyssey oh we have some activities is it possible to draw this dress okay I'll try fuck more official Mario artwork they stole I'm guessing Mario Kart Adar Mario Kart 7 Yoshi who's missing the part in his stomach let me fix that I think it goes like that looks like he's watching end game he probably got to the part where Ironman oh we have some activities name and date what am i back in school ah don't have these colors so I can't do this activity if you guys want to do this feel free to if the resolution is good enough on this video some more a maze start here damn it start here what the hell let's see if this Mario maze is any better it's a Marla maze cuz there's the Mario logo and some coins here we go oops oops Wow I love this clip heart Mario and clip our Princess Peach is this mace actually solvable okay yeah this one is actually solvable oh yes the mario snowman yes first try after these pretty complicated ones we're back to square one help the mushroom get to the star least this one solvable Yoshi thanks for teaching me how to draw just realize he kind of looks like a Koopa how to draw Paper Mario start with this shape which doesn't even transfer to any of these drawings toad yes this is an obvious joke and to end this off Paper Mario Princess Peach yeah this translates so well blank page blank page blank page and that's it wait a second this little blurb is the same as in the other coloring book oh great it looks like it gave the same terrible company twice the money insult with pat thank you guys for watching comment like and subscribe bye these if you want to or don't maybe you should before de Tendo sues the crap out of this company and I'll see you guys later bye actually let's try to color this in in the most not broke way possible you a masterpiece done might as well


  1. 11:20
    It's actually something from Puzzle & Dragons: Super Mario Bros. Edition, a 3DS game that nobody talks about.

  2. Just figured out where that Kyle dude was from it was a character from a show called fan boy chum chum I miss that show

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