Award-Winning Children's Authors

it absolutely changed my life the first time I was just overwhelmed with winning the new bear what every single award that I have won has been a highlight in my life including when I won the sketchbook contest in third grade I've become an award junkie the first time I received a phone call I didn't immediately get airlifted out of this little studio and transported around the country for which I'm very thankful like allowed me to just keep coming up to my studio and continue to work that's the main thing she was surprised to receive the Newbery Medal for strawberry girl children especially say a class would send her letters saying come on out to Arkansas when we pick cotton nobody's written about us before and soon she was receiving requests from all over the country from children to come and visit and show the world how they lived the Newbery came from outer space life changed in a way the books it was wonderful all of a sudden it was in every library every child was reading it it's always great to have recognition there's nothing better than having your community enjoy what you have written so personally I won the Newbery on earth that felt good of course and encouraging and made me want to go on and do more with the writing Virginia won just about every award that was possible for her to win she was the first african-american and first african-american woman to win the John Newbery Medal which is the Oscar if you will of children's literature all us on the phone running I answered it have stunned you won the Newbery a lot changed most of all it was entrance into this beautiful world children's literature

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