Award-winning Bradenton author writes for kids with tough family situations

I have friends at school
who switch houses like me. We don’t all have the same schedule or
switch on the same days. Some of my classmates switch
houses more than I do. I spend half of my time with my mommy and
half of my time with my daddy, which makes me a busy kid. The idea came from,
actually, my stepdaughter. And when I entered her life, not finding
books on the market that fit kinda her family dynamic and
then wanting to explain step parenting and introducing that role and whatnot into our
life, we were able to find some books. And luckily she was young enough,
not being able to read yet. So we could kinda change the words and
make it fit her. However, once she learned to read and
understand her family dynamic and that she didn’t come from
parents who were married, she kind of didn’t like
those books anymore. So it kind of sparked an interest
to potentially write something on my own to allow her to have a book that
was more relatable to her life story. The two I have out are when
kids switch houses and when kids have grand parents as parents
obviously two very different dynamics. One about little girl who switches
between mom and dad’s house and what it’s like to have
a life like that and then have grand parents who raise you and
having that life story. Both are still very normal lives and the idea is to teach kids that that’s
still normal and that’s okay, and if you have a family like that
there’s nothing wrong with. And then I have the third book
currently with the illustrator now for when kids have a sibling who switches
houses told through the eyes of the child in a new relationship who’s born and
watches a sibling who comes and goes, where do they go and why? Why are they always gone? And then once that one’s completed,
which should be in October, hopefully, [LAUGH], then we will be
presenting a book about first responders. When kids have first responder parents,
and sharing those parents with the world,
it’s their mom or dad, but it’s everyone elses hero, and
what’s that like to have as a parent. [BLANK_AUDIO]

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